shopping cart race

here are some more trojan hcs that no one asked for

  • there are two dead ants in the corner of laila and alvarez’s dorm, which alvarez has named cabbage and theodore. laila insists they get rid of them. alvarez says she can’t just throw away her children like that
  • jeremy has a habit of walking into a room distracted by his phone (usually twitter or texts with kevin), and he’ll stop in the middle of the room and just sit on the floor, continuing to text
  • this leads jean to constantly trip over him because he’s not expecting jeremy to be sitting right inside the doorway when he comes back from class
  • laila could not for the life of her figure out how to double-knot her shoelaces until she was a junior in high school
  • jeremy has zero navigational sense. at all. jean has to do both the navigating and the driving when they’re in the car together. road trips are a nightmare
  • alvarez has a tattoo of a little astronaut on her arm, just because she thought it looked cool (it does)
  • jean and laila are always competing at something. sometimes they get identical puzzles and see who can put them together fastest, sometimes it’s shopping cart races at walmart at three in the morning.  there’s a pair of freshman backliners that somehow always end up in the baskets of these shopping carts
  • laila is Terrible at math, and is very frequently getting basic equations wrong
  • the biggest argument laila and jean have ever had is over whether fruity pebbles or fruit loops were better.  laila was all for fruit loops, and jean insisted fruity pebbles were superior.  they didn’t talk for three days after
  • jean gets rid of all the black in his wardrobe now that he’s no longer with the ravens. everything is colorful and bright, socks and shoes included
  • alvarez’s favorite nail polish color is called “hush money” purely because it’s called “hush money”
  • jeremy is really good friends with a sophomore striker, and he’ll take her out for breakfast every few weeks, and they’ll talk about new episodes of whatever anime they’re both watching, or a recipe jeremy really wants to try, or how the sophomore’s girlfriend accidentally dyed her hair orange
  • laila loves strawberries.  so much.
  • jeremy has, on several occasions, stopped the car because he saw a dog he wanted to pet
  • jean and laila have two fish that they take care of together, named butter and hargrove the eighth
  • alvarez used to figure skate. she takes laila on ice skating dates all the time partly because laila is terrible at ice skating and alvarez thinks this is adorable, but also partly because she really likes to show off
  • if she knows jean is having a hard time sleeping, alvarez will just send him a continuous stream of memes. most contain cats
  • jeremy has reading glasses
  • (jean Loves jeremy’s reading glasses)
  • laila is demiromantic
  • alvarez loves poetry, she has an entire shelf on her bookcase dedicated to her favorite collections, and has some of her favorite poems memorized. instead of singing/humming to herself when she’s spacing out, she’ll very quietly recite these poems
  • jean can do a perfect impersonation of lightning mcqueen, and very frequently uses it to make some of the freshmen laugh
  • they’re all actual rays of sunshine whom i love
things i associate with the hogwarts houses


adrenaline rushes, climbing to a rooftop to see the sunrise, bruised knees, sneaking out at nightime, hot chocolate, sitting in front of a fireplace, running through corridors, shopping cart races, midday sun, unstoppable laughter


passing notes to friends during classes, organising shelves, flower crowns, first warm spring day, fierce protectiveness, large bags of candy, group chats, countless hours of practising one’s skills, holding on tight, reminiscing old times


intense debates, muffled speech inside a library, pointing out constellations, writing notes on books, a glass of good wine, pale morning sky, ink on fingertips, learning multiple languages, staying up all night, unreadable handwriting


marble floors, the sound of running water, lists of good schools in big cities, motivational speeches, winter nights, rooms lit with candles, always having a plan, rarely shared secrets, smirking at the people you hate, expensive chocolate

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rfa + v reaction to mc doing the thing where they are pushing a grocery cart and step up and ride on it


  • Acts like he’s above it at first like “MC that’s so childish you could run into something”
  • But he quickly starts encouraging it
  • Probably climbs into the cart so he can ride while you’re pushing it


  • He 100% used to do this when he was a kid when his parents weren’t looking
  • He wants to join in so ever the problem solver he suggests you take turns as one of you jumps up on it and the other one steers and makes sure you don’t run into anything
  • Pretends nothing happened everytime you come across a worker


