This is probably the most grunge/hippie-ish I’ve looked ever haha but it definitely was just fitting for the occasion and my environment. Low-key having some So-Cal withdrawals. It’s definitely a sight to see going to Venice Beach! There’s a bunch of cool little shops, some with real cool vintage stuff, and etc. There’s a lot of people just chillin’ tryna have a good time and a ton of cool street art, but I mean, it’s also a beach (first and foremost) and the water is gorgeous. I think I saw people parasailing and my heart melted a little cause I super wanted to do it, but, stupid me, I didn’t bring any bathing suit… to a freakin’ beach (yeah, not the smartest nugget out there).

Top = Shop gracie usa, Suns = Random store at Venice, Shorts = Black and Brown Thrift Shop (bongo denim),  Shoes = black hightop converse.

ALSO, if you’re driving. Drive around a bit to find actual cheap parking. Spent freaking $20 on parking when there was cheaper available because we didn’t take the time to look -.-


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