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Oh man where do I even start.
Well first of all, grapes/raspberries are one of the most expensive fruit in the produce section. I don’t even buy them unless they’re on sale. You gotta go for things like bananas, frozen berries, and check to see what fruits are in season. Maybe pineapple wasn’t in season. Check online to see which fruits and veggies will be the least expensive.
Buy veggies and fruits NOT in a package. If you pick them out of the pile yourself and use your own bag they are less expensive.
Don’t get soda. The credibility of this post being “healthy food” was immediately shot down when I saw a friggin Sprite. Soda is not healthy. Soda is not cheap. Soda is a privilege. Soda is a once in a while special occasion.
And the nuts, you can get a box of oats for less than a dollar.
Considering none of what’s pictures above can make an actual meal, I gave suggestions of what can. Like mentioned, the bananas, frozen berries, and oats can make you awesome oatmeal all week for under $10.
If you want lunch and dinner, consider canned beans, tofu, potatoes, rice, frozen veggies, and kale (not from a package). You can make a good combination of stuff for, oh look, around $15.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean buying the most expensive thing in the store. You have to walk around and see what is best for your wallet, or google tips beforehand because yeah it’s easy to make dumb decisions. The person in this post obviously doesn’t grocery shop often. I grocery shop every other week, I NEVER break the bank and I always get a lot of stuff. You wanna buy junk food and McDonald’s and give your body unnecessary problems instead of eating healthy because you’re so fixated on the lie that you can’t afford it? Whatever. But don’t go around spreading this false rhetoric, because IT IS possible to eat healthy on a budget and you’re just hurting everyone around you by trying convincing them they can’t.

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Leak your recipes pls I live on my own and I'm pretty sure I'm dying of malnutrition because I survive on coffee and cliff bars



It’s funny that you say that because I’m actually in the process of compiling all of my recipes and pictures and uploading them to a blog on like blogspot or whatever. 

Not just recipes but tips on how to shop smart and budget-friendly. Ever since I had a kid I budget my food spending like crazy but we still need to eat well. I spend less than $100/week at the grocery store for 3 people, 3 meals a day plus the other household necessities. 

Almost everything I made is from scratch with fresh ingredients. It takes a bit more time to prepare but it’s so worth it and it tastes SO MUCH BETTER. 

BUT–I also have a shit ton of recipes for like…crock pots that use 3-4 ingredients and can feed you for 3 days. So if you’re busy a lot and have like…no money, these are AMAZING and TASTY. Just throw the stuff in the pot before going to school or work and you come home and eat. 

Just a few random recipes and pictures of what I have made recently are 

Tonkatsu with homemade Tonkatsu sauce (freshly ground roasted white sesame seeds added) and Gyoza

Pho (this is all from scratch, DELICIOUS. I MADE IT LIKE 3 DAYS IN A ROW BECAUSE IM OBSESSED) ((I had a way better pic but I cant find it boo)) 

Tofu and Wakame Miso Soup (I make this from scratch every morning for breakfast. It’s INSANELY HEALTHY for you. And it takes less than 30 minutes as long as you make your Dashi stock in bulk on like Sunday and use that–the stock lasts for a week in the fridge) 

R A M E N with Braised Pork Belly (okay this recipe is NOT EASY. It took me 19 hours to make. But it is my husbands favorite dish of all time that I make so I do it on special occasions or when I feel like not sleeping and watching the stove all damn night and day haha) 

Thai Meatballs in cabbage boats with Sriracha Mayo 

Mongolian Beef (bruhhh love this one) 

Roasted Lemon Chicken Thighs with Asparagus and Baby Red Potatoes


I also cook some….not so healthy but damn delicious food too such as

Copycat In-N-Out Burgers (the sauce is DIIVINE also sorry for the messy plate lol and if you don’t know what In-N-Out is…its sooo good im sorry you’ve never had it but now you can)

PIZZAAAA (okay but for real fuck Dominos and everything, it’s sooo expensive, and frozen pizzas tend to taste like garbage. With a homemade sauce and dough ((SHIT YOU CAN EVEN MAKE YOUR OWN MOZZARELLA USING JUST A GALLON OF MILK)) you can have delicious customized pizza for wayyy less money. Add whatever toppings you want! 

Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes! (I actually had Buzzfeed really like this recipe and post of mine online! These are seriously moist as HECK and you’ll probably eat them all in one sitting I swear) 


ANYWAY I LOVE TO COOK. I have soooo many more recipes than this. My husband pressures me like every day to open up a food truck or something lmao, but nah. I just like to cook for the people I love in my own home. 

If you guys are interested in good food recipes and ways to save a ton of money in the grocery store then I can post a link for my food blog once I have it up and running!!!! 

I’m really passionate about young people and really everyone in general finding ways to cook more. It’s taken me years to gain all of the knowledge I have on shopping smart and knowing how to spend what little money I have the RIGHT way so I’m not wasting food and eating garbage. I would love to share it with as many people as I can.  

Allowance use

Alright my dolls, you locked that SD and started getting that money, what y'all gonna do with it?

-don’t even think about spending the whole amount. I mean NO. No matter if you are sure that’s a steel deal you got yourself, remember your daddy can leave you any time. So -

-always take some of your allowance and stack it like it doesn’t exist, literally, DEAD, burnt. Have your own little rainy day trust fund, it can be your childhood piggy bank, I don’t care as long as those paper bills aren’t spent.
You are in a great position now yet how you gonna know what tomorrow can bring you? Maybe you will be in drought for weeks sometimes a month or more. Always be prepared.

-don’t get into that terminator spending mode as soon as those hands feel the paper. Do you really need them Chanel bags and Loubies? If you are really craving for it make your SD get em for you. But honestly, shoe/bag/clothes shopping will make you happy for a while, a car or a house/apartment shopping would make you a bit more permanently happy ? These are big goals I know however aren’t unreasonable and aren’t something so not possible to reach.

-first take care of your bills/rent/tuition/food supply, COVER your basic needs for the month, SAVE the rest. You would be amazed by the sum if you counted all of them bills spent on cute little things you bought yourself from sugaring.

-Keep the receipts and sum it up in the end of a month, if you aren’t going to keep track of your money who will? God? No.

-set up some bigger goals that you plan on reaching from sugaring. It’s maybe paying off that student loan, signing up for masters degree, saving up for your own place, investing in stocks or a small start up of your own. You name it. But I’m sure there must be something more valuable to you than the shopping sprees. Tend to be more friendly to your future.

-I saw a movie few months back, and there was this scene where a bodyguard of a rich guy asks these SBs hanging in the mansion how are they investing their money? What they all said-shoes and bags. And then he spilled the basic truth, What y'all gonna do with them shoes and bags in few years? Mr X will replace you all with them younger bitches and then what? You gonna live in ya shoes? Damn. Opened my eyes. You ain’t gonna be sugaring forever.

-if you HAVE a vanilla job, don’t even dream about leaving/quitting! NO. No matter what or how good your SD is. No matter what he promises to you no matter how much money he gives you. THAT is NOT your PERMANENT INCOME. Allowance is your little/big lottery ticket you are getting every month/week. Treat it like one. It CAN be a losing one just from next time.

-be a HOE but a smart HOE. Always mention to these SDs your actual goals for your future, he is more likely to spend and help ya out with that education/business venture for example than he’ll be interested in spending on some flashy superficial stuff. I’ve learned that hard way.

-think about the way you get your allowance (wire transfer, pay pal, cheque etc) this does vary on a country you live in but CASH will always be the good old almighty cash.

-if he gives you a card, don’t buy everything you see! Take cash from ATMs and stack it. If that card is really at your disposal use it SMART. Pay your groceries with it, bills if possible, replace a thing in your home, help out your family if you are able. But don’t go on a crazy mall tour. Your SD won’t really give a damn how you used it, moreover you can earn bonus points if he notices you are spending it smart.

-I’m not saying that you should not go shopping eventually but be smart about it. Keep inventory of your wardrobe, do supply/demand chart. Do your supply renewal every 3 or 6 months. PLANNING is the mother of SPENDING. If you take care of your wardrobe it will always look fresh and new. Respect it. Remember- your bomb pussy earned that!

-you have stuff in your closet you haven’t worn a year? Great. Sell it online. It will clear up your space and get you some extra $$$.