  • She doesn’t really react to you doing it so long as you don’t run into anything
  • But she will chide you if you do it too much
  • Hey at least if that entertains you she doesn’t have to push the cart


  • Has no patience for this
  • Like it’s so disruptive and if you run into something you could get hurt and you guys might get thrown out of the store
  • But if you fight it and keep doing it he’ll back down p quickly and just let u do your thing


  • Can you say shopping cart races??
  • He has horrible control though it definitely ends in him running straight into a shelf
  • Or with a worker throwing you out of the store


  • He would tell you that it’s probably not a good idea to be doing that
  • But he’s such a sweetie he wouldn’t push it
  • Like Yoosung he would help guide it so you don’t run into anything or run into him
Going to the Mall with BTS

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A/N: I hope this was good, I don’t write for like a week and all of a sudden I’m rusty lmao sorry i got distracted while i was writing this and its late sorry if this is baddddd i hope u like it 

  • ok so
  • going to the mall with bts
  • otherwise known as CHAOS did you expect much else?
  • it would take all of Jin’s power to prevent Jimin, Jungkook, Hoseok and Taehyung from walking into a makeup store and proceeding to draw all over each other’s face with lipstick 
  • namjoon would probably walk into many of the clothing stores and then knock over a display and be forced to pay for every item that he broke 
  • yoongi would wander to some random music store and start playing the piano against the owners’ wishes 
  • and then maybe just go to one of the benches and lie down because walking is tiring you know 
  • the maknae line + hobi were busy destroying more things than namjoon and being the most annoying people ever to be around
  • because there are like, other people in the mall and they’re crashing into shit and people 
  • once seokjin managed to herd all of them into one blob they’d be really antsy 
  • and want to do something
  • so
  • they decided it would be a good idea
  • to use you like a barbie doll and make you try on a million and one different outfits 
  • and you know, some of them were actually pretty good
  • but like, some of them were really bad because they just decided to fuck around and pair that tight ass purple pencil skirt with that goddamn orange blouse
  • but it was decided that jin wanted to go to the market 
  • like the supermarket
  • mainly because everyone was complaining that he hadn’t cooked for them in a long time (i.e. 5 days ago) 
  • but see
  • the supermarket with all of them together is usually a disaster 
  • “Kim Taehyung you are not allowed to have shopping cart races, it’s a safety hazard.”  

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Going grocery shopping with the Avengers

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  • Having written out a carefully planned list of thing you need, only knowing the second you walk into the supermarket that will idea go to shit. 
  • You’re in charge of the shopping cart! 
  • “Because Tony last time you fitted boosters to the wheels and we got banned for six months from that store” 
  • Clint and Sam throwing in unnecessary items into the shopping cart. 
  • “We don’t need 102 flossing sticks Sam” 
  • “Ok (Y/N) but what if we do?”
  • Pietro speeding back to grab stuff you missed and Wanda using her magic to get stuff off the top shelf that you can’t reach(and generally being the only ones who are listening to you) 
  • Natasha just brazenly opening a packet of chips while you walk around. 
  • “We haven’t paid for that yet Tasha” 
  • “But I’m hungry” 
  • Tony complaining about the layout of the store and drawing a better blueprint on the back of a cereal box, then getting yelled at for defacing items. 
  • You’d give him the stink eye as he placed the item in the cart sheepishly. 
  • Having Steve add up the items as you go. 
  • Inevitably having an argument over the cost of coffee. 
  • “$5!! That’s ridiculous put it back that’s too expensive” 
  • “Steve it’s only $5″ 
  • Steve is basically the Dad that always goes for the offers to make it cheeper. But you’d draw the line at home brand cookies.   
  • Bruce having to calm you before you got to frazzled and ‘hulked out’ his words not yours! 
  • Sam and Bucky having shopping cart races down the isle’s and knocking displays over. 
  • “I swear to god if you don’t act your age I will smack you so hard into next week. 
  • “Is that a promise doll?” 
  • “Don’t push me Barnes or I’ll put your coco pops back” 
  • “You wouldn’t!”
  • “Try Me” 
  • You’d basically be the Mum Friend trying to wrangle your overgrown avenging children.  

