04.21.16 - [Target - A Blessing and a Curse]

I found the cutest notebooks today (pack of 3 for $12) during a quick run to Target for cat food. Of course, you always leave Target spending more than you intended -_-” So I couldn’t help but notice this little gem hidden behind a few others notebooks that I wanted. Honestly, I was going to put this back and save it for another time, until I googled them and found out that not even the Mead website nor Amazon sells these. Apparently, they’re limited/rare to find, so I couldn’t miss getting my hands on these beauties!

By the way, I recommend checking out the budget spot! I found cute washi tape, notepads, pencils, and a notebook holder — all for $1 each (notebook holder was $3, but definitely worth it). There are so many great deals you can find at Target. I’m truly in love.


England stationery haul

Hi guys! I’ve just returned from a trip to England and as a stationery addict there was no way I’d miss visiting all the stationery stores we don’t have in Australia! Here is a list of everything I picked up:

  • raindrop a6 exercise books from Paperchase: I met with two of my closest friends and knowing how much I love stationery, they got me a few presents including these books. They’re super cute and planning to use them for taking notes at my internship or for writing out ideas for my blogs!
  • mini highlighters from Paperchase: They also got me these mini highlighters which are perfect for my small pencil case. They feel really nice to hold and the plastic holder will be great when I only need them. Plus they match some post it notes that I already have!
  • a5 leather arc notebook from Staples: As most of you know I am obsessed with the Arc notebook and when I went to Staples I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been tempted to buy the a5 version for a while and use it as a planner/notebook when I take my smaller bag to university.
  • a5 arc notebook dividers: I’m planning to use the dividers to separate my to-dos, my calendar and my notes. It is great that my new highlighters are the same colours!
  • a5 to-do refill paper: When I’m organising I usually have a weekly to-do list and then make a finalised one for each weekend. The layout is great for separating university and personal tasks.
  • a5 grid paper: Most studyblr’s would recommend grid paper and since I’d never used it, I thought I might as well buy a pack to see how it goes. I’m thinking if I ever start bullet journalling properly, this is what I’ll use.
  • a5 blank weekly calendar: This undated weekly diary is so great for me since I’m now off university so I won’t be wasting weeks where my planner is empty!
  • page flages: I decided to buy a second pack of page flags since my other one is already placed in my a4 Arc and it is difficult to remove without damaging the backing.
  • adhesive notes: I’m obsessed with post-it notes and having one in the front of the Arc will be so useful. These aren’t available from the Australian Staples so I thought I’d buy them whilst in England!

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul! If there is any questions about these products, feel free to drop me a message. Thank you for reading!


Hobby Lobby Haul! (2/21/2016)

  I said I would post a haul list of what I bought yesterday, and here it is! I love Hobby Lobby because they always have amazing sales, and I wasn’t disappointed the least bit yesterday. The Paper Studio brand was 50% off, and there was probably 4 aisles of their products, so there was no way I could leave without something!

My Haul:

There we have it I hope you can find something you like!


I didn’t make a video last week, so here’s THIRTEEN. 

Decided to spend my savings on some new accessories for the spring! Bought it from Feels good to both support a local Swedish entrepreneur and look cute :3


Check out what my fave food finds were this past month! And one thing you should NEVER BUY.

Items I talked about:

Ceramic Plates from Anthropologie

The Girls Are Out Nail Polish by Essie


La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortilla

Crunchy Cookie Butter at Trader Joes - YOLO TO TRY

Quest Protein Bar, Strawberry Cheesecake Flavor

Walden Farms Calorie Free Dressing - DO NOT BUY

Breville Tea Maker

Simple Truth deli meat

Alfalfa Sprouts

Swiss Diamond fry pan

Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette - STAR OF THE SHOW

Dance All Night Dress from

Jessica Simpson slippers


so yestderday i had the opportunity to go into london and, having just started my studyblr, i was on the hunt for stationery in order to get myself organised for school & notetaking. unfortunately the muji in covent garden is currently closed for refurbishment, but i still took a trip to kikki.k and the london graphics centre. i came home with some great stuff:

i bought myself a grid-pattern, red leuchtturm (hopefully for my new bullet journal!); a lined midori notebook, as well a smaller grid-pattern one - they are so pretty, the spine bends so nicely and the size is slightly unique and makes them so nice to hold. also in the lgc i bought a small blue pencil case, it’s quite small so for essentials and a set of coloured stabilo pointVisco rollerballs, which i love. then in kikki,k i bought a4 monthly planner sheets and a matching set of pens (pictured on the right). i can’t wait to organise my desk and start using them all!

Re-Vamped Karma Bubble Bar

Last night i used half of my karma bubble bar, i was so excited to use this because it was so different, a whole new shape! A pyramid!

As i held the bubble bar underneath the tap the smell of lemongrass and lavender hit my nose, it was so relaxing, i was also very impressed with the amount of bubbles it produced for just half of the bubble bar. I was so amazed by how purple my bath water went it was very magical and quite exciting to be sat in. 

I also loved how it wasn’t overly packed with body glitter as sometimes i get out the bath and i have load stuck on me haha and it can be a pain to get off haha but ahh well it’s always a nice touch but i was happy it wasn’t packed with glitter.

The newly re-vamped karma bubble bar retails at the price of £4.25 and like most products i highly recommend if you want a fun bath! Especially if your favorite colour is purple and you like the smell of lavender or lemongrass so citrusey smells.

Have you used this bubble bar before? Let me know!

Abi :)


I bought a ‘HAUL’ lot of things… take a look! :)


Weekend Haul~ I’m so in love with this cream chiffon dress! I don’t own anything cream and I felt like this dress was very “ghost” like and dreamy.
Also purchased a Norman Rockwell “Ouija Board” print for my room and a new Manic Panic compact.
My boyfriend bought me the taxidermy guide book and Edward Gorey postcard.

I’m quite happy with this haul!