Vernon First Date

ANON: Can I get a list of what a first date with Vernon would be like?

  • first, lets start with how yall met
  • i imagine that you’ll meet at some store where you have some things in common already
  • music shop, video game arcade, bike repair shop, etc.
  • honestly, youll probably end up seeing eachother a couple times around
  • smiling politely because you know he’s cute and he thinks you’re cute too
  • but one day, you get the balls and approach him
  • because we both know he’s too sweet and shy to do anything other than politely smile
  • the white people smile to be exact
  • “Hey, you come to this ____ often don’t you?”
  • the first conversation is going to be hella awkward
  • then you ask for his number and the conversation moves onto text
  • texting is way easier for him
  • communication through memes and emojis
  • you ask him to go to a fun spot that you’ve heard of
  • he says yes on his day off 
  • he’ll probably be stressing over what to wear
  • and how to act
  • and what to do on a date
  • however he’ll try to utilize all the tips he got from the other members which kind of ends up with him being awkwardly romantic but in a sweet way
  • lots of small giggles and meme jokes
  • once he loosens up and quits with trying to use the other member’s advice, thats when the date gets fun
  • you guys really connect over food
  • long conversations about interests while eating/drinking something
  • showing eachother photos on ur phones
  • talking about all the crazy places in the world you want to go
  • walking around the city visiting every single shop that looks interesting
  • finding cool sculptures
  • “hey this looks like you” *a piece of shit*
  • Playful fighting
  • lots of shoulder brushes and hand grazes
  • but no one making the move
  • Lying on a hill looking over the city while listening to some J.Cole BECAUASE HE RELEASED HIS NEW ALBUM AND ITS ABSOLUtE GOLD SO HAPPY HES BACK FUCK YEA
  • Playing on playgrounds while no kids are there
  • playing on playgrounds while there are kids there
  • getting ice cream and swapping bites
  • Ending the night with a cool view
  • the yawn arm trick for sure
  • because the other members told him to do it
  • but you laugh and just accept it anyways
  • emotional deep talks because you’re both in a food coma from eating so much ice cream and you barely know whats coming out of your mouth and its just all getting spilt out there
  • kissing him softly
  • watching his face neck and ears turn bright red even in the dark
  • him walking you home 
  • him kissing you quickly as a goodbye

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Mecha from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, FLCL, Gunbuster and Gunbuster 2Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mahoromatic, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and This Ugly Yet Beautiful World have all been drawn together by Yoh Yoshinari (吉成曜) for the Gainax Top Page Image #486. This was featured with the rough sketch in The Art of Yoh Yoshinari Illustrations (Amazon JP). 


Santa Maria Novella Station (in Italian Stazione di Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy
Photos by Caleb Racicot

My best friend and his husband are in Italy, where he and I have previously traveled on several occasions. He asked me what things I’d like him to bring home for me and among my requests was pictures of Italian Art Deco and/or Modernist and/or Fascist architect.

Since I knew they were going to Florence, I asked for at least a couple pictures of the station, which I recall as being amazing. I love the design of the central hall as well as the shopping arcades and those windows are spectacular.

The station as it is now dates to the 1930s when a mid 19th century station was remodeled. Here is background from Wikipedia on the design, which is a mix of several design schools:

In 1932 through a number of newspaper editorials, published in La Nazione, Florence’s main daily, Romano Romanelli a reputed and influential Florentine sculptor, criticized the original project by the Architect Mazzoni for the new Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station.[2] A constructive debate resulted in the final choice of the project sponsored by the Architect Marcello Piacentini and designed by Gruppo Toscano.

The station was designed in 1932 by a group of architects known as the Gruppo Toscano (Tuscan Group) of which Giovanni Michelucci and Italo Gamberini, Berardi, Baroni, Lusanna were among the members; the building was constructed between 1932 and 1934. The plan of the building, as seen from above, looks as if it were based on the fascio littorio, the symbol of Benito Mussolini’s National Fascist Party, many documents give this explanation, but, that shape was forced by the pre-existing station. The “blade” represented by the first two passenger tracks and the postal ones were in fact the extension of the 1861 alignment which included the tracks of the line from Livorno.

The building is a prime example of Italian modernism, but has little to do with the Italian Rationalism movement, being more strongly influenced by the Viennese architecture of Loos and Hoffman, with perhaps a nod to Wright; but it is the building’s complete originality that makes it outstanding. The competition to design the station was controversial but the approval by Mussolini of the Gruppo Toscano project was hailed as an official acceptance of modernity. The station was designed to replace the aging Maria Antonia Station, one of the few example of architecture by I. K. Brunel in Italy, and to serve as a gateway to the city centre.

The Gruppo Toscano was only responsible for the main frontal building of the station. The heating plant, platforms, other facilities and details such as benches were all designed in a contrasting style by the official Ministry of Communications architect, Angiolo Mazzoni. The benches and baggage shelves illustrated on this page were not part of the Gruppo Toscano project. Outside and adjacent to the station is also Michelucci’s white marble Palazzina Reale di Santa Maria Novella, built to host the Royal family on visits to Florence.

While it is of a ‘modern’ design, the use of pietra forte for the station’s stone frontage was intended to respond to and contrast with the nearby Gothic architecture of the church of Santa Maria Novella. The interior of the station features a dramatic metal and glass roof with large skylights over the main passenger concourse, which is aligned perpendicular to the tracks and acts as a pedestrian street connecting one side of the city with the other. The skylights span the passenger concourse without any supporting columns, giving a feeling of openness and vast space and reinforcing the convergence of all the public functions of the station on the passenger concourse.

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"You love someone else, don't you?" Young Genji or Hanzo? (Can be nsfw, sfw, noncon, whatever works)

Despite his playboy nature and casual demeanor as he spent most of his days at the local ramen shops or arcade Genji was by no means stupid. He didn’t personally stalk you, no, he had his men do that for him with very detailed reports for when they came back. He read through all of them carefully before he went to bed. Typically it was just your usual everyday activities with all conversations you had word for word written in them but in today’s report there was something that caught his eye. A man had been seen entering your home and he left several hours later with a disheveled appearance as you bid him farewell. This could mean anything, he tries to reason not wanting to think about you deflowering yourself to commoner scum. It could mean anything. 


Genji can’t escape the idea the idea and immediately leaves his home and heads over to yours. You had talked only a handful of times but he didn’t care. He already knew everything about you and was disillusioned with himself that you loved him back. You were just shy, he reasoned with himself, you would eventually come to him. He stealthily entered your home and could hear you preparing yourself to go to bed. When you crawled beneath your comforters you sighed happily and closed your eyes. Suddenly you heard the floorboards in your room creak and your eyes snapped open just as soon as a man climbed on top of you and quickly forced his hand over your mouth with an almost bruising force. 

“You love someone else, don’t you?” He seethes and you’re horribly confused and terrified. Just who was this? Why was his voice so familiar?

HHD shop ideas

(That are not clothing)

Book shop
Pet shop
Grocery shop
Car sales
Art shop
Furniture shop
Movie theater
Fish market
Music shop
Photography studio
Appliance shop
Kitchen goods
Bath house
Flower/Garden shop
School supply shop
Halloween/Costume shop (boarders on clothing)
Beauty supply
Beauty boutique
Fruit stand
Toy shop
Candy shop
Mug shop
Souvenir shop
Themed shop (like potion ingredients, pirate stuff, etc)
Pest control
Shoe shop
Hat shop
Manga shop

There’s probably limitless ideas. So why everyone & their momma gotta make a clothing shop?