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I’m going through a breakup! it sucks?!? I’m sad all the time! It feels like it will never end being sad (it will end, for sure.  i’m positive.).

You know what doesn’t suck and isn’t sad, though? Skeletons.  I’ve been looking back through my favorite Undertales and seeing so many good skeletons.  I’m sad about silly feelings… but I’m happy for skeletons, and I want to dig back in.  I miss this fandom so much, and I briefly forgot how fun Undertale is, and how incredibly good???? I’ve always leaned on Undertale when things are hard and life feels overwhelming, and so i’m honestly glad to get back in, draw some skeletons, read some fanfic.  what are the headcanons? do u ever think about Sans and Papyrus going grocery shopping on the surface??? because I just started thinking about it and i bet it’s hilarious.  I bet they make such a scene just goofing around and Papyrus inevitably has to tell Sans to ok ok ok enough behave because everyone is looking, Sans, you’re embarrassing us both

wormy’s sad so here we go: Sans and Papyrus grocery shopping.  let’s get into it.  discuss. 

Grocery Shopping (Bucky x reader)

               (Honestly I work in a grocery store as a cashier, and so thinking of these things while I’m working is the only thing that get’s me through the day. )

Word Count: 920

               You don’t know why you always brought Bucky along on your shopping trips. When you shopped by yourself, you bought exactly what you needed, and you were done. With Bucky, you ended up spending an additional 50 dollars on snacks and things that only he would eat. But he always persisted in coming with you anyways.

               “How about coco puffs? Or maybe even a box of Lucky Charms? Please Y/N!” Bucky made a scene, acting like a child as you went past the cereal aisle. You gave him a playful look, shaking your head. He followed behind you with the cart as you read your grocery list. “But Y/NNNN, all the stuff in the cart is like…. gross, and healthy.”

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I was rewatching it’s dangerous outside the blankets and there’s so much that I can’t get over

- minseok coming to the house late and automatically checking how clean the house is

- minseok having a mental breakdown over Daniels mess

- minseok sleeping in cute, funny positions

- minseok waking up and having bed head

- minseok getting ready to red velvet and black pink

- minseok doing his skin care routine

- minseok scratching his ass

- minseok playing vr

- minseok making a fool out of himself in front of his housemates while playing vr

- minseok laughing and scratching his arm when he feels awkward

- minseok eating

- minseok doing the dishes

- minseok getting in the pool and playing volleyball even though he doesn’t actually like the water

- minseok playing jenga

- minseok stress vacuuming after losing in jenga

- minseok driving with one hand

- minseok searching up Kang Daniel and embarrassing him

- minseok grocery shopping

- minseok doing beer yoga

- minseok taking pictures

- minseok giving up on undressing in private and just takes off his shirt in front of the camera

- minseok just generally having a good time drinking, eating, and laughing with his housemates

The point of this post is that idotb gave me such good minseok content and I deserved more episodes

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What is your favorite domestic set up with a Monster? Like cleaning the house, grocery shopping, ect?

I love the idea of cleaning stuff with a strong monster. I’ve never vaccumed under my couch, but imagine the monster just lifting that shit up and boom, you good. Doing hard household tasks that take a lot of strength would just be super easy haha, also very comical in the eyes of someone who isn’t used to it lmfao

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The girls ask Andy if he can buy them a ring pop while they’re grocery shopping and Andy remembers when he proposed to April

This is as sweet as those ring pops. Thank you for this prompt <3


“Daddyyyy! Daddy, can we please get some candy? Pretty please?”

Andy looked up from the back of the cereal box. He’d been distracted by one of the colorful designs. This one in particular had a map that the kids were supposed to follow, leading to buried treasure. In any normal person’s eye, it was a maze. Still, Andy loved cereal boxes, especially when they were fun. He smiled and tossed it in the shopping cart. “What’s that, honey?”

“Candy,” Allie said, holding up a little plastic baggie with the treat within. “It’s a ring pop. Can I have one?”

“Me too!” Melody said, her little hands digging through the box of other flavors. “I want a blue one.”

“Girls,” Andy said, looking around for where April and the other two kids had gone too. There was no sign of them nearby, “I mean, your mom might get mad if we get even more candy. You both still have so much left over in your Christmas stockings.”

These days, with four growing kids, they went through food pretty quickly. Shopping trips were sometimes long and boring, and they often needed a lot of items. Andy and April liked to split the job up. It was a very adult thing to do, making it boring in April’s eye, but it worked.

