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I am so confused.

Why do men on SA mention in their bios that they’re not “full of money” or “want a relationship that exchanges money” or that they “want to be loved for them.” It’s the same story I’ve heard from escorts who have clients who ask them to lower their rates. Or from POT salt daddies who don’t understand why a blanket $3,000 allowance is reasonable.

If you want a regular girlfriend to love you for who you are go to a regular site. Match, OK Cupid, Tinder, Bumble, Christian Mingle, your local neighbourhood coffee shop.

Is it because you want the gorgeous bombshell with the amazing style and the well-traveled look? That girl with the perfect skin, her face oil cost $72 and her eye cream is $40. That girl with the long flawless waves, her hair costs $100 to cut, easy $150 on products, blowout and style for $50. The one with the incredible body, she pays for a personal trainer and a nutritionist and shops exclusively at Whole Foods organic section. The one with the brilliant mind, her education is 30K.

You want EVERYTHING for NOTHING. The best of the best for zero. Then you’ll complain about feminism and expect her to go Dutch on dinner.

Get off SA, don’t approach the expensive-looking escort, don’t introduce yourself as a sugar daddy if you’re not going to pay for the fantasy you so desperately want.


What Tate was (probably) like when he was alive:

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(I did some headcanons at work but shh)

- Tate was probably a quiet punk kid 

- had depression 

- read comic books 

-  did art 

- got good grades 

- took care of Addie 24/7

- had a cat named Kurt and he the only thing that’d cheer Tate up

- like he’d come home to a empty house every day and Kurt would just meow and Tate would feel better after a shit school day

- And he’d lay with Kurt in bed listening to Nirvana like “yanno you’re named after him”

- "Watcha doing Tate?“"A E S E T I C”

- smoking

- had a job at a record or book store

- probably got bullied

- dyed his hair black for a period of time

- until Addie and Beau didn’t like it so he went back to blonde

- had all his cd’s alphabetically organized by band

- went shopping for food and clothes for him and his siblings bc his mom didn’t do it

- played with Addie and Beau; dress up, race cars, coloring, anything to make them happy

- found his skull thumb ring at the mall when he brought Addie dress shopping

- she picked it out actually

- “can we get ice cream Tater tot?””sure thing princess”

- wore his old clothes bc he didn’t have enough to buy HIMSELF new clothes

- skateboarded a lot

- when he and his mom or Larry fought he’d go to the beach and get high

- doodled on his school work

- “where do you wanna go to college, Mr. Langdon?””college? never really thought about it”

- lie. he did. a lot. mainly art colleges.

- cried in his shower bc of his mother’s abuse

- when he was home alone, he’d scream Nirvana lyrics with the music

- while he made like grilled cheese as his cat weaved around his legs

- sighing happily when he sat down, food in hand, cat in lap

- cringing when his mom comes home

- “Tate, I need you to watch the kids tonight; Larry’s taking me out””so it’s the usual nightly routine. got it”

- him holding Addie in his arms as they leave and shutting the door with his foot

- cooking chicken alfredo 

- putting her to bed 

- reorganizing his whole room when he lost things

- extreme bed head when looking in the mirror in the morning; sighing

- made lunch for him, Addie and Beau since his mom’s wasn’t there

- ushered Addie on the bus at 7

- then took off running bc his school started at 6:50

- papers flying from his brown messenger bag 

- cursing when the doors were locked

- ate lunch alone in the library, enjoyed the quiet

- “Mr. Langdon, I didn’t ask for sarcastic commentary””no but it just comes out of me”

- stole from the lost and found


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How do you look after your beautiful glowing skin and hair? Do you have a routine? Or any tips you swear by? I'm really struggling with dull, dry hair and skin at the moment :( xxx

Hi my darling! Thank you for the kind words about my skin & hair, I won’t deny it, both are thriving at the moment! Okay firstly I would highly recommend you check out my previous responses to skincare HERE

Anyway, when it comes to skin & hair there are honestly just so many factors that come into play & as I aways say each individual will thrive off different things so it’s a matter of finding what works for you, not just copying other people. 

