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hey TJ, you're a pretty stylish guy, right? do you have any advice on how I can develop a sense of style? for most of my life I've been choosing clothes based on what's easy & seems the least likely to attract attention to myself. I want to start being more adventurous but at this point my wardrobe consists entirely of beige khakis and generic t-shirts and idk where to even begin


soo I’m definitely not a fashion guru so it’ll be hard for me to advise for someone else, but I’ll try anyways! 

So I didn’t always wear pastel windbreakers and cheek glitter (who knew). Through middle and highschool I was in the same boat; I wore nothing but hand-me-downs and whatever my mom got at the thrift store lmao. Anything easy and inconspicuous. I only really found my style after I left highschool and was willing to experiment now that no one could judge me and no one could stop me. So I started growing out my hair and buying my own clothes with my own money in an effort to find myself and reach a please where I was happy with my appearance. 

My first tip I guess would be find out what you like. What kind of colors do you like? What compliments your skin complexion as well as your personality? The way I dress kind of ties in with my art; stuff that’s bright and colorful and unusual, setting out to destroy the generic and mundane. 

Start searching around. Look at fashion blogs here on tumblr, look on instagram, start keeping a folder/tag for Look Inspiration™. Don’t directly mimic someone, but do what all good artists do a sample bits and pieces here and there to compose a look that’s truly you. woah that sounded dramatic. 

Browse! I try to shop at smaller unknown places to try to find something really unique. Hit up them thrift shops and clothes exchange stores so you can get that good good on the cheap cheap. If you see something you like, try it on, no matter what it is! And also look out for obscure online stores. My friend claire always sends me links to these random kawaii clothes shops, so be on the lookout for aesthetics you like, be it kawaii, vaporwave, seapunk, dad core,etc

And last tip, fuck what anyone thinks. fuck only shopping in the mens or womens section, if you see something cute and you like it, grab it. 

hope this helps, pop you some tags anon! 

Denim for All: 6 Styles to Take You into Spring

Make denim your own by styling a favorite pair of jeans with a killer jean jacket. Try out the denim look-a-like fabric, chambray, which is lighter and softer in all sorts of accessories and lived-in looks. The best part about wearing denim? When you find something that’s so comfortable you can sleep in it. 

1) Topman Denim Jacket with Detachable Hood

2) Cheap Monday Four Blue Denim (ON SALE!)

3) Diesel Black & Blue Coated Denim Chantayer Baseball Cap

4) Vince Chambray Shirt

5) The Hillside and J. Crew Japanese Selvedge Chambray Tie

6) Nudie Jeans Perry Organic Washed-Denim Jacket

To search for fashion head over to where you can check out what’s available across over 100 stores all in one place. Woot!

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Hey guys! So I wanted to do a quick “tip” post on a way to get more bang for your buck!!

NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOP! A little less than midway into each season retailers will began to mark clothes way down in an attempt to make some last minute money off of them and move them out of the store in preparation for next seasons inventory. If you are anything like me and always on a budget this is a great time for you to take advantage of!

So over the weekend I hauled in some awesome finds at low prices! In the pictures above are a few of my favorites! These 3 sweaters were all originally $40 each. I got them for 75% off which means I only payed $10 each! Can’t beat that! In additional because these items are so visually interesting they pretty much style themselves! Pair any of those with a pair of khakis and you’re work casual appropriate. Pair them with some jean and you’re “night out” appreciate! Stay tuned for more style tips on these items.

I also got a cream, leather, bomber jacket with a grey hood for $7😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 Yeah you heard me!!! Listen that thing was comin home with me even if it was too small to close! Lucky for me it fit just fine!

A huge black and white scarf for $6! It’s like 4 feet by 4 feet but the knit is thin enough to where it wont be too bulky! This will be an extremely versatile accessory. Stay tuned for way to style it.

And some black, white, and grey Jordans for $34! This was a great find for me. Because I rarely wear tennis shoes I’m less likely to invest a whole lot of money in them.

