For the record

People stealing food/ necessities because they need to survive in our shithole of a government: Zero judgment, I’m incredibly sorry you’re in this situation, do what you need to do to survive.

People stealing designer clothes and makeup because you don’t want to pay for it and you “enjoy the rush”: Absolute assholes, grow the fuck up and stop pretending what you’re doing is a “hobby”.

anonymous asked:

your comment on how its mostly rich kids that shoplift on tumblr is totally correct and i'd like to add something - what about their parents? cos, i'm quite well off, and apart from my anxiety telling me otherwise, i don't have to worry about money, and i would never dare steal from a shop as my mother has grounded it into me from birth. Do you think their parents don't care and they steal anyways, or their parents cared too much and they grew up spoilt brats?

It could be both, but it’s more likely based on the fact that they post on social media without fearing reprecussions that they have never had to deal with consequences for their actions, so it’s likely that their parents spoiled them or didn’t put much care into disciplining them

  • tumblr:shoplifting as a means of survival should not be a punishable offence
  • me:yes true it should be handled by social security services without police involvement because avoiding death is not a crime and-
  • tumblr:i should be able to just fucking take sephora makeup from the shop shelves scot-free because communism
  • me:you know what nevermind i hope you get arrested
Master List of Entitled Children Celebrating Being Total Losers

Need to know who the “liftshopping” blogs are to report? (“Saved since April: $3,273.80”.  Felony theft)  (has a single haul of over $8k)
http://do–you-even–  (This site appears to be new, so no stolen merch posted yet, but keep an eye on ‘em) (“Saved around 2k”.  Also felony theft) ($8.3k.  Jesus christ…) (“The bling ring of tumblr”.  Ew)
http://snatch–  (url has since been abandoned, and is now being used by a new person that is NOT a lifter) (this user has since taken a stance AGAINST shoplifting blogs)
http://snatch– (THEY’RE EVEN POSTING TIPS ON HOW TO FUCKIN’ RIP PEOPLE OFF)  (The lolita-based lifting thugs are especially appalling to me.  There are many great blogs that show you how to get lolita style at affordable prices) (“it’s all roleplay, chill”)  Yeah, no. (this one appears to have changed urls, but the current name is unknown)

These blogs don’t appear to be dedicated lifting blogs, but they’ve sure as hell posted a lot of stolen merchandise in the “liftshopping” tag:

These people commonly put in their descriptions that they are “roleplay” blogs to try to cover their asses.  Unfortunately for them, they also have that little tendency to post pictures of all the merchandise they’ve stolen, list the stores they’ve stolen from, and provide tips on shoplifting.  

These people have been using the following tags:

  • Liftshopping
  • Liftplay
  • Lifting
  • Liftshop
  • Lifting tips
  • Lifting tip
  • Shoplifting
  • Shoplift
  • Shoplifting tips
  • Shoplifting culture
  • Hauls (to show off their stolen goods)
  • Shoplifting haul
  • Shoplifting hauls
  • Lifting haul
  • Lifting  hauls
  • Lift haul
  • My hauls
  • Our hauls
  • Lifting rp
  • FiveFingerDiscount
  • Five finger discount
  • 5fd
  • Klepto
  • Boosting (the term they use for selling stolen goods, meaning that THEY AREN’T EVEN ALWAYS STEALING FOR THEMSELVES)

There’s a good chance they will begin using new tags after this, but plenty of evidence can be found in the above tags.  They’ve also begun using the term “swap”.

Many of these people will likely change their urls (some have started using “thrift” in place of “lift”), change “lift” to “lft”, add an extra letter at the end of their url, or start deleting posts showing what they’ve stolen.  ARCHIVE THEM WITH THE INTERNET WAYBACK MACHINE, AND THEIR BLOGS AND POSTS CAN STILL BE ACCESSED AFTER THEY DELETE THEM.  Here’s how to do it!  And if I missed any in this list, feel free to add them!

Don’t let these spoiled little brats continue to make life difficult for people who actually work for a living.  There’s a huge difference between being forced to steal in order to live due to abject poverty, and being an entitled little brat that steals designer bags and other luxury items that aren’t necessary for survival.  They pretend to be the former, but we all know they’re the latter.  Nobody needs hundreds of dollars worth of expensive cosmetics and designer bags to survive.

If you find yourself unable to use the report forms, you can also email staff at:

You can also report these sites to the FBI using this handy form.  Just be aware that there’s a 3,000 character limit.  You are more than welcome to use this link to save space.

However, once again:  Do NOT personally harass these people.  Just expose, archive, and report.  Let staff and law enforcement take care of the rest.

