shoplifting is a victimless crime

I was right in that comment I made

My policeman cousin did so enjoy finding out that there is an entire tag on tumblr with traceable IP adresses dedicated to idiots bragging about what they stole and where they stole it from.

You see the thing with cops is when you steal necessities like food and water (even feminine hygiene products when they are truly needed) they tend to let you off with a warning and even find ways to try and help your situation.

If you are just some brat who steals tons of makeup, clothes, luxery items, etc they have no sympathy. Usually they when they receive calls about stolen inventory they even check social media to see if someone is dumb enough to post it and see if the items match up. Now that he and several co-workers know about it, they will be delighted to have this entire section of tumblr to match items up with, in our city at least.

Remember kids, there is no such thing as a victimless crime.

Have fun shoplifters.

UPDATE: 4 arrests made. All of them teenage girls who were NOT stealing needed or reasonable items, but teenage girls who WERE stealing: High-end clothing, expensive makeup, phone cases, designer shoes, and lingerie. Now for all of you shoplifters in the comments who are sitting there screaming how terrible I am, like you’re not the ones who steal and lie to get what you want, do these sound like necessities to you? Cause they don’t to me. “I steal them to sell them so I can pay for…” Doesn’t make it any better. In fact it makes the charges you face when you get caught worse. Seriously it’s as easy as not stealing shit when you walk in a store.

A shitty picture of a shitty policy brought on by shitty people at a shitty restaurant.

It reads: “GUEST WALK OUTS It is the server persons job to ensure that all guests, seated in their section receive great service and that all food is paid for upon the guest completing their dining experience. If a guest walks out without paying their bill, it is considered a performance issue. On the second occurrence of a "Walk Out” in a six month period the employee will be terminated.

While it’s illegal for an employer to force the server to pay for a walkout, it is NOT illegal for them to write the server up or terminate them for it.
At-will employment, and all.

Just in case any of you brain-dead morally-bankrupt shoplifter dipshits think that dine-and-dash is a victimless crime too. 

I’ve noticed a lot of shoplifting stuff on the dashboard today, all of it condemning it, which is great.  Shoplifting is not a victimless crime, if you think otherwise you obviously have never worked retail (and the vast majority of lifting blogs seem to be jobless entitled middle class brats).

Shoplifting comes under shrink.  Shrink is a % of inventory that stores know will be damaged, stolen or lost, the lower the shrink (the less thefts) the higher the budget for hours, the more likely the staff are to get a bonus or a christmas party or recruit new staff.  Shoplifting directly affects retail workers - it doesn’t affect the higher ups, they get their money back through cutting hours, cutting bonuses.

If you really want a load of overpriced tat and makeup that badly, get a fucking job.

Or do what you usually do and ask mummy and daddy for it.