The games trip

Recently, we’ve been on a PSP RPG kick. Brooke and myself have amassed tons of them. They all look great from reviews, etc, but now seems like the time to buy. Apparently, the fact that the Vita is 4+ months away means ALL PSP GAMES MUST GO! to stores. Why? I haven’t a clue. Probably because UMDs are going to be obsolete in their minds soon, but honestly, I don’t quite agree with that notion. I’ve been a collector of GAMES. Not digital files… GAMES. Boxart, manuals, new game smell. Where’s the fun in a download so much? I know that’s the way the industry is going, but darnit!

We’ve already found copies of games like Crimson Gem Saga, and a few others. One was an unexpected purchase of the PSP Castlevania UMD that has both Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night on it for $7 at Kmart. That’s the crazy thing- not paying more than $10 for a lot of these games.

The cheapest game by far has been PoPoLo Crois by Agetec, a PSP around-launch RPG title for $2.85 used at Gamestop, complete with nice disk UMD, game box art, and manual! Looks fairly untouched, UMD outer case aside. I’m a huge Agetec fan. Possibly because they released some of the most memorable creative games I’ve really seen, by means of localization. My favorite Agetec games have been the console RPG Maker series, Magic Pengel(spent hours and hours on that one), and Graffiti Kingdom. Great stuff!

I’m also trying to think up if I wanna do some iGrabber(capture device) footage of said PSP RPGs. Though, a problem is that it appears Sony Vegas has a nice screen filling tool and sharpening tool to deal with the downsides of the tiny capture area of a PSP connected to a TV or any sort of display.