shopping tips for men


Hey guys! So I wanted to do a quick “tip” post on a way to get more bang for your buck!!

NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOP! A little less than midway into each season retailers will began to mark clothes way down in an attempt to make some last minute money off of them and move them out of the store in preparation for next seasons inventory. If you are anything like me and always on a budget this is a great time for you to take advantage of!

So over the weekend I hauled in some awesome finds at low prices! In the pictures above are a few of my favorites! These 3 sweaters were all originally $40 each. I got them for 75% off which means I only payed $10 each! Can’t beat that! In additional because these items are so visually interesting they pretty much style themselves! Pair any of those with a pair of khakis and you’re work casual appropriate. Pair them with some jean and you’re “night out” appreciate! Stay tuned for more style tips on these items.

I also got a cream, leather, bomber jacket with a grey hood for $7😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 Yeah you heard me!!! Listen that thing was comin home with me even if it was too small to close! Lucky for me it fit just fine!

A huge black and white scarf for $6! It’s like 4 feet by 4 feet but the knit is thin enough to where it wont be too bulky! This will be an extremely versatile accessory. Stay tuned for way to style it.

And some black, white, and grey Jordans for $34! This was a great find for me. Because I rarely wear tennis shoes I’m less likely to invest a whole lot of money in them.

There were several more item but these were the ones I was most excited about! Hopes this helps! Any questions feel free to message me! Oh and sorry the pics aren’t that great! I really wanted to get this post out right away as I realized we haven’t had alot of conversation about this particular shopping tip!

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