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Art class.

So once in second or third grade there was an assignment in art class for you to draw your own business and come up with a slogan. I went with a cupcake shop with a conveyor belt on the outside that would bring you your cupcake. I was, however, having troubles figuring out a cool slogan. The teacher made an announcement in the beginning of the assignment that the slogan should be something that would make the customer regret it if they didn’t use or buy your product. So then little ol me in elementary school was all like, “Okay I gots this!” I put down, “Eat my cupcakes or you’ll never see your family again” I had to have a “chat” with the guidance counselor with my parents, the art teacher, and the principal all present.

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c: do you still take the old pound coins? me: no, sorry, we stopped taking them yesterday (15th) c: *snooty tone* well what am i supposed to do then? I heard you still accepted them. me : well we don't I'm afraid, they stopped being legal tender yesterday but a bank would be happy to take them c: *walks off, leaves her shopping on the till belt* me: *screams internally*

B.A.P Reaction || Being Dragged Along to Shop With Their Girlfriend
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“I’ll help you”
*But when you’re at the shop he stands behind looking at movies or books. He does however help you bring everything back home like a gantleman would*


“You know, my grandpa once told me humans can survive on eggs only”
Y/N: “We still need to buy those”
“Oh come on, we have, like, four in the fridge!”


“Ok, let’s go”
*But you knew there was more to this than meets the eye. Much more…*
“Since we’re here, how about we go get some Starbucks? I need to go to that shop to find a belt so I stop fixing my pants all the time, also I think I need some more underwear, don’t ask why, it’s a long story–”


“No, no, no, I don’t want to leave”
Y/N: “You gotta help me out”
“Last time you got me to shop with you it took three hours. I can even cook something, but don’t make me go”
Y/N: “It took an hour and if I remember well you bought yourself at least four new video games… Get dressed”


*Obediently goes with you*
Y/N: “Aw, you’re quite nice to me today!”

: “You broke something at home, didn’t you?”


“I will go with you, but firstly, I will call my price. If you promise it won’t take long and I can get cherry tomatoes I’m yours for the day”
>Still not over those tomatoes<


Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia Pacific. The sovereign city- state is a melting pot of different cultures and has several museums, zoos, entertainment parks, and temples that attract millions of tourists every year. Singapore is also an important commercial hub in the region and attracts a number of business travelers every year. Whether you are traveling to Singapore for business reasons or are a leisure traveler taking a break from your mundane chores, make sure your Singapore package tour includes a visit to the popular tourist spots listed in the post. Take a look.

1. Singapore Flyer

Standing 165 metres tall, Singapore Flyer is one of the tallest ferris wheels in the world. The flyer has 28 air-conditioned capsules, each of which can accommodate 28 passengers. Singapore Flyer offers a bird’s-eye view of the entire island. Hop into any one of the 28 capsules to get a panoramic view of major tourist attractions such as the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, and Empress Place.

2. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is spread across 28 hectares of land and is home to more than 315 animal species, of which around 50 are endangered. To educate visitors, the zoo organizes several shows such as “Breakfast With an Orangutan”, “Rainforest Fights Back” , and “Splash Safari”. Singapore Zoo also has three event venues where you can plan a private party or celebrate the birthday of a loved one.

3. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Asia. The 2.2 km long shopping belt houses several shopping malls, and pedestrian shopping centers where you can get everything from trendy, modern outfits to traditional wear. The boulevard is also home to several upmarket restaurants that serve authentic Singaporean food and choicest of delicacies from different parts of the world. 

4. Changi Museum

Whether you are a history buff or want to learn more about the Singaporean culture, your Singapore tour package must include a visit to Changi Museum. Established in 2001, Changi is a war museum that depicts Singapore’s history during World War-2. The museum houses several paintings, photographs, and other artifacts made by former Prisoners of War (POW). You can also take an audio guided tour that narrates the experiences POWs and civilians who were held captive during the World War.   

The Lion City is Calling, Where are you?

Singapore with its magnificent attractions, is a jewel in the crown of  Asia. The country never fails to amaze its visitors and has something in store for every traveler. For a memorable experience, make sure your Singapore tour package includes a visit to these tourist attractions.  Some other spots worth visiting are Marine Life Park, ArtScience Museum, and Wild Wild Wet, a popular water park.

I want Dirk to work at a cheesy Texas-themed restaurant with a gift shop that sells belt buckles emblazoned with the texas flag and shot glasses with cheesy quotes on them and I want him to hate his job so much as he’s forced to wear a cowboy hat and normal shades because his boss won’t let him wear his normal ones 

John and all his friends come in and Dirk seriously considers quitting right then and there. 

Jade orders the big challenge plate, where you have to eat a 72 oz steak in an hour and she’s done in 25 minutes and gets her picture taken. Dave buys a shirt that says “I’m ready to kick some Tex-ASS” and refuses to take it off meanwhile John has somehow climbed on top of the two-story giant cow outside of the restaurant and Rose is taking pictures of him from the ground.