Factors that influence skin & hair are things like genes, diet, hormones, age, environment, products being used, exercise, hydration levels etc etc. So in terms of factors you can influence (as opposed to things like genes) here’s my advice:

  • DIET - I recommend a holistic plant based diet as a base line. Within that it’s important to find a ratio of how much & what kinds of foods work for your body. 
    • For example, healthy fats are absolutely essential & play a huge role when it comes to hormone regulation & having healthy hair/skin (& a hell of a lot more) - particularly if you’re a woman. So it’s important to find a balance of how much fats your body needs to thrive - for me personally I experienced so many healthy benefits from increasing my natural fats, particularly when it came to my hair & (less so but) skin.
    • This is the same with all macro nutrients (fats, proteins, carbs) etc. & you might also find that certain foods/food groups work better for you then others. For example, I had a friend who found that watermelon made her skin breakout, but it could be more general like your skin feels better eating raw or cooked foods etc.  
  • HYDRATION - water plays such a huge role in our health & it is seriously underestimated. This is particularly true when it comes to skin & hair. Water helps cleanse the body of toxins, which includes toxins within the skin. Keeping hydrated will help your skin stay moisturised, vibrant & clean. 
    • How much water you should drink depends on things like how much you’re sweating during the day (e.g. from the heat or exercise), if you’ve been drinking & if you’ve been having a lot of sodium, but I personally run by the motto of having an absolute bare minimum of 2L a day, but generally aim for ¾+. 
  • SLEEP - again, another general lifestyle factor that impacts your physical body, including skin/hair. The body loves consistency so try to aim for a minimum of 8/9 hours a night, sleeping at regular hours & avoiding electronics/screens at least 30 mins before bed (the usual gist). 
  • EXERCISE - exercise helps you sweat which helps release toxins from the body thus helps with healthy hair & skin. It also can be a great de-stresser which can also help. And also, by toning up your strengthening & fighting your skin which can help avoid or reduce things like wrinkles & cellulite. 
  • STRESS - stress can seriously muck with our body & of course that includes skin & hair. Making sure you manage your stress is going to help you avoid your skin & hair suffering from any reactions, so make sure you have & are consistently exercising stress relievers (e.g. reading, exercise, art, sleep, music, swimming, baths etc)
  • PRODUCTS - the skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it so it’s absolutely essential you know what is going gone your body & keep it as natural as possible; the same principle applies to hair. Conventional products are loaded with chemicals & cheap, grotty fillers so if you’re going to use products I highly encourage using stuff that is organic & as natural as possible. 
    • For example, makeup can be a big contributor to poor skin. Conventional makeup is by far the worst, but just because you’re using natural/organic/vegan makeup doesn’t mean it won’t necessarily react badly with your skin. If you want to use makeup & skincare products then I’d recommend trialling a few different brands for a solid amount of time (at least a few weeks) & seeing how it goes & finding what works best. Again, keep it natural & organic, buy from brands where you can understand the ingredient list. The same principle applies to hair. 
    • It’s also important to make sure you’re looking after your skin with the sun. Conventional sunscreens are absolutely horrific & filled with so much crap that it’s beyond me why natural sunscreens aren’t a bigger market. So go to your local health food/organic shop & get yourself some natural sunscreen. If you spend a lot of time at the beach it’s also important to make sure you’re keeping your skin hydrated & moisturised if it’s dry - I like to use cold-pressed organic coconut oil & aloe vera. Since i’ve been spending more time at the beach I’ve started implementing this into my regular routine & have noticed a difference; soft skin, moisturised, no sunburn, my skin isn’t becoming leather etc. 
    • You may also found your skin can be reactant to certain materials such as synthetics in your clothing, so just keep an eye out if you’re finding your getting reactions with certain clothing pieces or bed sheets etc. 
    • Personally, I believe that less is more & try to use as few products as possible when it comes to skin & hair; & of course these products are all natural. I found the less I used the better my skin got, but each to their own. At the moment I rarely wear makeup & the makeup I have is all natural & vegan (if you’re interested in the brand I’m loving atm then check out I don’t use any face scrubs or anything I just wash both my hair & body with an organic natural body wash (no shampoo or conditioner). I might occasionally do a coconut oil face scrub or hair treatment, but they’re not necessary & it’s more for the novelty. 
  • GENERAL HEALTH - although I’ve mentioned a number of factors that come under your general health, I want to mention a few others under this general branch. So in general, if you’re suffering from health problems, whether that be diseases, weight issues, digestion issues, deficiencies (etc), your skin & hair can be affected. This might be as a direct side affect from whatever you’re going through or can be the result of subsequent factors (e.g. your illness makes you stressed which makes your hair fall out). So it’s really important to do all you can to keep up your general health, which will involve of what I said up there ^^

