Cartagena - Colombia 

The city of Cartagena was the first Spanish colony on the American continents. It became a main hub for transporting precious stones and minerals from the Americas, back to Europe. The shady plazas, cobblestone streets, and colonial architecture make this city popular with international and domestic travelers. 

Some points of interest in the city include a 17th century fortress, designed by Dutch engineer Richard Carr,  the historic old town and its surrounding city wall, various museums, and a number of churches. Nearby white sandy beaches offer a relaxing escape from the city streets. 

{-Meeting the bat-}

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Astra let out a sigh as she snuggled even more into her scarf. 

Why did it have to be a winter island ? She was especially sensitive to low temperatures and even though her coat prevented her from freezing, she could still feel the chilly wind. 

Her next ship wouldn’t sail before a few hours and she wasn’t that suicidal to wait outside. After walking through the harbor city’s streets, a shopfront got her attention.

“Sweet’apple.” as she read out loudly its name board.

She was lucky. She found the place she wanted to rest in. Staring at all the drinks and food displayed behind the glass, her lips curled up before opening the shop door. 


Astra felt something bumping into her. As she lowered her eyes, the first thing she saw was ears. Not human, but big animal ears. Moving back from the mysterious person, she watched as a small man - almost as half tall as her, was touching his forehead. 

Lowering herself a bit to reach his eye level, she tilted her head.

“Not watching where you go ?”