Headcannon Hour

usc trojans + team snapchat
  • the trojans, inevitably, create an official team snapchat
  • it’s started with the intention that they’d post videos and pictures from practice and official team things, announcements for games and “jeremy’s doing an interview on espn at 8 check it out!!” but
  • it does not stay that way
  • it lasts maybe a couple weeks, where it’s proper and nice and being used for its original intention, but then alvarez, naturally, derails it
  • a series of videos goes up late one evening that feature jean and laila, dressed all in dark clothes, carefully sneaking into the dorm kitchen where jeremy has left a fresh batch of cookies.  alvarez is behind the camera, narrating, stopping to laugh when laila nearly drops the tray completely over the floor
  • it’s so careful and elaborate and they nearly make it safely back to laila and alvarez’s dorm with all the cookies when they run into jeremy, who’s coming back from his own room with a container to put the cookies in. there’s a short pause in the video where everyone freezes, a sudden jolt of motion, and then it cuts off
  • the story concludes with a very blurry snap of jean, laila, and alvarez running down the hall, jeremy behind them
  • it’s a couple of days later when the story is updated again, this time at two in the morning, and from the looks of it, they’re at a completely empty walmart.  there’s a freshman backliner sitting in one shopping cart with a sophomore striker behind him ready to push it, and another cart with laila in the basket and jeremy behind her
  • it’s a Classic Trojan Tradition of shopping cart races (while jean does the actual grocery shopping with a pair of dealers) that ends - always, inevitably - with someone (jeremy and laila) crashing into a shelf of pasta noodles, and someone else (the striker and backliner) nearly tipping over
  • everything derails from there.  any possibility of serious story updates is gone
  • they try, of course.  there’s a full set of pictures featuring the trojans trying on their new uniforms, making sure they all fit properly.  it starts with a few of some of the juniors laughing at a goalkeeper’s Way Too Big jersey, and one of jeremy knox looking Amazing in his uniform
  • but then it turns to alvarez helping jeremy with his jersey.  there’s a couple where she’s trying to adjust it, and he’s saying who knows what, but then there’s one of alvarez locking eyes with the camera, followed by her nudging jean and pointing over at it, and then a series of them posing for the camera, laughing and doing their best runway walks
  • it’s concluded, twenty pictures later, with the full team in their uniforms, in the most ridiculous team photo, in which everyone is laughing and making the Best poses
  • there’s one night where jean updates with a video that has the little time filter over it reading something like 3:26AM, and it’s just jean dancing to “electric love” at full volume in their dorm.  the very last two seconds consist of jeremy noticing jean’s recording him, and there’s a very brief Jean Laugh before the video cuts
  • pictures of the trojans on the bus after a game. jeremy feeding jean oreos while a backliner paints his nails, laila getting increasingly frustrated over a game of tic-tac-toe with one of the freshmen, two strikers trying to toss jelly beans into each other’s mouths (followed up with a pic of the bus floor, littered with jelly beans)
  • jeremy and alvarez performing tango: maureen in the kitchen at 5:14 in the morning while their breakfast cooks
  • the team drawing with chalk out in the court parking lot on a particularly nice day.  someone’s drawn a very shaky kevin day, distinguishable only by the chess piece on his face that doesn’t look anything like a queen, right next to a very immaculate dragon
  • it’s all just. an entire mess of things it was Not created for, and it’s beautiful
Jeonghan as Your BOYFRIEND *A Jeonghan Imagine* {Requested}

“ jeonghan as a boyfriend ? <3″

Sure! Here you go anon :)

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While you’re both discussing your day over dinner he would lean in over the table suddenly, and push your hair back, chuckling ever so slightly as you lose your train of thought. As you tried to carry on and tell him the highlight of your day, he would lean in again and brush the corner of your lips.

“Sorry, there’s something on your mouth.”

“What is it?” You would ask with a blush, your eyes casting downward half embarrassed and half aroused.

“Nothing, it’s just-” He leaned forward for the third time, and kissed your lips softly and tenderly.

“It’s just me..” He would breathe.

  Back hugs for strength and cuddles for support.

You would have spontaneous shopping adventures where you would both grab shopping carts and race around the store to see who could complete their list first. You would win because Jeonghan would be stopped twelve times by little old ladies wanting him to help them reach for products.