Hope this helps m’love!! Sending love xxx

I love how easy people make it seem to eat healthy

Like pics of them shopping at whole food stores and buying organic, etc.

Yeah, how about a low income family of 4 or more?

Healthier choices are far more expensive and sometimes parents don’t have a choice but to buy the shittier stuff because they can afford to feed their whole family with it.

Sweet potato burger: sweet potato patty, vegan cheddar, roasted zucchini, horseradish cream with beetroot (organic soy), organic sprouts, fresh tomato, corn, and homemade ketchup in a spelt bun

Vegan Love
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Want to develop your OC?

Here are some questions for you to answer:

1. What’s their favourite food? What makes it their favourite?
2. What food do they absolutely hate? Why?
3. Can they cook? What have they tried to make recently?
4. Do they have a family recipe?
5. What foods remind them of home?
6. If you were to open their fridge right now, what would be in it?
7. What would their shopping cart look like?
8. Where would they shop? Would they buy organic?
9. Do they have any food allergies? Are they vegan/vegetarian?
10. What do they have on their desk right now? How organised is it?
11. What colour is their bedroom wallpaper? What is it like now compared to when they were a kid?
12. What was their childhood home like?
13. Did they make friends with any of the kids on their street when they were young?
14. Do they put on the heating when they’re cold or do they grab a blanket or a sweater instead?
15. Can they drive? Do they want to?
16. What car do they/would they like to drive?
17. Is there anyone from their past they wish they’d kept in touch with?
18. What kind of vacations did they go on as a kid? How well do they remember these vacations? Would they like to go back again?
19. Anywhere they’d like to go now that they’re older?
20. What’s their star sign? Would they agree that they’re like the horoscope posts say? Do they even believe in horoscopes?
21. To what extent are they superstitious?
22. What type of clothes do they wear?
23. What type of clothes would they refuse to wear even if you were holding them at gunpoint?
24. Were they early or late for their due date? Were they a premature baby? What kind of birth did the mother have?
25. What was their favourite thing to play on at the park as a kid?
26. Do they smoke? If yes, what do they smoke? How do they smoke? Do they use an E-Cigarette?
27. Do they use public transport? Do they have a preference? Why?
28. Do they drink alcohol? If yes, what kind of alcohol do they drink?
29. Have they ever killed anyone? Why?
30. Is there anyone they wouldn’t kill but would really like to? Why?
31. Is there someone they want to avenge? Why?
32. Who would avenge your character if they died?
33. How would your character like to die?
34. Are they afraid of dying?
35. Do they have nightmares frequently? If yes, what are they about?
36. Do they believe in alternative medicine? Why?
37. What are the top ten things on your character’s bucket list?
38. Does your character have siblings? If yes, who is your character’s favourite sibling? Why?
39. Who is their favourite parent?
40. What are their parents like? Were they present for your character’s childhood? If yes, what is their parenting style?
41. Has your character ever been grounded? If yes, what did they do?
42. What is the worst thing your character ever did as a child? Why did they do it? Did they get caught?
43. Has your character ever bullied or teased anyone?
44. Has your character ever been bullied or teased? If yes, why? How has this changed who they are today?
45. Are they scared of heights?
46. Are they scared of the dark?
47. How many pillows do they sleep with?
48. Do they like a thin blanket or a thick one?
49. Can they sleep without a blanket?
50. Have they ever needed glasses? If yes, do they still need them? Would they wear contacts if they were available?

