shop priceless

sherlock stepping into a chip shop, asking for chips and getting his chips for free because he’s put the guys shelves up. why did he put those shelves up? did he want something from him or was he repaying him? are the chips that good? or was he just being cheeky to molly? just imagining him at a chip shop is so cute lol imagine him standing in the queue whilst people order their fish and stuff, do you think he asked for extra vinegar? chip shop vinegar is priceless, i wonder if he’s ever had to wait long enough that his clothes start to smell like the fryer, or, if he just gets to walk in and the guy behind the counter sees him and makes his order asap, “the usual” i wonder if sherlock has a usual order? does he just like chips or does he get fish too? chicken nuggets? curry sauce? what does he like?