-another tip on saving- don’t necessarily go all the time to beauty salons (if it’s not something mandatory you can’t do yourself), take some time and do your own mani/pedi, if you can style your hair (there’s some new brushes that literally do the straightening for you while using it, if I find a link I’ll post it) learn to do your own makeup. Don’t buy all the most expensive beauty products all the time, there are cheaper ones which are also good. Take note: BRAND sells the product. So don’t be a victim of someone’s successful advertising. Just because it’s a Dior cream it’s why you need to own it?

-stack as many SDs as possible, short time ones, regular ones, it means MORE money for your wallet.

-don’t show off, don’t bring that negativity out from people. It’s still bad energy and why would you possibly want to make yourself a problem or an unpleasant situation? E.g. Outing you to your friends family coworkers etc, list has no end. You DO NOT have to impress anyone! You live in your OWN skin NOT in other peoples EYES!

-if you can’t keep track of your finances/spendings hire an accountant, it will help you big time!

-take advantage of the sales when you are getting your food/wardrobe or whatever

-don’t be lazy and go to the restaurants all the time! LEARN how to cook if you don’t already know. I’m aware how delicious that home delivery is but the price of a single order could maybe cover more meals if you went to the supermarket. It’s ok occasionally ordering food/going out to eat but think how much you can save up just by cooking yourself.

-be bills and environmental friendly, which means that you don’t need to have all of your lights in the home ON all the time, take your charger out when finished charging your phone/computer, don’t leave your desktop running all day/night or on sleep mode. Same applies to your tv. Take showers instead of filling up the tub. You will be amazed how much all of that can reduce your monthly expenses! Now sum that up for a year! Oh, yes.

-instead of paying for a crazy expensive gym, go out for a run, work out at home/in nature, don’t be lazy and look up YouTube tutorials for different workouts that don’t include gym.

-use public transport whenever you can instead of taxis/uber/your own car (if you own one), take a bicycle if you can, it will do magic to your body and your bank account.

-learn the difference between your NEEDS and DESIRES. Your desire can be your worst enemy if you can’t control it.

-don’t hoard food! Do your supply AD HOC (when necessary).

-make list of all monthly expenses you have, write PROs and CONs for each. Ask yourself do you really need it every month? Cut all unnecessary things off that list.

-get a vanilla job if you already don’t have one!

Combine some of these tips and do good for yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow up to the point rather customize it to your own convenience!

Be a smart Hoe with your money.

I hope nobody reading this is beating themselves up about eating a less than ideal diet this weekend.

I say make yourself a meal you’re excited to eat, enjoy it, and move forward!

I wasn’t motivated to make breakfast this morning but after going to the store and picking up mushrooms, spinach, garlic, avocados, and pomegranate juice I couldn’t wait to make myself some eggs. 



Hi-llo, BJD community/friendtuals!!

Welp, I have a puzzler I’m hoping someone can help me with.

I recently signed up on the shopping app Wish and after tooling around on there recently, I came across a bunch of BJD stuff, including dolls!!

This beauty caught my eye and interest. Her price is great and I have a character she would be perfect for!

So here are my questions: Is she a recast? Or is she legit? And if she is legit, is this an okay site for me to be buying her off of? Or should I stick to legit BJD sites?

I’m still very, very new into this hobby and can’t really tell the difference at the moment {my only doll is only a head right now}.

If need be, I can send the link. But if anyone could help me out, that would be amazing.

Thanks so much!

10 Tips for a Fit Summer

Weights before Cardio: Performing weight training first will ensure you’re strongest when you lift. Plus, it  depletes your glycogen storages, so when you do cardio your body will be more likely to burn body fat for energy, helping you get leaner faster than if you did cardio first.

More then Abs: The six-pack may be the centerpiece, but to really impress people, focus on working your entire body, including the chest, back, shoulders, arms, and yes, even your legs. Don’t be too obsessed with ONLY the muscles you see in the mirror, make sure you take the whole body approach. 

Fiber: Increases heart health along with aiding digestion. You will also fill fuller and more satisfied which helps to curb overeating.

Protein: Eating more protein will help the body regulate blood sugar and increase nitrogen for the brain. It will also allow muscles to take in a more constant flow of amino acids in order to properly recover from weight training.

Probiotics: These will help the digestive system breakdown your foods properly. They will help to insure nothing is wasted or stored as fat within the body.