Baby Led Weaning: A Mini Guide

This is a post I have been meaning to do for quite some time, and I’m glad I’ve finally sat down long enough to compose it.

Many people on Instagram and Facebook, as well as my “real life” friends, have inquired about the way we feed Colin. They are quite intrigued that we don’t steam and puree baby food for him or purchase any pre-made jars at the store. He has had a wider variety of foods in the few short weeks we have been feeding him solids than most babies have in their first year of life. What is this method of feeding, you ask, and what is so great about it? I could go on all day, but I promise I’ll keep this post as organized as possible. The short answer: baby led weaning. The long answer: keep reading.

What is Baby Led Weaning?

Good question! I was pretty clueless about this, myself, and actually didn’t hear about it until Colin was a couple months old. At first, I completely ignored the term and scoffed. I had already purchased my Cuisinart baby food maker and was dying to shop for fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to make Colin’s food. I already had a visionary of my freezer stocked with ice cube trays of healthy goodness - I didn’t need to learn about such ridiculousness. One evening, though, my curiosity got the best of me, and I read a post about baby led weaning on one of the parenting forums I follow. I delved a little more deeply into it with my own research, and I was both intrigued and hooked. I knew I had to try it with Colin, and since doing so, we’ve never looked back.

Baby led weaning, in its purest form, simply means skipping purees and utensils (used by you) and thereby allowing your child to feed themselves whole foods from the very beginning. It also means delaying solids until around the six-month mark, when your child shows signs of readiness. These include the following:

*Your baby is showing interest in food and meal times, often by staring at you intently as you eat. Though Colin started doing this around five months, he wasn’t yet showing the other signs.

*Your baby can sit without support.

*Your baby’s tongue thrust reflex disappears. This is a big one. When parents spoon feed their four-month-old baby a puree, the baby will usually push the puree back out with her tongue. Most of the puree winds up all over the baby rather than in her mouth, which is yet another sign that she’s not ready for solids. This frustrates many parents, but it shouldn’t – it just means you should wait a little longer.

*The ability to turn away from the breast or bottle, thereby showing you that he is full.

*The doubling of birth weight, which naturally occurs around the six-month mark.

Some babies will be ready a little sooner, while others might not be ready until months after their half birthday. That’s ok! Your baby is unique, and she will show you when she’s ready to partake in the adventure of solid foods.

But, wait. I’m confused. Won’t my baby choke? Doesn’t my baby need purees first?

You’ll be shocked to hear this, and so will your grandmother, but the answer is no: babies do not need purees. In fact, you will be surprised at what your baby is capable of on his own, using whole foods. The answer is simple: knowing the difference between gagging versus choking. When your baby is young, the gag reflex is at the front of the mouth and is therefore triggered very easily. Baby led weaning does trigger gagging sometimes when the baby is gumming and experimenting with food, but that’s actually a very good sign. The gag reflex is a safety response that tells the baby, “this piece of food is a little advanced for you, let’s bring it back to the front of the mouth.”

For example, Colin has gagged about a handful of times over the last few weeks, and each and every time, he brings the culprit, usually a larger chunk of food, to the front of his mouth and either proceeds to chew it further, or spit it out altogether. Purees actually increase the risk of choking because of their smooth texture. The baby learns to simply swallow them, so when you are transitioning to chunks and more textured food, the baby proceeds to swallow these, just as she did the purees, therefore increasing her risk of choking. As long as the baby is fed foods that are appropriate in type and size, baby led weaning is perfectly safe. Your baby should also never be left unsupervised with any food.

But don’t babies need food? 

Not exactly. The baby’s primary source of nutrition for at least the first year of life should be breast milk or formula. Baby led weaning babies initially explore food, therefore not ingesting a ton. It isn’t until eight or nine months that they begin to eat more purposefully and realize that food does, in fact, fill you up! As long as you continue to give enough breast milk or formula, the baby will continue to grow perfectly. You don’t want to rush her to eat more than she’s ready for.

