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What Tate was (probably) like when he was alive:

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(I did some headcanons at work but shh)

- Tate was probably a quiet punk kid 

- had depression 

- read comic books 

-  did art 

- got good grades 

- took care of Addie 24/7

- had a cat named Kurt and he the only thing that’d cheer Tate up

- like he’d come home to a empty house every day and Kurt would just meow and Tate would feel better after a shit school day

- And he’d lay with Kurt in bed listening to Nirvana like “yanno you’re named after him”

- "Watcha doing Tate?“"A E S E T I C”

- smoking

- had a job at a record or book store

- probably got bullied

- dyed his hair black for a period of time

- until Addie and Beau didn’t like it so he went back to blonde

- had all his cd’s alphabetically organized by band

- went shopping for food and clothes for him and his siblings bc his mom didn’t do it

- played with Addie and Beau; dress up, race cars, coloring, anything to make them happy

- found his skull thumb ring at the mall when he brought Addie dress shopping

- she picked it out actually

- “can we get ice cream Tater tot?””sure thing princess”

- wore his old clothes bc he didn’t have enough to buy HIMSELF new clothes

- skateboarded a lot

- when he and his mom or Larry fought he’d go to the beach and get high

- doodled on his school work

- “where do you wanna go to college, Mr. Langdon?””college? never really thought about it”

- lie. he did. a lot. mainly art colleges.

- cried in his shower bc of his mother’s abuse

- when he was home alone, he’d scream Nirvana lyrics with the music

- while he made like grilled cheese as his cat weaved around his legs

- sighing happily when he sat down, food in hand, cat in lap

- cringing when his mom comes home

- “Tate, I need you to watch the kids tonight; Larry’s taking me out””so it’s the usual nightly routine. got it”

- him holding Addie in his arms as they leave and shutting the door with his foot

- cooking chicken alfredo 

- putting her to bed 

- reorganizing his whole room when he lost things

- extreme bed head when looking in the mirror in the morning; sighing

- made lunch for him, Addie and Beau since his mom’s wasn’t there

- ushered Addie on the bus at 7

- then took off running bc his school started at 6:50

- papers flying from his brown messenger bag 

- cursing when the doors were locked

- ate lunch alone in the library, enjoyed the quiet

- “Mr. Langdon, I didn’t ask for sarcastic commentary””no but it just comes out of me”

- stole from the lost and found


Sweet potato burger: sweet potato patty, vegan cheddar, roasted zucchini, horseradish cream with beetroot (organic soy), organic sprouts, fresh tomato, corn, and homemade ketchup in a spelt bun

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Prompt:  Robron doing their weekly food shop and Robert trying to buy organic top of the range everything but Aaron just wants pie and chips.

For the lovely @wellyfullofale, I hope you enjoy some fluff! <3

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“Aaron, what are you holding?” Robert asked, trolley in hand as they walked through David’s. 

“Erh, crisps and beer, why?” Aaron retorted, chucking the items in the trolley haphazardly, earning an eye roll from Robert. 

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Tofu hamburger party!!!!

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hi welcome to below the poverty line where we cant afford to cut meat out of our diets bc staying healthy + fully vegetarian is kinda fucking expensive mdude

pretty fuckin sure i said the only valid excuse was being impoverished but thank U for ignorin that

also, eating a plant based diet is 100000000x cheaper than purchasing meat. if u go to whole foods 24/7 n only shop organically, obviously its gonna be expensive - but thats the case regardless

Throw out the junk, And go grocery shopping, ACTUAL GROCERY SHOPPING! Natural foods, Organic, Fresh fruits, Fresh veggies, wheats/oats, Protein bars, Coconut / almond milk, Water bottles, natural chocolate, Natural peanut butter/ Almond butter, Greek yogurt (Light) , Sugar free jello. Just GO NATURAL!

Yesterday I tried to do stuff about foode and went grocery shopping in the local organic store + looked up recipes and shit and on one side fuck you depression I’ll now get my life together on the other it’s so expensive…Why can’t this town have a marketplace where I can buy local veggies instead of buying a week’s worth of food for the price of a video game

10 Tips for Shopping the Minneapolis Farmers Market

1. Don’t be shy. Talk to growers. They love to talk about what they’ve grown and how to use it. Talk to other shoppers,too. It’s easy when you’re bonding over food. You can learn a lot and meet people at the same time.

2. Find out why it’s not certified organic. Many small farmers rent land or can’t afford organic certification, so when you see something that looks good, ask the farmer how it was grown. 

3. Bring your own bags; a cooler, too, if you’re getting eggs or meat.

4. Shop early for selection. Shop late (or in bad weather) for deals.

5. Bring small bills.

6. Walk the whole market before you buy.

7. If it looks good, buy it. It may be gone next week.

8. Don’t haggle. Farmers work hard and price their products thoughtfully. But if you buy in bulk or become a regular, friendly customer, you may find your farmer giving you a discount. 

9. Shop weekdays. No crowds, no parking hassles. Just drive right up to the sheds.

10. Enjoy! Our market is the most diverse public space in Minneapolis, our farmers friendly, and our food, delicious.  

I’m a pro at shopping for groceries. I got all this organic veggies and food and stuff for under $50 like I’m patting myself on the back
I even had money left over for a few little extra stuff

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So, I work at a whole foods and there are SO MANY customers who will get pissy because we don't have a certain fruit or vegetable at the moment and literally 99% of the time its because that fruit or vegetable is out of season in our region. and people will be like "then I'll just go to walmart for my pumpkin in the middle of summer". and I'm just like ????? ok its not gonna be organic or natural and idk y ur even shopping at whole foods if thats not something that ya worry about but ok?????????