Tights try on #2

lady-elisabeth  asked:

I am going to one of my first tea parties Saturday (but not my first meet) and the leg wear that looks good with my new coord are ruffle socks. The dress I am wearing does not show my knees but I was wondering if it is okay to have bare lower legs in lolita? Usually I wear tights...but they just don't look right with this coord. Could I just wear my ruffle socks?

Ankle socks are actually very common for Lolita, especially in warm weather. 


Opaque Tights

anonymous asked:

Hey! So Im planning on wearing the red Angelic Pretty Fantasy Theatre Gilet jsk with red angelic pretty heels and I'm not sure what socks to wear with them. What would you suggest?

If you’re looking for something super simple you can always go with plain black or white, changing up the height of the socks depending on the weather. For some reason I see that JSK looking super cute with ankle socks! If you wanted something a little more showy though there are a lot of things you could do. The socks that were originally sold with that line were a diamond pattern and the tights were vertical stripes, both of which aren’t terribly difficult to find offbrand if you can’t find the originals and those are the styles of legwear I see most often with that print. You could also use other elements from the print like the little bunting flags which are also seen on the Star Night Theatre socks, or a more simple design like socks/tights with a star print.


All-Black Modern Shorts & Leggings by Doug
Via Flickr:
Found on Twitter. I really like this outfit, and I’d enjoy wearing it, although maybe with more casual shoes. The shorts are leather, for a little different look.