shopping habbits

How come most of the predictive ads and ‘stuff based on your shopping habbits’ for webshops are perfectly capable of guessing what kind of shoes or shirts I’d like but utterly incapable of estimating what I’d be willing to pay for them? You’d think a calculation 'average amount spend on a t-shirt’ would be easier to run than figuring out my style.

anonymous asked:

HC about zoro and law and their shopping habbits with their fem s/o ❤

i swear to god those two make the most hilarious hcs


  • Zoro will constantly whine about wanting to leave
  • God shopping is a nightmare for him
  • It’s boring and annoying
  • Besides he already has a pair of pants and a few shirts what else does he need???
  • As soon as his s/o is not in sight, he’ll go somewhere quiet and take a nap until s/o is done with shopping
  • probably gonna settle with carrying all the shopping bags


  • Well certainly not as annoyed as Zoro
  • But Law could think of about 500 other things he finds more interesting and pleasureable than shopping
  • his s/o will make him comment each and every outfit whenever they get out of the fitting room
  • He just answers with “yeah looks great.”, at every outfit, without even looking at it really
  • Law will roll his eyes when s/o makes him carry the damn shopping baggs