 Love notes taped to the mirror in the mornings.

 “I tried cooking you breakfast… well the TV was on at the same time and I may have sat down and watched 3 episodes of Rick and Morty and well….” He would hold the burnt looking tray of food out to you.

“Um…how about we just go get breakfast, eh babe?” You would suggest gently.

“We probably should.” He would say looking down at his miserable creation. “This is garbage.”

 Confiding into you his his hopes and dreams, his darkest secrets and fears.

 Setting you as the background on his phone, and proudly showing you off whenever he has a chance.

Road trip karaoke sessions with hair brushes as microphones.

 “Would you marry me if I asked?” He ask you softly as you rested your head on his shoulder. “Would you want o do this forever? A million moments like this right now?”

You catching him staring at you for no reason at all.

“You may be fine with me leaving for 5 months but I’m not baby! I don’t want to leave you for that long!”

 Matching bracelets to subtly declare your love while still enjoying some anonymity.

 “Please don’t tickle me! I hateeee being tickled!” You would squeal as you tried to run away but to no avail.

 “You’re beautiful baby, you really are.”

  “Don’t be nervous.” You would whisper to him right before he would go on stage. “You’ve done this a thousand times and you’re good…you’re so good.”

“I’ve never felt like this before.”

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Late Night Shopping - Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Mid night grocery shopping with shopping cart races and “no, we do not need that, put it back” with Peter Parker. 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader

Peter Parker Masterlist

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Laughter filled the supermarket as the two teenagers raced down the aisles on trolleys. The fluorescent lights glowed in the evening light, guiding them through the shop. They’d been in the middle of a study session when Peter had realised they didn’t have any snacks. Somehow, picking up a couple of bags of crisps and some ice cream had turned into a serious race to see who could ride their trolley through the supermarket the fastest. It was childish and foolish, but it felt right. Peter couldn’t remember the last time he was allowed to just be a kid. But in the shop with (y/n), everything else fell away, he wasn’t Spiderman, he wasn’t trying to protect the city or to impress Mr Stark, he was just a teenager messing around with his girlfriend.

Peter hadn’t realised he was smiling at (y/n) goofily as he internally praised her until he was heading straight for a display full of cereal. She called out to him in warning but it was too late to stop himself without revealing his alter ego and he wasn’t quite ready to do that yet. Bracing himself, he ploughed into the display, falling back onto the linoleum floor as boxes of cereal surrounded him. (Y/n) abandoned her own trolley, rushing over to him as a mixture of concerned questions and giggles left her mouth.

“Are you alright?” Peter groaned, lifting his head up as a wave of dizziness hit him. Letting his head fall back against the floor, he gave her a crooked smile as she knelt beside him. “Pete, I think you hit your head pretty hard”

“M’fine” He blushed when she lifted his head into her lap, soothing him by running her hands through his hair. The shop owner rushed over, tutting at them as he stared at the mess Peter had made in dismay.

“We’ll clear it up sir, I promise” Peter moaned again, turning his head to snuggle into her stomach. (Y/n) hushed him, biting her lip in an attempt to contain her laughter. The shop owner threw his hands up before walking away from them, muttering under his breath as he went.

“I can’t believe you’re going to make me clear this up” He pouted at her, adding puppy eyes to complete the look. “I’m injured”

She laughed at his childish behaviour, lifting his head from her lap in spite of his protests before standing up. “C’mon Pete, get up”

He made a show of it, his lips twitching into a smile when she rolled her eyes at his antics. Together, they re-shelved the boxes of cereal, throwing one into Peter’s trolley for good measure. (Y/n) emptied what little she had in her trolley into his before they walked around the rest of the supermarket. Peter let out an excited laugh when he spotted the toy lightsabers they had for sale. She shook her head as she watched him all but run over to the display.

“Peter, we don’t need that” He turned to her with a huge smile on his face, lightsabre in hand. Her heart melted slightly at the childlike wonder on her face, he’d been so stressed about the Stark internship it was nice to see him acting like himself again. She nearly swooned when he added another lightsaber to the trolley for Ned. Giving in, she decided that, if it made him happy, she’d let him buy just about anything.

