Ok but seriously legit guys! My sister is super hella at polymer Clay! She makes everything from Charms, necklaces, figures, earrings and YES SHE DOES ACCEPT CUSTOM COMMISSION ORDERS! Her shop is pretty new and small, but with the more orders she gets, the more it helps her expand to make new things, better things, and cuter things! It would mean the world to both her and myself if you guys checked out her shop! :D

She’s got Undertale!


Everything is hand made with a lot of love and time. I see her work her but off for these things, and she’s even gotten a 5 star rating on her Napstablook earrings from one of her customers! :D WOWZA!!! 

Earrings come in both metal and hypoallergenic for those that can’t have metal! :D earrings for anyone!

She’s Got Nintendo! 


It’s in perfect time for the holidays! And again yes she does accept custom commission orders so if you have a character or earrings you want of something that she doesn’t have, feel free to contact her and ask for it! :D 

 if you don’t want to buy anything or don’t have money that’s ok! But if it’s not to much to ask PLEASE REBLOG SPREAD THE WORD!!!! :D It really helps her out a lot! :D

If you need her Etsy shop link again here it is! :D


Thank you!

Flirty Taeyong Scenario
  • So you work at an ice cream shop part time to get some money for college ya feel?
  • Taeyong happened to be eating right next door for lunch with the other members.
  • Because it’s winter time, the shop is hella dead. So you’re leaning against the counter staring at the wall cuz you ain’t allowed to be on your phone.
  • Taeyong and the other boys pay and leave to go back to the dorm.
  • When they past the shop, he does a double take at you in the middle of a conversation.
  • He quickly motions for the boys to follow him into the shop.
  • They’re all confused cuz a)homeboy was complaining about how full he was just 30 seconds ago, and b)he doesn’t normally eat dessert after dinner.
  • He motions the boys to order first so he has time to look at you lmao.
  • But they’re all like “wtf we don’t want any.”
  • And he glares at them and calmly says he’s paying.
  • They awkwardly shuffle to the counter and order ice cream they don’t want but will eat cuz free food.
  • You do your job and get through the line of boys.
  • He shyly orders a milkshake and through his obvious actions, the boys catch on.
  • When you hand him his milkshake, he “smoothly” and “coincidentally” grabs you hand while he’s at it (you know what I mean idk how to explain it but he basically cups his hand over yours which is over the cup, ya feel?)
  • He sweetly thanks you and hands you cash.
  • When you hand him back money, he does the thing again and touches your hand. Because you’re human and he’s Taeyong, you can’t help but turn into a tomato.
  • He flashes you a smile and drops the money into the tip jar.
  • Even though it was like fucking $10 in change (like damn, I just gave you ice cream and you gave me a lot of mula :’) bless)
  • He sits at the table closest to the counter with the boys and a few minutes later, he goes up to the counter again.
  • He says he’s sorry to bother you but he was wondering if you could help him out by taking a survey for him.
  • You were like, sure boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
  • Behind him, the other boys were throwing their trash away and pushing in the chairs cuz they mamas raised them properly :’)
  • They leave y’all behind and Taeyong hands you his phone.
  • What was the survey? A new contact form LOLOLOLLLLLLLLLLLL
  • You couldn’t help but burst out in laughter cuz it’s such a fuckboi move.
  • But he was just too cute, so you couldn’t deny.
  • You fill it out and he happily takes back his phone and smiles before leaving.
  • You best believe homeboy texted you later that night and before ya know it, you gots yoself a boo <3

etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: your kid’s teacher | 12.15.16

notebook paper-patterned ceramics by claypages // mug | earrings | dish

happy thursday everyone!! today’s gift ideas are centered around finds for your kid’s teacher — or maybe your own teacher :) claypages is an etsy shop with hella cool notebook paper-patterned ceramic and pottery items, like this fun trio!

College Truths

1. No one has time to re-write notes so that they would be pretty! Take photos of what you’ve got!

2. Say no to binders. There’s no space for them. They’re too heavy to carry.

3. Make a bullet journal if you like to procrastinate! Ain’t no body got time for pretty titles, colors, page ideas, etc.
If it’s not a simple concept, it will not work.