“But we don’t have ring pops,” Allie said, her green eyes filled with the same excitement Andy had seen in photos of himself at that age, and still now to this day. “Please?”

Andy picked up one of the little candies and stared at it. A long time ago, he gave one of these to April. That was a special day for sure. It’s not every day you ask the love of your life to marry you by holding out a half-eaten ring pop. He smiled fondly at the memory, remembering the way he slipped the sticky red candy with a yellow plastic ring onto April’s finger.

“Daddy?” Melody tapped him on the arm. He’d zoned out again, lost in the memory.

“Huh?” Andy blinked and put the candy down.

“I said, can we please get one if we pick one for Jack and Emma too?”

“Emma’s too small for candy,” Andy said knowingly. “But I’ll tell you what. Let’s get one for Jack and for your mom too, that way we can all have some and no one will feel left out.”

“Yay!” Both girls cheered, digging eagerly through the box for more of them. Andy watched happily, just as April came around the corner with the second shopping cart. Emma sat in the front part, sipping her cup of milk. Jack stood at his mother’s side, bored looking, his hands in his pockets.

“All set?” April asked, looking at the two girls and Andy. “C’mon, I need to get out of this store. There’s only so much food shopping I can take before I want to murder someone.”

“Yeah,” Andy nodded. “Um, we’re gonna get some candy too, okay?”


“Babe,” Andy held up the treat, his smile wide. He watched as April’s eyes changed, comprehending exactly what the thing was. At once, he knew she was back in that same memory he’d been thinking of only a moment before. “The girls wanted a ring pop. How can I say no?”

April bit her lip. “Fine,” she rolled her eyes. “One each…”

“One for you, Mama,” Melody said, handing April one.

“Thank you, baby,” April smiled. “I don’t need one, though—“

“It was Daddy’s idea.”

April looked up at him, smiling.

Andy pulled his wife against his side and kissed the top of her head. Giving April that pop all those years ago was still the best decision he ever made.

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i miss shipwreck reddie :( what are my boys up to

THEYRE GOOD! its 5pm on a wednesday so it’s Grocery Time™

eddie is currently picking out vegetables but it takes about 20 minutes for him to actually get anything because he hates eating vegetables with any marks (despite mike emphatically telling him on multiple occasions that its literally fine)

richie is doing his own grocery shopping in the candy aisle of the 7-11 across the street

once theyre done they’ll probably get boba on their way back to the apartment

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oookay so, today was a rainy day in oslo and even though it wasn't actually that cold, it felt so much colder because of the humid air. but isak and even had to go grocery shopping either way because they needed food and procrastinated on buying stuff until the fridge was pretty much completely empty (they are sloppy teenagers after all), so even kinda dragged isak outside because "bread with mayonnaise isn't food, isak". and the way to the shop was okay because they could stick their hands (1)

in their pockets to keep them warm, but now each of them had a bag full of groceries, so they only could keep one of their hands in their pockets while carrying the bag in the other. isak was cursing like a sailor because his hand was so cold and wet from the rain. even didn’t mind the cold too much, so he tried to take isak’s bag too, but isak refused ofc because then even would be cold AND carry two heavy bags and that just wouldn’t be fair. even sighed as his stubbornness and (2)

took isak’s free hand from the pocket with his own, so they were holding hands while carrying the bags and isak rolled his eyes because “that doesn’t help at all, even. it’s much colder this way than before” but still the corners of his mouth twisted upwards and he did nothing to change the situation. so the two of them walked home, hand in hand and basically freezing, but smiling all the way to their little apartment where the first thing they did was make hot cocoa to warm them selves up (3)

and laugh because they realized they could’ve just brought their gloves (4)

asdgg, yes, grumpy but charmed Isak is my jam! Good they have the whole rest of the evening to cuddle up and get warm again, sharing soft cocoa flavored kisses 

(thank you, anon <33)

honestly it’s actually the small, mundane, boring things that someone does for you out of love which mean so much rather than grand gestures and proclamations

I think the sign of a true soulmate isn’t someone you just want to do the super cool stuff with. A real soulmate is the person who makes any ordinary day fun. Some people make all these huge plans to do with their special someone, fuck that. Find someone who you can take grocery shopping and still have a blast with. Find someone who makes you look forward to waking up on Monday.

“doggos with backpacks to carry more doggos”

based on this post which immediately reminded me of makkachin and vicchan :’) a lovely family <3 guys i actually think im going to make a doggo sticker sheet

more doggos