shopping at whole foods

guess who ;)

What The Signs Have Been Up To

Aries- Had to go out to a family gathering and had to be fancy and proceeded to put on twenty layers of deodorant because being proper is not her thing.

Taurus- Spamming her boyfriend with pictures of her favorite bands as he mocks every word I say.

Cancer- Was in “Shop And Save” with Capricorn and got in trouble for recording liquor but the thing is they were just making food puns to put on snapchat.

Libra- Crying over a fanfiction about band members being vampires that was probably written by a twelve your old. 

Sagittarius- (I could not make this up if I tried.) Her neighbors called 911 on her because she was “being suspicious” and she had no knowledge of this until a cop pulls up in her driveway. You wanna know what she was doing? Dancing to “Problem” at one a.m in her front lawn. 

Capricorn- Was with Cancer at “Shop And Save” recording the whole things and making the food puns. 

Aquarius- Me and her had a Dr. Phil marathon and we started quoting the episodes best lines.

Pisces- Mourning over Gabe the dogs death. “Forever in our hearts.” 

I actually need new friends and a life.

Hipster things that Nursey does

-buys face masks from Lush, has a daily face routine that he does with Shitty and Lardo

-listens to Indie folk rock and 90s R&B on vinyl

-sits in a coffee shop after class, orders a half-caff mocha latte with cinnamon

-goes out clubbing covered in body glitter

-can speak 5 languages and often forgets what language he’s speaking

-has piles of old notebooks full of his poetry. Writes love notes to people that he types out on a typewriter

-only reads philosophy and poetry books

-can quote Dante in the original Italian

-buys all of his clothes at Savers and vintage boutiques

-owns round glasses that he sometimes uses to read

-shops at whole foods and buys Bitty vegan baking ingredients

i blinked and martha hunt went from being the girl who was with taylor swift when she dressed like an equestrian rider to go to whole foods to the friend i want her to hang out with all the time

les amis + random places:
  • enjolras: whole foods parking lot
  • combeferre: the thrift shop down the road that only sells clothes your granddad would wear
  • courfeyrac: a freshly made bed with clean sheets and a comfy duvet
  • bahorel: the bar your best friend got banned from 
  • feuilly: the campus library at 2 am
  • jehan: the gothic/witchy shop with a back room that reads ‘DO NOT ENTER: DANGEROUS’ (he enters, obviously)
  • grantaire: the bench in the park under that one lampshade that is never as bright as the others
  • joly: the animal shelter down the road that lets you walk their dogs while you play pokemon go
  • bossuet: the mattress store
  • marius: the street vendor that always gives you an extra scoop of ice cream