“5 Things” tag game, I was tagged by @persephoneandthepomegranates

5 things you will find in my bag

  • my laptop and a bundle of wires lol
  • maybe a snack or old wrappers
  • my super cute hip flask with wine in it
  • a bunch of overdue homework and my lab book
  • when i’m doing sound work i usually keep a shotgun microphone, tascam and xlr cable in there lol

5 things you will find in my bedroom

  • probably my cat, lurking around
  • crumbs, i eat upstairs a looooot
  • a million unfinished crafts and projects
  • books i have not read
  • my super messy altar 

5 things i’ve always wanted to do in life

  • live with my boyfriend and a cat of our own
  • live in an apartment above a coffee shop
  • edit movie trailers for a living
  • be independent
  • decorate my own home im boring lol

5 things on my to do list

  • lose some weight
  • dye my hair blue/green
  • get the next couple projects out of the way
  • not be broke as hell
  • re-write twilight but make it good

5 things people may not know about me

  • i write a lot, i’ve got 3-4 projects each currently the length of a harry potter book and yet none of them are anywhere near finished
  • i am an antiquer and i love old furniture
  • currently playing skyrim and making bad decisions
  • watching grace and frankie and i love it
  • thinking about taking a semester off so i can avoid some people 

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