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I think you, shop cute, cultdoe, princessofsouthkorea, and shopping and shit should combine and all write really cool articles about fashion and take pictures together in all of ur different styles and be drawn together and yea cause u guys are perf. I hope all of them can see this message, because I feel like sending it to all of them would be a hassle but yea

We would be invincible 

Favorite Friday!!

I think I’m going to try and make this a tradition.

This week we’ll do it themed…Favorite costumers, cosplayers and overall fashionable bitches!!!

captain-mindfang is just one bad-ass cosplayer! She even gives tutorials, so I <3 her for that!

hisblackdress Is both a fashionista and just starting with his cosplay blog Kigurumi for Villains. word!

For kawaii shopping: shop-cute and shopharajukubaby are great. Esp, since shop-cute even keeps track of plus-size cuteness, because a lot of that stuff with bear ears on it runs SMALL, man!!!