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What would your perfect day (and night) with Yuuri look like?

“We’ve actually had quite a few perfect days (and nights…) together already. But to give you an example of the kinds of things we do

This is what a typical romantic day looks like for us: 

Usually I wake Yuuri up in the morning with breakfast. I can’t cook, sadly, so I order takeout. But i’m not cheap about it, I only order the best food from the best local restaurants. Even if we’re abroad for competition, I search for the most popular eateries in the neighborhood. Now, I’m an early riser and Yuuri is a night owl, so I’m always awake hours before he is. Because of this, though, I’m able to also have time to order a bouquet of fresh roses to put by our bedside before he wakes up. When he starts to stir, I kiss him awake. Slow, gentle, loving kisses along his face. Sometimes it gets him out of bed, but most of the time we end up needing a few extra hours before we actually make it to eating the breakfast I ordered… 

Once breakfast is eaten, and we’re showered and dressed, I take Yuuri out on a date. We go for a walk around the city, check out the local shops. If it’s off season, we’ll indulge a little bit in certain foods we’ve both been avoiding during competitions, and dessert shops with little cakes and pastries. We take strolls through the parks, or hop on a train and check out someplace new. Museums, movies, plays. I think my favorite date was when I took Yuuri to see the Russian ballet for the first time. His eyes lit up in a way I can’t even describe. I don’t even remember what that ballet was about, because I couldn’t look away from how beautiful Yuuri looked, all engrossed in the performance. 

For dinner we typically pick somewhere nice, closed off. Somewhere where we can be alone and away from the busy sounds of the street and the public eye. Yuuri gets overwhelmed easily, so often there will be times we’ll just pick up food on our way back home and eat in the comfort of the apartment. 

Of course, there are days we don’t go out at all. And those times are equally as perfect. Sometimes it’s just us, cuddled up together on the sofa. Me reading a book, him playing a video game; with the only sound coming from the music on the radio or the television in the background. It’s peaceful. And wonderful. 

Eventually, the evenings lead into cuddling in bed, laughing at something we saw on social media or that a friend sent us via text. Laughter turns into playful teasing and light kisses on the cheek. Those eventually turn into slow, languid, intimate kisses that eventually lead to… well. I don’t need to tell you that. 

But, as long as my day involves having Yuuri by my side, then every single day with him will always be absolutely perfect.”

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