They picked up everything else they wanted before sheepishly approaching the shop owner at the checkout. The elderly man mumbled insults under his breath the entire time he served them, making (y/n) squeezed Peter’s hand as she tried to control the laughter threatening to bubble in her throat.

Hand in hand, they made their way back to Peter’s apartment, with far too much chocolate, two toy lightsabers, beaming smiles on their faces and perhaps a mild concussion.

Okay my hubby and I got together and put together some pieces to our 3rd shift Thursday night/Friday morning. There was this group of kids that the manager confronted them in the pharmacy to get out because they were horsing around with employee only equipment and possibly stealing. Keep in mind that our town has a curfew and these kids were all too young to drive. So someone’s parent had to of dropped the little assholes off there. Anyways, they refused to leave and the manager called the cops. They finally tried to leave just as the cops got there and they  loaded them all up into three different squad cars to take their delinquent asses home. A short time later one of their mothers called and screamed at the manager that he was harassing those kids and she’s going to sue the store(among discrimination claims). She refused to give her own name but demanded the names of every single employee on shift so she could sue us all individually too.

Now the manager is scared for his job because he’s lower level, not salaried, and apparently didn’t have the authority to do anything. But he was the only manager there that night. He had a lot of responsibilities that night so he couldn’t be following these fucking vagina droppings around the store to keep them out of trouble all night. But he could very well be fired all because one parent thinks her kid is above the law and isn’t fucking supervising the little disappointments.

Also one of the kids apparently is the child of one of the CSMs and she admitted her kid is an asshole and she doesn’t even know what to do with her anymore. She’s given up and has resigned herself to her kid growing up to probably go to jail or worse. She’s tried hard to prevent that, but it isn’t working. Her kid was supposed to be home in bed. We all feel bad for the CSM because sometimes no matter what you do your kid can still turn out shitty. Especially when they hang out with a group like the kids we were dealing with last night.

There were the usual thieves too, but they came out in droves. We had security doing sweeps all night. One particular sweep, though, was because one family was racing shopping carts around the store. They almost ran me over and my coworker saw and immediately called for security. The kid was pushing the cart and appeared to be being chased by an older sister about 5 or so years older than her. Nope, that was her mother apparently. The only reason I know was because this old guy followed behind them and told the youngest something along the lines of “don’t challenge your mother, you’ll lose”.

Add on top of that there was supposedly some midnight release of a Star Wars toy or something. So we were extra busy. D:  -Abby

Friendly reminder that
• Gansey once bought a Fair Trade coffee drink only so he could tell Blue he bought a Fair Trade coffee drink
• Ronan googled “How to take care of a baby raven” at some point
• Apparently, each boy has a knocking sign for Monmouth Manufacturing
• Malory is obsessed with pigeons
• Gansey compared Blue to a platypus or a mini sandwich once
• Adam keeps a picture of a male model in his glove compartment
 - For “inspiration
 - He then proceeds to compare their new Latin teacher to said model
• Ronan calls Adam by his first name once in each book
• Chainsaw apparently has special names for people
 - Ronan’s (and the only one we know so far) is “Kerah”
• Ronan used to participate in Irish music competitions
• Helen Gansey is a queen
• Gansey sleeps in the living room of his own house
 - Even after they find out Noah is a ghost, he does not move
• Ronan made Adam a mixtape
 - Granted, all that was one it was the Murder Squash song, but still
• Ronan chews on his leather wristbands when he’s thinking
• Adam’s character development is absolutely gorgeous
• Noah likes to pet Blue’s hair
• Blue made trees out of “repurposed canvas”
• Calla does aerial yoga
• Orla painted Blue’s nails in the colour of the Pig because Blue made a comeback that Orla approved of
• Adam’s eyelashes are described as “pretty enough to be a girl’s”
• Gansey’s mother gave Adam a rubber plant as a gift for no reason at all
• Gwenllian puts things she’d need later in her hair
• The Greenmantles have an appallingly ugly dog called Otho
• Gansey-on-fire exists
• Matthew is a ray of sunshine
Aurora Lynch is a sleeping beauty
• Maggie Stiefvater is the Queen of Cool
• Ronan dreamt up some hand lotion for Adam and it worked like miracles
• Ronan and Adam have a grading system for racing shopping carts across parking lots
• Noah always makes sure his friends are save
• Adam frequently runs out of money for food
• Noah had two sisters
• Gansey, Adam, Ronan, and the Grey Man all suffer from untreated PTSD
• Gansey is going to die

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Okay but for hcs have you considered something fluffy and domestic? Like idk grocery shopping or like a date night staying home or something?


