random aus
  • morning pancakes and the cook is hungover
  • someone is bothering them in a club and the other pretends to know them to stop the person bothering them
  • they see each other at an open mic night 7 times before they actually introduce themselves
  • caught in a rainstorm in the middle of london at 1 am (the only place to hide is a tea shop run by a meddling old biddie)
  • meeting in a library, one is clumsy and an entire shelf of books falls on them, they other helps them out from under the pile
  • met on sunday at church, one was actually going, the other was there for a bet
  • meeting because one is a mortician and the other’s grandma has died
  • one was away for a while and their roommate got a new roommate and forgot to tell them aka ‘who is the naked dude in my kitchen?’
  • camping au where one has “no fucking idea what any of this shit does”
  • one has tons of cats, the other is majorly allergic, they are neighbors: go
  • ‘i so saw you spray paint that wall and guess what you are going to have to buy me dinner to keep me quiet’ au
  • 'we’re both stopped at the same stoplight and you’re singing really loud in your car and oh God we just made eye contact’ au
  • they are neighbours, one scared of thunderstorms and one thinks someone is being murdered on the other side of that wall
  • 'i hate the dentist but he cute and i can’t show weakness’ au
  • hitchhikers au where the one who picks up is driving to their wedding (or well, was driving to their wedding)
  • they were looking at a poster and mumbled ‘I’m so gay’ at the same time: queue awkward silence
  • they’re roommates but one is a morning person and the other is a night person - hey at least their showers don’t coincide ;)
  • 'how the actual fuck do we manage to book every single plane ride sitting next to each other when i don’t even know your name?!’ au
  • bodyswap au but one is a stripper
  • 'i’m a terrible cook and i set off the fire alarm a lot but you are a really hot firefighter so it’s all worth it’ au
  • bus terminal at 3 am, one is trapped in italy, the other is the travel helper trying to get them home
  • 'so it turns out your ticket for this concert/play is a fake and my friend dropped out so i have a spare, wanna have this ticket for the seat next to me?’ au
  • ‘yes i know it’s 3 am. yes i know i look like i just commited murder in this tracksuit. yes i know your closed, but my mother is staying with me for a week and this is the only liquor store within 3 miles so please just indulge me?’

there is now a part two and a part three bc i’m trash and a freaking part 4