Coconut Oil: Assists with brain health, increases overall energy levels and decreases appetite. 

Hydration: Being dehydrated can cause havoc within a body made up of mostly water. Aim for 8 glasses to a gallon a day depending on size, weight and training regimen. 

HIIT Training: High Intensity Interval Training has been proven to burn more calories during and after training than low intensity steady state cardio, aka jogging. It is also a time saver, thus making it more bang for your buck for those of you who are running on a tight schedule. A 20-minute HIIT session can replace a 30- to 35-minute low intensity session. 

Big Sets: The goal is to perform at least four different exercises in a row without resting. An example would be Squats followed by Leg Presses, Leg Curls and Calf Raises. These type of bigger sets make your workouts more intense, reduce the amount of time you train and aid as a cardiovascular workout as well. 

Shop Smart: When in the grocery store, the healthiest items are not in the isles, but actually on the outside surrounding them on the perimeter. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping, because shopping in these sections will be best for your health, development and even your wallet.

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"I don’t think vegan or vegetarian food is that much more expensive" it is

No, it’s not.

454g of vegan mince - £1.50

250g of real mince - £2.39

400g of vegan meatballs - £1.50

400g of real meatballs - £2.40

8 vegetarian beef burgers - £1.50

4 real beef burgers - £2.70 x 2 = £5.40

500g of dairy free Flora - £1.70

500g of regular Flora - £1.70

1 litre of soy milk - 0.79p

1 lire of semi-skimmed milk - 0.66p

Additionally, lentils, beans, fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta and so on can be cheap depending on where you shop. If you’re smart, it really isn’t any more expensive and people use that as an excuse. This is just an example of one large chain supermarket - there are often deals on with products such as Quorn and Linda McCartney as well as their own branded vegan and vegetarian foods. You can buy tofu in Chinese supermarkets for cheap or even Amazon - you can get 4,188g for £15.00. That’s literally nothing and would last forever.

I purchase food for myself and for Joseph, who eats meat, and there isn’t much of a difference. In fact, if you’re buying decent meat then you’ll spend much more than you would if buying vegetarian or vegan. Even meat eaters need to eat vegetables, fruits, and so on so typically, the only difference is the meat substitute, which as you can see, can be quite cheap.
Polish idioms: Body

mieć głowę na karku [lit. to have a head on your neck] - to be responsible, resourceful

od stóp do głów [lit. from toes to head] - covering your body completely

rzucić okiem [lit. to throw an eye] - to have a quick look on sth

mieć nosa [lit. to have a nose] - to predict sth well

mieć dwie lewe ręce [lit. to have two left hands] - to be clumsy, to fail at sth

mieć coś z głowy [lit. to have sth off your head] - to deal with sth you didn’t necessarily wanted to do

pięta Achillesa [lit. Achilles’s heel] - sb’s weakness, weak point

mieć kogoś na oku [lit. to have sb on your eye] - to observe sb carefully

wpaść w oko [lit. to fall into an eye] - to have a crush on sb

trzymać rękę na pulsie [lit. to keep your hand on pulse] - to keep up, be updated

wstać lewą nogą [lit. to get up with your left leg] - to wake up in a bad mood

mieć łeb jak sklep [lit. to have a head like a shop] - be very smart, have a big knowledge

nie mieć głowy do czegoś [lit. not to have a head to sth] - not being able to focus on sth

być oczkiem w głowie [lit. to be a little eye in sb’s head] - to be the most important person for sb (usually said in the context of children being most important for their parents)

niebo w gębie [lit. heaven in mouth] - delicious food

złota rączka [lit. a golden litttle hand] - sb who is handy and can fix everything in house

mieć olej w głowie [lit. to have oil in your head] - to be responsible, smart

mieć muchy w nosie [lit. to have flies in your nose] - to be in a bad mood

kręcić nosem [lit. to twist your nose] - to be fussy

dać nogę [lit. to give a leg] - to escape, to run away

zawracać głowę/dupę [lit. to turn around sb’s head/ass] - to bother sb (notice that “zawracać dupę” is colloquial!)

