Hi Loves! I just uploaded a new tutorial! It’s kinda a mix of some of my previous designs but I hope that you still enjoy it! Some of you might think that it takes ages to add the holograms but it’s actually not that time consuming! So, go for it! Lol 💋🙊 #notd #nailart #nailswagg #naildesign #nails2inspire #kirakiranail #japanesenails #bows #cutenails #2014 #shopthenailroom #ネイルアート #ネイル #キラキラ #キラキラネイル #かわいい

Pretty peachy set using a seashell charm from @shopthenailroom and Maybelline, Sally Hansen and Models Own colours 😊🍑 #nails #nailart #nailgasm #nailporn #nailpolish #longnails #falsenails #fakenails #stilettonails #peach #blue #jade #maybellinecolourshow #modelsown #bethsblue #greenwithenvy #notd #shopthenailroom #nailstuds

Charm City: The Nail Room Pt. 2

Not only does The Nail Room offer studs and stones, but also charms that are sure to give you a statement manicure. I tried to create a few different looks using some of these cute charms.

The skull & bones is not a bright, shiny gold but more worn, which I like. The little miscevious grin adds a little rebel to your fingertips, and at 9mm x 13mm it appears more flat and isn’t as bulky as some skull charms can be. If adhearing with acrylic, the skull is slightly hollow in the back, which lets you have a little area you could possibly fill and use to place the charm. The charms adhere well using nail glue and top coat as well.

I like that the crown is a solid gold finish without rhinestones. With pieces of that size, I feel that rhinestones surrounding/outlining the charm can be a bit distracting or give it an addditional bulky appearance. It measures at 9mm x 11mm. It has an open back and sizable hollow gap, so I though I’d try to sneak a few small rhinestones into the crown itself and see how it looked ^_^ It’s not an obvious thing, but it adds a little interesting surprise to the nail.

The crystal bow is gold plated with rhinestones and curved so it sits well on the nail bed. I like that this helps it adhere a little better, no matter where on the nail. It measures at 6mm x 11mm. It adds that bit of dainty sparkle. The Nail Room says that this cute bow “hits high on the ‘kawaii’ scale!”

The diamond kitty charm is a little larger, at 10mm x 13mm. Since it was more of a cute character face, I paired it with a few additional rhinestones on the nail. Although it does not have an as defined curve as the crystal bow, it does have the slightest little curve on the back in the middle that helps with adhering.

These charms & more are currently available through The Nail Room online store, and can be purchased in 3,10 or 50 pieces. Be sure to check out The Nail Room and use the discount code: SINCERELYKIMBUI10 towards your purchase!



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