•reminding ethan 10 times to get the list before you leave

•"trust me babe, i got it"

•ethan forgets it anyway

•"you didnt remind me!!“

•ethan continually trying to sneak snacks into the cart

•"ethan we are not getting dinosaur gummy bears”
“The t-rex tastes really good though”

•shopping cart races down the aisle

•getting distracted by cute babies at the store

•ethan trying to pronounce foreign foods and failing

•so many food puns

•lots of jokes about this being the married life

•buying a new ice cream flavor every week

•"lets try banana chocolate chip this week"
“I was thinking more of an apple pie flavor”
“Good call”

•shoving dick shaped foods in each others faces

•cutesy dorky grocery dates :((

I love it :((

Imagine Yosuke asking Souji to help him cover a late shift at Junes. They’re the only two there and it’s really late at night. They start to get stir crazy and begin racing shopping carts….this doesn’t go well and they both capsize the first couple of times. But then they make a game out of it, who can wipe out in the coolest way possible. So they start trying to flip over the handles and and do jumps and they take turns commentating on each others runs. 
“Here goes Souji Seta….he’s running….running jumps into the cart with great form…nice executION AND INTO THE DISPLAY!! SMASHED HIS FACE REAL BAD!!! 7.3.”


Sans: so since Tori is always busy with all that teacher stuff, me and Paps were left in charge taking Frisk out shopping for presents for everyone….Now, why the robot wanted to join us?…i have no idea.

Special thanks to @x-aa for allowing me to use her art for the thumbnail!


He looked up to see Marinette standing in front of him. It was the middle of the night and he was sitting on a park bench, not wanting to go home quite yet. “Princess? What are you doing out so late, alone?” He asked.

“I… was trying to catch some footage of the Akuma fight as a present for Alya!” She exclaimed.

“That’s not safe,” He said, patting the space next to him as a gesture for her to sit down.

“I guess you could call me a rebel.”

“A pretty cute one,” he winked.

“You never stop flirting, do you kitty?”

“It’s im-paw-sible.”

“You’re starting to make me feel bad for Ladybug,” she joked, sitting down next to him.

“Why do you say that?” he asked.

“How would she feel if she knew that you were flirting with other girls?”

“Oh, but Marinette,” he said, leaning in towards her, “You aren’t just some other girl.”

She was a bit taken aback by his words. “What’s that supposed to mean?” She laughed, glancing away from his gaze.

“I’m sorry, did I fluster you?” Chat grinned, pulling away from her face. “I’m only teasing after all.”

“Are you hungry?”

“A little, why?”

“I guess I’m the kind of person who likes to feed stray cats.”

Chat couldn’t help but let his grin grow wider. A home-cooked meal is everything he wanted in that moment. “What’s on the menu?” He asked.

“How about we stop at the store first and you can pick out your favorites.”

“Really? You’ll make me lumpia?”

“Lumpia?” Marinette turned around with a question on her face. “What’s that?”

“Filipino egg rolls.”

That’s your favorite food?”

“I just want to eat it.”

“…Chat?” Marinette glanced over at him, “…Did you see this in an Anime?”

“What? No!”

“Reeeeally?” Marinette asked, skepticism bleeding out of her voice.


“Okay. I’ll look up the recipe online,” she said, pulling out her phone. “Let’s see… We’ll need meat, green onions, carrots, egg roll wrappers…” She quickly typed up what ingredients her parents didn’t have at home and started walking ahead.

“Wait for me, Princess!” He called after her. Several phones were out by the time they reached the store, recording Paris’ favorite superhero racing shopping carts with a random girl.

“Don’t you think we’re a little old for this?” Marinette asked, balancing herself on the railing of her cart as her feet hovered above the floor.


“Coming from the guy wearing a mask.”

“Touche,” He smiled, grabbing a package of ground turkey, “Would you prefer this, or pork?”