stracić głowę [lit. to lose your head] - to panic

mieć motyle w brzuchu [lit. to have butterflies in your stomach] - that sensation in your belly when you’re in love

mieć głowę w chmurach [lit. to have your head in clouds] - to daydream, to be dreamy

nabrać wody w usta [lit. to fill your mouth with water] - not to tell anything, be quiet (especially when sb keeps asking you about sth)

chylić czoła [lit. to bow your forehead] - usually said when you want to show your respect for sb’s work

brać nogi za pas [lit. to take legs behind belt] - to escape, to run away

stanąć na (własnych) nogach [lit. to stand on (your own) legs] - to become independent financially

Feel free to add your own Polish body idioms if you know some! :)

Ship Meme (Joji x Reader)

!!! im taking requests for all the boys! oneshots or shit like this. (please send me requests) i didn’t know what to write so i just did this

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?

Neither you or Joji tend to sext, when he’s on trips or you’re away, you talk over the phone or Skype, why sext when there’s things like Skype? Though, there was one time that Joji attempted to sext while you couldn’t Skype at the time. It was the basic shit like “What are you wearing?” and you both decided to never do that again.

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

You did, it was an honest mistake, you were distracted, but it scared the crap out of you when it started sparking. Joji just sat back, laughing and watched as you took care of it.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

Joji is kind of a dork sometimes and has done this on a few occasions, you always make fun of him when he does

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

You do! How can you not when Joji is always feeling so warm. He used to complain, but he knows it gets him nowhere and you’ll continue to do it

Who laughs more during sex?

Usually if there’s laughing, it’s you. Sometimes Joji will run his hands over a place on your body that’s just a little too ticklish, you’d giggle when he did and he’d be confused before he realized you were ticklish there, putting it back in his mind for later use.

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Smart Shopping for College

Buying items for college is both stressful and expensive, and I have a few tips to those who want to buy quality items at reasonable prices. If you’re living on campus, check out the list I have posted as a guideline for purchasing items for college. If you’re a community college student, I have created a list for you also. Both lists are on this blog. Also, feel free to reblog and share this information with others.

Do not be afraid to check retail stores such as TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshals before heading to Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, or Walmart. Some items will have to be purchased from Target or Walmart, because the prices are unbeatable on some items. Also, check to see if Amazon’s price is lower than that of a retail store.

When shopping for school supplies and cleaning supplies, try Dollar Tree (some items are actually great quality and name brand) and Dollar General. (Coupons can also be used at these stores, so if you have a coupon go ahead and use it.)

Shop back to school sales for school supplies at Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples. (It is possible to get folders for 1 penny, and you can go to multiple locations to get the deal over and over again.) Target and Walmart also have school supply sales, but they are closer to school starting and don’t have penny sales.

Back to School sales generally pick up in late-July and early August, so keep your eyes on the circulars sent to your home address. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy school supplies because the prices raise significantly.

Before you purchase a minifridge call your university’s housing department or check their website for micro-fridge rentals (oftentimes the cost can be split between the roommates, rather than purchasing a fridge and having to haul it back and forth every year, they aren’t worth the hassle). Also, find out what size is allowed if you bring your own. Housing violations are serious and can e avoided with proper preparations. If you must purchase your own, try Costco or Sam’s club, they have great prices on them during the summer.

If you have to purchase your own furniture, try Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Sometimes these places have gently used and brand new furniture for sale at insanely low prices.

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Hey Christine! I was wondering if you have any advice for young artists out there who need to save money/not spend so much? Thanks!

