shopping groceries

Counting down the days now, you guys.
Saturday I’m getting the key to my apartment, I’m so freaking excited. Still need to do so much packing ;A;

  • god: anyway here's my OC. he's an extraordinarily charming, funny, handsome movie star and dancer who can act really well but no one takes him seriously because he's so good-looking. he hooked up with every beautiful woman in hollywood and did every drug under the sun. now he's a good boy who does yoga a lot. he became sober and now he spends all his time caring for his children, doing charity, and grocery shopping.
  • comment: sounds like a mary sue :/

Just painted these piggies a shade of my favorite color, blue 🔹💙🦋

I love my warm, fuzzy slippers! I’ve been wearing them barefoot or with sweaty, fuzzy socks since around Christmas time. I wear them everywhere.. hanging with friends, grocery shopping, running errands, I even work in them sometimes! I’m thinking once they’re good and worn or when I get another pair, I’ll retire these to whoever wants them the most! 👃🏼🐇☠️👟

Any offers…?

물러나 다 (Back off) [pt2]

Part 1 

Theme/Genre: fluff, slight angst

Characters: Mark Tuan x Y/n

New series, so stay tuned for future updates and you can also follow me but only if you want to like its your choice, you don’t have to but it would be nice.

3 years on and I have yet to have a visit from my 2 so called best friends, I really haven’t thought of them since I’ve moved here. I wasn’t phased that they didn’t even try and get into contact with me after I left. I didn’t mind though, I had the boys and Charlotte so everything was ay-ok here.

I reached my apartment after grocery shopping when I felt a vibration in my coat pocket, disregarding the notification due to my arms being taken up by rows of plastic bags hanging off them because I didn’t want to make two trips from my car ‘just me or does anyone else do this?’ I inserted my key and turning the knob, I push the door and dropped all my bags on the table “Charlotte can you come help me put these away please?! I was calling you from downstairs, I know you were texting Jaebum but they’re legit going to be here soon so you’ll live without him from like 20 minutes to help me!”

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silverfairylights  asked:

Okay but for hcs have you considered something fluffy and domestic? Like idk grocery shopping or like a date night staying home or something?


•reminding ethan 10 times to get the list before you leave

•"trust me babe, i got it"

•ethan forgets it anyway

•"you didnt remind me!!“

•ethan continually trying to sneak snacks into the cart

•"ethan we are not getting dinosaur gummy bears”
“The t-rex tastes really good though”

•shopping cart races down the aisle

•getting distracted by cute babies at the store

•ethan trying to pronounce foreign foods and failing

•so many food puns

•lots of jokes about this being the married life

•buying a new ice cream flavor every week

•"lets try banana chocolate chip this week"
“I was thinking more of an apple pie flavor”
“Good call”

•shoving dick shaped foods in each others faces

•cutesy dorky grocery dates :((

I love it :((

anonymous asked:

What're some random, pure things that occurred at Mikey's? This is not at all prompted by anything other than my admiration for you n your gorgeous s/o

• when i got off the train to mikeys town i started walking in a random direction & they like, tapped my shoulder and made me notice they…. had been there the entire time….. i just didnt see them…..
• we went shopping for groceries and i was the most unhelpful little fuck Ever, stubbornly refusing to make a decision about anything whatsoever except for this one bucket of cherry tomatoes i immediately bonded with
• they were very patient and bought me the tomatoes AND DEMONSTRATED THE WONDERS OF THE PFAND MACHINE
• (the bottle chomper)
• mikeys house looks like a craft project, its so cozy and it has colorful walls and lots of light and it just looks… comforting?
• my relationship with mikeys mom could only be described as awkward (at one point i was strolling around the kitchen, heard her come in, and -for whatever fucking reason- rushed to mikeys room as if i was in danger. i wasnt), but it turns out she doesnt hate me & even used… the right pronouns….
• mikey did their moms make up because she was going out…. how sweet is that
• mikey has a lot of make up and they are willing to show it to you and tell you the differences between the various products and it is really interesting and cool
• (they can and will put on dark lipstick just to leave kiss stamps on your face What A Nerd)
• in mikeys village theres this tiiiiiiny graveyard and they look at it like its filled with friends? like they care about the people in there? its really heartwarming
• they know their way around the woods and bravely face mud and streams…. what an adventurer
• mikey! makes! lovely! pancakes! and they look so cute making breakfast?? it was the most domestic scene ever and i was so warm
• they have a murderous cat but they arent afraid of her, i suspect the treats they keep in their room is what keeps her from going on a killing spree
• mikey has all kinds of creepy neighbour stories which is especially surprising considering they live in a village with? like 100 inhabitants idk
• they let me read shade the changing girl & a book on mourning jewellery & a goosebumps and they were all fascinating
• (mikey is incapable of leaving hickeys, scientists are baffled)
• they get really offended if you sneakily buy them presents
• its cute
• they coo at ravens, cry at the sight of dead birds, and get offended at ducks? its weird
• theres a lot more

