List of Etsy shops offering Cruelty Free, Ethically sourced Bones

Supplies, Bones.

A quick list of Etsy shops i’ve found offering ‘cruelty free’, found and scavenged bones, for those interested.

As with all things in life - Ask Questions. If an items seems 'too good to be true’ - it probably is.  Ask them how they got 'so many’ or such 'perfect’ specimens, do your research.

rant/  CARE, please. Don’t just buy bulk mink bones (or coyote canines) because they are affordable - consider the life the animal led before it’s death.   /rant

(by no means a complete list, just what i remembered off the top of my head)

and while i have you here go check out  = (for reviews and info on cruelty free cosmetics)