Yeah, let me think about some of my favorite money-saving tips…

  • Get a budgeting app. This is always my number one suggestion.  It changed the game for me.  Tracking what you make and what you spend is an incredible way to save.  Even just seeing the numbers can help you set more realistic goals for yourself and see how to really cash-flow your expenses.  I use one that’s just called Finances, it’s a green square with a dollar sign on it, and I absolutely love it.  It’s perfect for what I need!
  • Shop in bulk if you can.  This is not always possible, but if you can, Costco or bulk sections of the grocery store are a great way to buy a lot of the things you use a lot.  If bulk shopping isn’t a possibility for you (since it does have an initial higher cost, which can be prohibitive at times!) then I recommend finding a place like Aldi, which has much lower prices and great quality.  You can save so much money by just shopping smart and really looking at where you can get the best prices.  Places like Target are convenient, but grocery shopping there can really add up!
  • Figure out what luxuries you really can’t live without and then try to figure out how to do them at home.  This is not always possible, but I’ll give two examples from my own life.  I love lattes and coffee.  It’s something I love picking up before a rehearsal, because it helps me get through six hours of work.  So I got myself an espresso machine and a french press, and I make all my own lattes and coffee at home now!  Yes, the espresso machine was an expense up front, but it saves me $4.00 a pop!  Another example is this: there’s a sandwich I absolutely love getting at my local coffee shop, this delicious vegetarian sandwich that just brings me so much joy.  (I don’t like food all that much, so finding something I love is really special!)  But it costs $8.00 for the sandwich and chips, which is a lot!  So I scoured around the grocery stores to find all the ingredients to make it exactly how they did.  Found the ciabatta bread they use, find mini cucumbers they use, found the exact hummus…  And so now, it costs me at 75 cents to make the same sandwich!  I know that sounds so simple, but to me, those easy stops to pick up something special can slip under our radar, and making an effort to really create those special things at home can save you so much money.  Yes, you can still go out and splurge once in a while, but it gets you out of the habit!  
  • Don’t skimp on the big stuff.  Tires.  Never skimp on tires.  Don’t put off repairs on your car or on health visits, because they can come back to bite you so hard later.   Again, I know these can be huge expenses up front, but keeping your tires rotated and changing them before they pop and you get towed will save you so much money.  
  • Garage sales, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist.  If you need something like a new desk or a new office chair or a rug…Check out these places first!  It’s tempting to just hop over to Target and grab something, but you can find great deals out in your community for so much less.  Seriously, I’m looking at a new desk, and it’s going to cost me $600-$700 for the kind of desk I need!  But lo and behold, I found very similar desks on Facebook marketplace and Craigslist for $100!  Yes, I’ll have to pay to get them moved since my car is too small to haul them, but then I get to weigh the options and figure out if it’s worth having something used but way cheaper!  
  • Check your bills.  If you have an internet package, check every year to make sure you’re getting the best deal.  Last week I just called in and got my internet down from $90/month to $70/month by switching plans (and getting the same internet speed!)  They expect people not to do the work to call in and check, and they can really bleed you dry by upping their prices year to year.  Simple calls like that can save you big time month to month!
  • Cook at home!  I mean, this is obvious, this is everyone’s tip.  But seriously, make it something special.  If you have a roommate, challenge each other to make new, fun dishes!  Try new things, make things ahead of time!  I recently went to Aldi and got a ton of produce and froze it all in little baggies to make smoothies, and it’s the best thing every morning…  Delicious fruit smoothie every day with endless combinations of delicious fruit!  
  • Trade skills. If you’re an actor, you probably have a lot of artist and creative friends.  When I want to buy a new necklace, I reach out to my jeweler friends and see if anyone wants to trade a voice lesson for a piece of their art.  I currently have a deal where I give a friend voice lessons and she gives me massages (she’s a licensed masseuse!)  We both get what we want, and neither of us have to pay!  So it feels like a special treat, but it doesn’t cost me anything but my time!  
  • If you got something for $100.00 instead of $200.00, but didn’t need it in the first place, you still spent (wasted) $100.00.  I’m all about saving and couponing and finding deals.  I will scout for coupons and free shipping till the cows come home.  But if you didn’t need it in the first place and you bought it just because it was on sale…You still wasted unnecessary money.  Find deals, but find them for things you actually needed.

Followers, what are you favorite money-saving tips!

just some tips pt1

1. don’t trust everything you read on social media! just because you see that x,y,z is good for your hair/skin does not mean it is!!! do your research & stop wasting your money because someone w a lot of followers said it worked

2. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! YALL FUCKING SLEEP! super fucking cheap, i use it as a toner & in my face masks & in my homemade shampoo & in my deep conditioners!! its pH level helps w acne & dark spots

3. STOP exfoliating every day! you are probably over exfoliating and hurting more than helping by stripping the face of what it needs, you arent supposed to exfoliate more than 3 times a week, however you can use a hydrating face mask as often as you want, so stock smartly

4. moisturize!! at least once a day, even if its a light cream before bed. when your washing your face 2x a day it needs to replenish