So guys the craziest thing happened to me the other day. After work I was shopping for some groceries. I had taken off my name tag but of course I was still dressed in the store uniform. As I was in the aisle looking at something, a customer approached me and said “excuse me do you think you can help me find something?” I’m not opposed to helping point someone in the right direction even if I’m off the clock, so I said sure. And then he says “I know you don’t work here but I don’t shop here very often and do you know where the pudding cups are?” I almost died. First of all because (I thought) it was clear that I DID in fact work there, and secondly because the pudding cups were right behind him.

Just curious as hell Michelle does all the meals all the schooling, the house cleaning, all the care of the children, the doctor’s appointments, the shopping, the grocery shopping, the clothes shopping, the shoe shopping, going to the dentist ,the orthodontist, the eye doctor, and spending one-on-one quality time doing something with each child for all 19 kids and still have time and energy to be “ joyfully available”

So truly I LOVE hellofresh! I don’t have to go to the market as often. Which means my impulsive ass isn’t surrounded by products and I spend more money. BUT the delivery guy has been a turd lately and this is my third box in a row with a meat that got punctured. But this box was no just ONE meat ALL four of them are bad.

Their customer service is great so I’m positive I can get almost a full refund on my box. But I’m contemplating leaving which just…. no!!

I love not having to get dressed and go grocery shopping.

I love not having to do lots of searching and making a menu and writing a list then somehow always having food go bad. (Cooking for two is kind of hard y'all)

I love being forced to try new things.

I love that Dean enjoys the meals and has got him out of his comfort zone.

Maybe I’ll call and get a small credit then we can give it one last shot? It’s usually no big deal but the whole point is not having to go get food.

Honestly hellofresh is amazing - I just think it is my delivery people/their route/something that harms the box in route. But if they can’t be gentle then it’s obviously not going to work????

Idk we’ll see I guess.

I think the sign of a true soulmate isn’t someone you just want to do the super cool stuff with. A real soulmate is the person who makes any ordinary day fun. Some people make all these huge plans to do with their special someone, fuck that. Find someone who you can take grocery shopping and still have a blast with. Find someone who makes you look forward to waking up on Monday.
shinee goes grocery shopping


  • picked up a package of dubu and carried it around (”don’t talk to me or my son ever again”)
  • rotisserie chicken 
  • fried chicken tenders 
  • takes a sample, waits five minutes to casually walk by and take another one 
  • buys a pineapple to remember his boy pinee 
  • if lost can find him watching the crabs in the tanks 


  • smells candles until everything is just one indistinguishable strong scent and he has a huge headache 
  • pls no more chicken breast 
  • stress bought a whole chocolate mousse cake 
  • reenacting risky business in the aisles 
  • people are staring but what is shame???
  • uses most of his time choosing a body wash (”we are going to leave you here if you don’t pick one in the next three minutes”) 


  • buying fruit for juice cleanse and jam 
  • wallet is full of receipts and coupons 
  • actual coupon master. his total goes from $56.35 to $24.70
  • buys french baguettes and cheese to feel fancy 
  • another trip to the store, another pair of house slippers (he has too many for a person who has only two feet but this one is pink and has bunny ears so) 
  • ketchup 


  • avocados + bananas + protein powder 
  • buys all the practical shit like toilet paper and garbage bags 
  • helpful bagger 
  • lines up the shopping carts so well people keep asking him if he works there
  • doesn’t have the heart to tell them no so he helps customers get things from high shelves and stuff 


  • waits until he’s surviving off cup ramen to even go
  • puts random shit in the cart 
  • buys a jackfruit bc “it looks cool” but doesn’t know how to eat it so it’s just there… in the fridge… mocking him 
  • also never knows which groceries are his??? 
  • rides the shopping cart like a scooter (push, push, weeeeee)
  • makes direct eye contact with all the video cameras and doesn’t. look. away. security is v uncomfortable 
I daydream about what would happen if I ever saw you again
Maybe it would be in a bookstore
or a coffee shop
or a grocery store
Maybe you would be alone or with your new girl
I would be with my family or with a boy who treats me so much better
We would make eye contact
Or maybe you wouldn’t see me at all
But I am certain you would
However I would just see right through you, because you are no longer real to me
But perhaps you would try to resuscitate me
like a dead flower you try to revive by intense watering
You can try and act like we are still alive
Except honey I died awhile ago
So if we do ever meet again
Don’t try to make small talk
Just take in the image of me
Because I don’t even want to picture you anymore
—  aloseshermind, we are dead