There were several more item but these were the ones I was most excited about! Hopes this helps! Any questions feel free to message me! Oh and sorry the pics aren’t that great! I really wanted to get this post out right away as I realized we haven’t had alot of conversation about this particular shopping tip!

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So I'm genderfluid/nonbinary. If I wanted to dress more masculine (bc I do get dysphoria when I feel more masculine), how can I do that? I want to express how I feel like man and woman and let everyone know that's who I am. I guess I'm asking for style tips??? Lol

my personal ideas:

- obvious one but shopping in the men’s section. there are a lot of rly nice mens shirts (and theyre usually cheaper than in the womens shirts which is a bonus) which def make people look more masculine due to the shape and style – im not man aligned but on days i want to present more masculinely i usually go for button ups (button ups tend to look pretty androgynous too so id say thats a safe bet for someone who isnt just one gender)

- make up! i dont know oodles about this because i dont wear it anymore but it might be worth looking up some contouring tutorials so you could look into sculpting a sharper jawline and making other features look more traditionally masculine. you can probably find tutorials on making make up look like facial hair if thats not something you have – and obviously your make up looks can rly be tailored to how youre perceiving your gender on a day to day business so if youre okay with makeup then !!!!! 

- im not man aligned but when i wear neutral/darker colours sometimes people assume im a boy since i have short hair so id reccomend wearing maroon, grey, bottle green, navy (this is purely based on how other people have perceived me in these colours – these situations also tend to happen when im wearing jeans and a hoodie. jeans with a flat front wont emphasise curves and hips so this is probably a good style to go for if youre not planning to / cannot just shop in the mens section)

as im not a man/man aligned i asked my friend whos a trans man (since i dont know anyone whos a man and a woman) so here are his tips:

- flannel shirts
- jeans from the dudes section
- cargo shorts
- a binder / a tight sports bra (he doesnt reccomend using two sports bras but instead just finding one tight one in case this was something you were considering)
- slouchy beanies
- if you can get a flat chest then a t shirt, flannel and baggy jeans tend to be androgynous 

i hope this was helpful! again im not man aligned so if any men/man aligned people (esp people who are also woman aligned as well as man aligned) want to add on with advice then ur more than welcome to 

The leggings post

Questions about where I buy my leggings and costumes are something I hear frequently.  I’m not dedicated to any specific brands and sometimes I just make my own costumes.  There are a few guidelines I follow when purchasing new costume and aerial training clothes.

We all know that close fitting garments are best when you’re training (and performing, depending on your choreography).  I like them colorful, like my Adventure Time leggings and my Space Unicorn leggings.

BUT LOOK AT THESE:  Mechanical Bones leggings!

This is about to turn into a personal shopping list post…  Specifically the Unicorn Battling a T-Rex leggings.  This same link also has an option for Lumpy Space Princess leggings.  Oh my glob.

Here you have plenty of space themed leggings and muscle tissue type prints.

I am also a fan of leotards and bodysuits.  SPACE BODYSUIT!  Am I going to look back, 20 years from now, and say, “Oh my god, what was I thinking?”

NO, because Alice, Harry, LSP, and stained glass bodysuits ALL IN THE SAME LINK.  So, stfu future me.

But if you’re are looking for something a little more classic and performance friendly, I’m a big fan of Mirella leotards like the Jozette.  

Just remember that if it is not made for dance applications, it might not move well or it may move too much.  Always test out your costumes before a show and bring an extra just in case.  I’ve purchased dance specific leotards that slide right off of my chesticles, so always take the time to move around in your new aerial and dance pieces.

Don’t worry guys, I did not forget about you.  Not at all:  Sheer Wrestling Singlet.  That’s not meant as a joke.  That is a seriously sexy man unitard.  And these are seriously sexy man bottoms of the same nature.  For the love of circus, one of you sultry male aerialists need to perform in that.  

Why in the hell don’t I ever see guys in these running shorts?!  I mean, really!  

Wishful thinking.