If there’s one thing I get asked all the time, it’s about my wardrobe essentials! My style has recently been updated (thanks to a 9-5 in corporate), but nonetheless, it’s still as sunny as ever! 

While I’m not a huge fan of capsule wardrobes, I do believe in investing in pieces you’ll wear again and again, so my wardrobe choices reflect that with statement pieces mixed in. 

My personal style is heavily influenced by my home state, Florida, and vintage looks made modern (60s and 70s-inspired pieces are my jam). I don’t shy away from color or prints, but I do tend to stick to more pastel hues and tropical patterns (thanks, Lilly). And, when I can, I add in a little bit of Disney flair!

Please note that this is a guide and not a shopping list - use this as inspiration for what to add to your own closet, if you’d like! Most of what I purchase is on sale (and my closet definitely didn’t happen overnight). :)


I tend to stick to very basic, versatile tops in solid colors.


Literally all the prints…


Again, more prints…



Keep it to a minimum…