4. Studying at coffee shops is hella distracting… I want to watch people and listen to the playlists!

5. You really can’t practice most advised studying techniques! Especially pomidoro… By the time you get into work, you need to take a break again. What?

I’m a horrible southerner that does not own a pair of cowboy boots. Should I buy cowboy boots that are kind of cute and are the kind that Beth wore? Because my ass is that obsessed with her?

grocery shopping

ok but in all seriousness grocery shopping with calum would be hella lit. you two in casual attire, in the after hours. pissing off the graveyard shift as you both zip around with your cart. grabbing whatever seems good. sliding down the aisle and taking turns riding in the cart. blasting your own music. crashing only a few times, you know, only a few. him trying to get handsy while you are reaching up to grab something, then helping you get it down. this would last until neither of you could fit in the cart, and then you’d trudge to the cash register. where the woman would eye you as she scanned the items, probably annoyed. calum would be so sleepy though, because grocery shopping was always slipped in last. it was more convenient for his schedule and you enjoyed the secluded setting much better. but he managed, and just peppered you in kisses while you loaded the bags. slipping his hand into the waistband of your pants slightly to hold your ass as you made your way to the car, just smirking like the little fuck he is.

Hella Fucking Gay || Alan x Cris || Coffee Shop AU


Alan didn’t normally come past the coffee shop but he needed to leave his room and go for a run to clear his head, he saw the sign as he walked home and smiled. He hesitated and entered the small cafe curious as to who would write such a sign.He stood off to the side to watch the handsome barista.

The shop was busy and Cris hardly had time to stop with all the customers coming and going.  But at one moment, he glanced up and felt his breath catch.  The man in the corner was quite attractive and Cris wanted to know him.  He hadn’t come up to get a drink so Cris wondered what he was doing there and if he needed some assistance.  Of any kind.

anonymous asked:

Geno's wife kinda looks like Paris Hilton from certain angles

i was able to find like one (1) pic of paris hilton where shes like hella shopped n blurred where they look similar (top pick of her) because otherwise, honestly tbqh imo anna is like wayyyyy hotter than paris hilton omfg like im so thirsty for her tbh!!!!

TaoBao F.A.Q

Finally sitting down to finishing this!~ Took me long enough ( ͒˃⌂˂ ͒)

I hope you guys find this helpful!! It’s actually 1.7k words…I literally just wrote a essay….

What is Taobao?

The easiest way to describe Taobao is basically a Chinese Amazon or EBay. Theentire site is in Chinese and the currency is CNY. You can search the site using English words but you’ll get much more and better items when searching in Chinese. The same as you would when searching in English on UK or USA Ebay! There’s no Bidding system like Ebay, But if you’re buying several items  from one seller, and speak Chinese with a account you can barter and get discounts!!~ I usually use it for getting free delivery or  a smaller discount on multi buys!~

Does it ship worldwide?

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okay but what about a future!Amy Rose who has maintained her cheerful, genuinely kind-hearted demeanor but grew out of obsessing over Sonic and learns to accept and respect their friendship

Older Amy Rose finally going out on her own adventures not because she feels she has to prove herself to Sonic, but because she’s powerful and wants to make a difference

Older Amy Rose developing a friendly rivalry with Sonic, because she’s not the little girl he always had to rescue any more and can actually hold her own in playful spars with him.

Older Amy Rose taking Cream along with her on her adventures and being her mentor and teaching her how to kickbox and the two spending time together shopping for hella cute outfits.

Give me Future!Amy Rose’s who aren’t written around her love for Sonic, who don’t turn her into a sex god, damsel in distress or OOC. Give me future Amy’s who take all of her canon positive traits and build upon them.

Amy is more than her feelings for Sonic.

Monday, 11/6/16 - {7/100}

some English notes from earlier today on Martin Luther King for my oral!! managed to catch up on the mass of maths that I missed from over the weekend. it took me several hours and even though I adore maths I’m glad it’s over for today!! 📝 also going school supplies shopping soon, hella pumped 🤓👌🏻