(Big thanks to all those that contributed to putting this list together!)

Jean and shoplifting.

Okay here’s a story for you guys:

So I used to work at this toy store, and I had a coworker, let’s call her Jean. Jean was around 67 and she was working there because it was something to do, and she was a great person, gave her money to charity, bought lunch for people for people who didn’t have any, offered to buy stuff for families who couldn’t afford it, the works. The thing is, she worked in the front-ish where all the little $3-5 toys were and I was a cashier, and a lot of people would lift from her section. A LOT. The toys were small and easy to hide, and the kids (I’m pretty sure it was always kids, after all, an adult has the decency not to steal, right?) would just take them while she wasn’t looking and run to their parents.

Well, one day I’m off and Jean is working but I’m there anyway because I’m looking at Pokemon cards and I get an employee discount, and I see a group of four kids (three girls, one boy) around 14-15 come on and head straight to Jean’s section. Two of them have purses, but given their age and the fact that I also have one I don’t think anything of it. Not five minutes later they run out the door, and our manager runs out of her office, yelling for someone to stop them.

Apparently those kids had stuffed $50 worth of toys in their purses and Jean had let them go. That wouldn’t have warranted much, except apparently the kids had done it before and Jean hadn’t caught them any other time either. So our manager called Jean into her office, and fired her on the spot. Maybe she thought Jean was in on it. I don’t know.

That’s what happens when you steal stuff. It’s not the CEO, or the Manager who gets in trouble, it’s the employee making minimum wage trying to feed her grandkids who gets in trouble. Next time you go lift, I want you to find an employee, and talk to them. Because that’s who you’re stealing from.

why the signs are in jail: pairs

aries + pisces: vandalising the skate park. they did some pretty great designs but pisces decided to write their full name and aries started kicking the trash cans around, alerting people around them. it didn’t help that it was only 8pm.

taurus + aquarius: poisoned the food at a restaurant because the owners were mean to them and the service was bad. taurus decided to eat a few goodies before leaving and proceeded be sick on the street whilst aquarius freaked out and went to to police for help.

gemini + capricorn: fraud. everything went to plan but then gemini decided to tell someone about it who told someone else about it who told the police. capricorn was pissed and decided to choke gemini and that’s when the cops walked in.

cancer + sagittarius: speeding on the highway. sagittarius was going 200 in their new sports car and the cops started following them in an epic chase. cancer freaked out and tried to stop the car and ending up almost killing the two of them.

leo + libra: shoplifting out of a high class store. libra uses their charm to talk to the security guard at the front whilst leo steals the goods and brings them out. what they didn’t expect were the security cameras since these two didn’t think things through.

scorpio + virgo: murdering the president. the plan was calculated and efficient. scorpio and virgo then turned on each other later on as they didn’t want any witnesses and were caught fighting by the police a few blocks away from the crime scene.

friendly reminder that thursday is thanksgiving which means friday is black friday. while most of you will be at home eating and spending time with your family, those who work in retail will be at work. on thanksgiving. we won’t get to eat (nor have we for a few years, in some of our cases). we will be working long shifts, we will be up early and staying late. some have long commutes to and from work and will only sleep for 1hr between shifts (this is my life this year). we will be working our butts off to ensure our customers get what they need for their christmas lists this year.

so please, PLEASE be kind to all the retail workers you come across this holiday season, not just on thanksgiving & black friday. we try to smile and stay pleasant during our 9+hr shifts but sometimes it’s hard when you have customers screaming at you over things you cant control. or when someone just stole $100 worth of merchandise because they think they’re too good to pay for it. or when any other numerous things could be going on in their lives at any given moment. 

please say “please” & “thank you.” when talking to us. please be patient when you ask us for something. please understand when we explain why something is against our policy. think about what you say because sometimes you make us cry even though we hate to admit it. shoplifters, you make us cry. rude customers, you make us cry. impatient people make us impatient as well. your attitude affects ours. 

a smile will go a long way, especially to us who are tired and missing our families during the holiday season. thank you. 

Psa: please stop shoplifting
Its not fucking fair to us who have to sit there digging through boxes and tearing up the back room trying to find merchandise. Its not fair to the people who have to get fired because you stole shit. Its not fair to those who then have to spend HOURS documenting every missing and stolen item, and having to get their ears chewed off by corporate. Its not fair to us who work our asses off while you just steal a bunch of unnecessary shit.

I just discovered that there’s a shoplifting side of tumblr and I’m honestly so appalled that these people are so selfish that they’d actually rather steal and threaten the jobs of retail workers (who already are underpaid and deal with shit) than just fucking BUY THEM