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Tiffany and the Raggedies

This septet is the largest group to come to the hospital at one time from one home.

Their person first wrote back in January.  She said:

Ann and Andy are “supersize”- they are between 3 and 4 feet tall. They were won at the Jersey shore on the boardwalk in 1977. The elephant is much smaller but hand-made. They just need TLC, having survived 5 children and countless puppies and cats.Would you consider just taking them in and evaluating them in person? My husband works for USPS- they could use the business!

She couldn’t send photos, just sent the dolls blind.  Turned out there were a supersized Ann and Andy, and then two littler Andies and two littler Anns.  The large ones had shared their clothes with the children over the years, so they had serious wardrobe issues, they also had tears, stains, etc.  The little ones were mostly wardrobe.  

Tiffany, on the other hand, was a calico elephant who needed some serious care.  Here she is on arrival.  Her dress and socks are pretty much holding her in:

Here she is undressed:

You can barely tell she’s an elephant!

I started her with a spa:

And then while she was drying, the Raggedies got their touch ups.  The little Anns had their clothes cleaned and repaired and the elastics fixed. The one in white had her feet darkened (the only fading I treat).  The one in blue got new pantaloons too: 

Then the little Andy’s were fixed up.  The first one got a face transplant:

The second had mostly clothes and some eye paint touch up:

Now tumblr is having trouble ‘cause this post is getting a bit long (that’s what happens with seven patients at once!) so I’ll just say… 

to be continued!


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