But my baby doesn’t even have teeth.

That’s a good point, too. Usually it is best to steam vegetables to make them soft and allow the baby to gum them. You don’t want to make them too soft, though, to the point where the baby can easily get large chunks. Those gums are tougher than you realize! If you don’t believe me, stick your (clean!) finger in there. Babies are also very capable of chewing without teeth. Think about it: babies get their front teeth first. Their molars, which they use to chew, don’t come in until the baby is closer to a year old, often later. Babies are manipulating food way before then.


Ok, cool. But I still don’t get the point of all this.

Fair enough. There are actually a lot of benefits to baby led weaning that I hadn’t known about prior to conducting my own research, ranging from health aspects to convenience.


*No purees! I cook a lot for my family; in fact, I make dinner about 5-6 nights a week. Though the thought of making my own baby food seems fun initially, I’m pretty sure I’d be sick of the extra work in a few weeks, at most. As a working mom, I need to conserve my time and energy! If you were planning to purchase pre-made baby food, baby led weaning will save you money, leaving you a fatter wallet for other essentials. You know, like shoes.

*Decreased risk of choking, especially as you transition to other foods. Many people equate baby led weaning with an increased risk, so this is very comforting, and something I have seen to be true by watching Colin.

*Baby led weaning puts the baby in control. Developmentally, babies and toddlers love to explore and are highly curious about their environments. You won’t need to sit and fight with your baby, pretending to be an airplane or a truck, or getting frustrated when she pushes foods out of her mouth that she likely wasn’t ready for in the first place. At six months of age, babies are developmentally ready to grab the food themselves, making them much more likely to enjoy new foods, tastes, and textures.

*Internal hunger cues. This was one of the main philosophies of baby led weaning that really sold me on the concept. As someone who has struggled with food issues since I was a little girl, it is really appealing to me to feed my son in a way that will teach him to know when he’s really full. As adults, we often tune out – or lose touch with – our internal hunger cues until we are too full, to the point of overeating. With baby led weaning, the baby is in control. He is the one in charge of grabbing his food or leaving it alone on the tray. When we spoon feed babies, we as the adults are in charge of both the amount of food we are giving, as well as the rate we are giving it. There are many studies that believe poor eating habits likely stem from infancy and childhood. In a world where childhood obesity is already such a devastating issue, why foster this further?

*Baby led weaning is healthy for the entire family unit. Baby led weaning means giving the baby what you are eating. This encourages good eating habits in the entire family, because you want to give your baby a healthy start. It often makes families really evaluate their diets, thereby ironing out any bad habits or problematic foods. After all, it’s not ok for the baby to live off of greasy pizza and chocolate bars, so why should you?

*Baby is less picky. This was another huge incentive for me. How many American children do you know that live off of the same greasy, carbohydrate-based staples of pizza, macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers, and French fries? When the baby is introduced to different tastes and textures from the beginning, he learns to accept a wider variety of foods, thereby becoming much less picky as he grows. I see toddlers who are products of baby led weaning eating – and requesting - anything from salad to sushi without making a fuss! It’s pretty amazing.

*Being part of family meals means less work for Mom and Dad! How often have you had to wait to eat because you were busy spoon-feeding your baby? Baby led weaning allows your baby to be part of the family and eat independently! No extra fuss.

Things to watch for.

Baby led weaning is natural, but there are some rules and guidelines for safety and health reasons.

*Shapes and sizes of food. It is suggested to avoid foods in the shape and texture of grape/cherry tomatoes, hot dogs, and grapes for obvious choking reasons. It is actually suggested that you give baby foods in the shape/size of finger length chunks to begin with, thereby giving the baby a portion of the food to grip and a portion to chew. Some ideas: grilled chicken tenders (watch the seasoning!), bananas cut in half or partially in the peel, avocado slices, and steamed carrot sticks, to name a few.

*Salt content. Babies should not have more than 1g of salt per day, and you’d be surprised how little of an amount this is. In fact, many slices of bread often contain this much salt or more, so just be careful to keep an eye on sodium.

