shopping belt

I want Dirk to work at a cheesy Texas-themed restaurant with a gift shop that sells belt buckles emblazoned with the texas flag and shot glasses with cheesy quotes on them and I want him to hate his job so much as he’s forced to wear a cowboy hat and normal shades because his boss won’t let him wear his normal ones 

John and all his friends come in and Dirk seriously considers quitting right then and there. 

Jade orders the big challenge plate, where you have to eat a 72 oz steak in an hour and she’s done in 25 minutes and gets her picture taken. Dave buys a shirt that says “I’m ready to kick some Tex-ASS” and refuses to take it off meanwhile John has somehow climbed on top of the two-story giant cow outside of the restaurant and Rose is taking pictures of him from the ground. 

B.A.P Reaction || Being Dragged Along to Shop With Their Girlfriend
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“I’ll help you”
*But when you’re at the shop he stands behind looking at movies or books. He does however help you bring everything back home like a gantleman would*


“You know, my grandpa once told me humans can survive on eggs only”
Y/N: “We still need to buy those”
“Oh come on, we have, like, four in the fridge!”


“Ok, let’s go”
*But you knew there was more to this than meets the eye. Much more…*
“Since we’re here, how about we go get some Starbucks? I need to go to that shop to find a belt so I stop fixing my pants all the time, also I think I need some more underwear, don’t ask why, it’s a long story–”


“No, no, no, I don’t want to leave”
Y/N: “You gotta help me out”
“Last time you got me to shop with you it took three hours. I can even cook something, but don’t make me go”
Y/N: “It took an hour and if I remember well you bought yourself at least four new video games… Get dressed”


*Obediently goes with you*
Y/N: “Aw, you’re quite nice to me today!”

: “You broke something at home, didn’t you?”


“I will go with you, but firstly, I will call my price. If you promise it won’t take long and I can get cherry tomatoes I’m yours for the day”
>Still not over those tomatoes<


Plus size black girls with no curves

Plus size black girls with no ass get no love, we cute but we aren’t complete in society or our communities eyes, but we’re expected to be Strong thru all the jokes and ridicule. We learn snappy come backs or breakdown others flaws or we down ourselves so much to beat you to it. We take drastic measures to look like “black women/girls should look” we are expected to maintain confidence in ourselves and love ourselves despite others never seeing us as whole. Well I don’t have an ass, I don’t fill out dresses or skirts that are fitted, my jeans sag in the back even with a belt. I shop in the juniors for bottoms and plus for tops. I cry every time I go shopping for myself I hate looking in the mirror past my breast. I’m not curvy and ill probably never be curvy and there are black girls/women who are plus size with no curves who should know that they are beautiful and they are whole and they are absolutely enough. Fuck whoever tells you you aren’t or makes you feel less than. Tho I’m changing my body with weight loss, I’m defenitly learning to appreciate myself and love the beauty I’ve been blessed with; no ass and all. I was never taught or told to love myself as I was when I was young I was always criticized by my mother and other women so now everything I should have learned I’m learning now and my body has been my biggest struggle. No more! and to all my black women who struggle with their body…. Don’t. You are beautiful!!!!!

  • Sleek and stylish Aomine and one hundred percent, basically perfect boyfriend material Kagami
  • Kagami’s broad chest
  • Dear lord, his shoulders
  • Aomine’s slim waist and that white belt
  • Their poses though. It’s sort of telling of how their personalities are? Kagami is relaxed and open and Aomine is sexy guarding himself, keeping you away at an arm’s distance
  • Challenging, sexy smirks, yes
  • Did I mention Kagami’s shoulders?
  • The way Aomine is just a wee bit taller is delicious, yes
  • Can’t get over the size difference this works very well with my Kagami manhandling Aomine fantasies
  • I know Kise’s the model, but hot damn, their legs go on forever
  • Okay, and the event’s name is Hikari Fes, the pairing has it’s own special name for crying out loud
  • Kagami’s. Shoulders.

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