5. drink your water!! but don’t expect it to solve all your problems. your mood, skin & hair are all a product of what you put in/on your body. if you want a clear face or flatter stomach load up on those fruits & veggies

6. coconut oil is probably not helping you lol, it makes a great makeup remover! but it clogs your pores & kills protein in your hair (if youve noticed your hair feels drier when theres not coconut oil in it then stop! using it). cocoa butter is a great moisturizer (for your body not your face) and there are plenty of other oils/leave ins that will make your hair soft & shiny w/o killing it

7. exercise! start small, work your way up even if its just a jog around a block doing something is better than doing nothing& working out releases positive endorphins - putting you in a better mood

8. shop smart, look for deals, buy clothes off season and go to stores like TJMaxx & Marshalls where they have high end brands for a lower price. buy a lot of neutral colors with a few pop out pieces, makes your wardrobe easy to match on a day to day basis (neutral colors and simple designs are typically cheaper & you can mix and match to create a LOOK)

9. watch ted talks, follow political leaders/news sources on your social medias - surround yourself with knowledge and start paying attention, you probably know a lot less than you think & the first step to making change is being aware

10. CLEAN YOUR ROOM, UNFOLLOW PEOPLE YOU DONT LIKE, BUY THAT PHONECASE YOUVE WANTED FOR A LONG TIME clean out & organize every part of your life that you can. you WILL feel better

11. if you wanna go through a lifestyle change (going vegan, going natural) try it for 2 weeks, youll never be “in the mood” and you wont ever really feel “ready”, sometimes u just gotta jump in

12. if youre looking for a sign to do something, this is it

How to slim down and get a flatter stomach :-)

The first step to any major change: decide why you want to change, how your life will look once it has changed, and how you plan on going about this change. Look back to this for inspiration and motivation. Don’t forget why you wanted it so badly when the going gets tough.

Get organized. Decide what you want to change in your routine, and make a clear plan on how you are going to maintain this change.

Stay hydrated, and do not drink your calories. Drink a gallon of water a day if you can. Not only will this help you lose weight and stay fuller longer, your skin will be clearer, and you’ll have more energy.

On a similar note, avoid added sugars. If you avoid drinking anything but water, this will be easy. Try to stop putting so much sugar in your coffee and tea. Switch to raw honey instead. Avoid soda at all costs. Limit fancy, sugary drinks to once a week. Avoid alcohol. If you seem to be lacking willpower in any of these areas, please at least drink water afterwards, especially when drinking alcohol.

Do not eat fast food!!! I know it’s easy and tasty and cheap, but you’re just setting yourself up for failure if you cannot avoid it. Healthy food may not be cheaper on paper, but with coupons and smart shopping, eating at home will cost much less and be so much better for you in the long run. Make several servings of something, and freeze or refrigerate it for a later meal. DIY fast food. You’re welcome.

Avoid eating huge meals at once. This just leads to bloating and discomfort, and you’ll get hungry much quicker afterwards. Eat five small meals a day. Graze throughout the day. Pack healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and salads that will fill you up if you cannot eat an entire meal that often.

When you are eating, chew each bite around 10 times. Savor the way the food tastes. Appreciate every bite. People usually just eat without thinking which causes them to eat faster, thus eating way more than they needed. Chewing every bite will also reduce bloating since the food will be smaller and easier to digest than huge chunks.

Stop eating super salty foods. Salt causes water retention which leads to bloating.

Make sure you exercise at least 3 times a week, but exercising more often will definitely make you see results way faster.

Do a cardio exercise every time you workout. This will help you slim down and burn fat.

Do ab and core workouts!! I know this is cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason. Having a strong core will not automatically give you a flat stomach, but as you lose body fat, having a solid core will make it easier and give you a solid foundation. And wouldn’t it be nice to lose all your belly fat and have a nice six pack underneath you didn’t even know about?

Do pushups and planks to workout not only your core but your whole body.

Lastly, have good posture. Not only will this make you appear slimmer than when you slouch, it will also work out your core without any conscious effort once it becomes a habit (if you’re doing it right and keeping a tight core at all times!!!).

So that’s it for my tips!!! Feel free to comment some of your own if you think I missed something, and good luck to those of you trying to get in shape!!! I believe in you!!