*Honey. It is recommended to wait until baby is at least one year of age to decrease the risk of botulism.

*Eggs and nuts. Some practitioners will recommend waiting on eggs, especially egg whites, because they can sometimes trigger allergies. The same goes for nuts such as peanuts, almonds, and other tree nuts. This is something you want to keep in mind, especially if you have a family history of these allergies. I will say that Colin has had all of these foods without any issues, but we also have no history of allergies in either of our families. This is something you should discuss with your pediatrician, though.  

*A word of caution: baby led weaning is really messy. Plan accordingly with an easy to clean high chair. I highly recommend the Boon Flair, but there are other fabulous and much less expensive options on the market such as the Ikea Antilop. If you have a dog, that’s a bonus. If not, you might be cleaning up a lot of mess. Never scold the baby for making a mess. Feeding herself should be a sensory experience, too, and the mess is part of the fun!

I’m still skeptical.

That’s perfectly fine. Baby led weaning might not be for you. If you want more information, though, I highly suggest the Baby Led Weaning book and cookbook by Tracy Murkett and Gill Rapley. They really do a great job outlining everything you need to know. There are also many forums for those interested where you can ask questions, as well as a Facebook group. Feel free to message me, as well, with any specifics! 

Now, for some examples!

Greek yogurt with mini almond butter sandwiches on quinoa wheat bread

Brown rice, plain grilled turkey, and sliced tomatoes

Sliced cucumbers, celery and apple slices with homemade almond butter

Scrambled egg, steamed carrots, and mini almond butter and quinoa wheat bread sandwich

Sliced celery with almond butter, scrambled egg, and homemade wheat pancake sticks

Steamed apples with cinnamon with quinoa wheat toast with guacamole

Kale, quinoa, and chickpea bake (this was our dinner!) with steamed apples and cinnamon

Boiled chicken, sweet potatoes, and black beans - all components I was already preparing for our dinner!

Grilled chicken with black pepper and a dash of olive oil, steamed broccoli, brown rice, and sliced tomatoes

Side Note: I am that mom - the one who buys 100% organic, free range, antibiotic free, and grass fed everything. I truly believe that the best health outcomes start with preventative care and that good quality groceries are an investment in you and your family’s health. With that said, you don’t have to follow suit - just make sure you are offering your baby a variety of healthy foods! You also don’t have to break the bank to eat like this. Take advantage of farmer’s markets, Whole Foods Friday specials, and Trader Joe’s! 

I made it!

After over 4 hours of bringing my supplies in, shopping for food, organizing everything, and handling paperwork, I am officially living on my own for the next 3 years! I’m in my dorm right now, still using the shitty laptop. xD I plan on getting a new one after a little while, so I can get settled in. As of now, I don’t have a roommate yet, but I will sometime in the future. Don’t know when, but I’m alone right now. x’P xD. I probably won’t be able to record LONG dubs, like River’s Warning long because I’m going to be busy with school and everything. I’m definitely going to stay in touch with Ania, Rosie, Yuu and you all! I don’t want to lose any of you! >~< I’ll be active on here the most. And hopefully, when I get a new computer, I can do streams and gaming and stuff! I want to play Portal 2, Little Nightmares, Undertale, and maybe even Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with Ania and Clive or with some other friends of mine! ^^ I’ll figure it all out. But I don’t start classes until Wednesday, so yeah. :3

Throw out the junk, And go grocery shopping, ACTUAL GROCERY SHOPPING! Natural foods, Organic, Fresh fruits, Fresh veggies, wheats/oats, Protein bars, Coconut / almond milk, Water bottles, natural chocolate, Natural peanut butter/ Almond butter, Greek yogurt (Light) , Sugar free jello. Just GO NATURAL!

Someone: *lives in a house that their parents can afford, parents give them an allowance, parents can help them pay for college, parents can help them with car car insurance, parents can buy them nice electronic gifts on holidays, parents rarely show unsolicited aggression towards them because of stress over money, lives as their parents’ blessing instead of a burden, eats healthy, shops “organic” at health food stores*

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