“Ground turkey will be easier to cook,” She said, comparing prices. “Anything else you’d like before we check out? Some chocolate, perhaps?”

“Chocolate?” Chat’s ears popped up at the suggestion. “I can have some?”

“Yes?” Marinette wasn’t sure why her partner was so excited at her recommendation. Was he not allowed to eat sweets often?

“What kind? Like, a chocolate bar, or truffles? Or maybe something dipped in chocolate! Or, because it’s almost Christmas, Orange-flavored chocolate that you can peel ‘slices’ off of?”

She bit back a laugh at the sight of so much excitement in the young man’s stature. “Yeah, okay. We’ll get two orange-flavored breakaway chocolate balls.”

His face light up and he sprinted to the candy aisle, leaving Marinette to follow him like a mother with her five-year-old son. “Milk or dark chocolate?” He asked, his arms filled with the seasonal chocolate.

“Whichever you’d like,” She said, “But you can only get two, and one of them is for me.”

Chat stood up after a few minutes, proudly holding out his selection- one dark chocolate and one milk chocolate. “Are these two okay?” he asked.

“Perfect choice. Shall we go check out?”

“Yeah!” He returned to his place at her side and waved at a passing child looking at him in awe.

“I bet you just made that kid’s day,” Marinette said, patting him on the back.

“You think?”

“If you go ask to take a picture with him he’ll be the most popular boy in school for a week.”

“I… guess. I mean, I never really thought of myself that way.”

“Come on, Chat. All of Paris looks up to you,” Marinette said, unloading the cart onto the checkout.

“Do you really think so?” He asked.

“What makes you question it?”

“I mean, do you think Ladybug views me in that light?”

Marinette froze with her hands on the onions. “What do you mean?”

“Do you think Ladybug looks up to me?” He unloaded the chocolate onto the conveyor belt.


Chat looked up at her in surprise of her stern answer and didn’t know how to respond. The cashier checked them out and they made their way back to her place in silence. He was on the edge the whole time, unable to tell if the quiet between them was uncomfortable or not.

“Here’s a spatula. If you’ll start the meat I’ll start dicing the onions,” Marinette said, handing him the utensil and the package of ground turkey.

“Medium heat?” He asked.

“Sure, sounds good. Throw some oil in there with it.” Marinette said, turning to dice up the vegetables. A few minutes later she heard an unusual noise and turned to see Chat on the brink of tears.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, suddenly worried about her partner.

“Nothing, I’m just… really happy right now. Sorry, I guess I’m a bit of a crybaby,” Chat said, trying to sniffle his tears back inside him.

“No, really, what’s going on?” She reached up to touch his face in support.

“Nah, it’s stupid.”

“I don’t care. Tell me.”

“It’s just… shopping for food together. Cooking together. It feels nice.”

“What do you mean?”

“I guess I’m just not used to this feeling.”

“And what feeling is that?”


Marinette froze at his bold choice of words. “Home?” She asked.

“I would imagine that this is what shopping with your family feels like,” he sighed, mixing the meat into the bowl and giving her a weak smile. “I think it’s time to start rolling them up.”

“…We need to add the soy sauce first,” Marinette said, unsure how to respond to his remark.

“…Do you plan on having a family, Princess?” He asked.

“As opposed to what?”

“Being a career woman,” Chat said, pulling out a wrapper and spooning the filling on it.

“I think… family would come first,” Marinette said, sealing the wrappers he filled with a beaten egg.

“It would be a nice life, wouldn’t it?”

“Cooking with your family each day?”


“…I think so too,” Marinette said, throwing the rolls into a pot of oil. “But Chat, you already have a home whenever you need it.”

“It doesn’t feel like home,” He sighed.

“I’m not talking about where you sleep at night, silly kitty,” Marinette laughed.

“Then… where are you talking about?” He asked, furrowing his brows.

“Here!” She pointed to herself. “Friends can be family too you know.”

“We’re… friends?” Chat said in astonishment, his eyes growing wide.

“Of course we are! I don’t make lumpia with just anyone, you know!”

“Friends…” Chat whispered, staring at his classmate. A warm fire flickered in his heart that brought a smile to his face. Perhaps this feeling of home wasn’t going to be temporary.


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