shop with a charger

Power Down

Often, when traveling alone, Michael would move through handheld devices to save time and gas money.

After the particular incident regarding entering a computer playing hardcore porn, he preferred to move through phones.

He had left his headphones at Jeremy’s an hour earlier and only noticed now.

It was half past one, but Jeremy had drunk a cup of coffee that morning and even a small amount of caffeine could keep him going for over fifteen hours, so the odds were in Michael’s favor that he would still be awake.

Michael clicked his phone on and the device dropped to the bed as the boy vanished with a fading crackle of electricity.


Jeremy’s mouth stretched open in a wide yawn, exposing all his teeth, wondering why he felt so out of it though he had done little more that evening than eat snacks and play monopoly.

He had lost his phone charger in the cluttered wreck of his room and was going to need to use his phone tomorrow, so he made the decision to power it down so it wouldnt use up battery life as he slept.

As he pressed the option to completely cut off, and watched the screen go dark.

He could have sworn the phone jerked in his hand the moment it clicked off.

Jeremy shrugged and let the phone clatter to the bedside table under the lamp, which was quickly turned off.


Michael was so fucked.

The terror of the digital world going dark around him made his hands shake.

He moved to one of the now dark walls, and pressed his body weight against it, hoping to find some give in the darkness.

Now knowing that the shadows were not going to give him up that easily, he began to panic slightly, still holding that small light of hope.

He threw himself  against the wall, yelling for help though he was sure that Jeremy couldn’t hear him.

He continued to attempt his escape until a strange feeling raced through the veins, as if someone had broken into Michael’s hospital room and poured pop rocks into his IV bag as some sort of strange prank.

He looked down, gasping in horror at the sight.

He was disappearing.

Dissolving like kool-aid dust in a bottle of water.

And it was spreading.

Up his arms and legs, nearly reaching his knees and elbows.

He slammed himself back into the wall that seemed to have no give, the panic in his chest toying with him like a rat in a cage, attempting the impossible.

Attempting to survive.

With his dwindling strength and ability to stand, he prayed that the blood pact they had taken in fifth grade would be enough to get Jeremy to figure out where he was and safe him.

He felt the unconsciousness begin to rise up, choking him, and began whispering every prayer he knew under his breath.

“Uh… hail mary full of grace, pray to God my soul to keep? Will that work-”

His mumbles were cut off by a sudden weakness that left him shaking and unable to speak

A sudden flood of light overtook his vision and he wondered whether he was saved or it was the gates of heaven.


Jeremy was at his wits end.

His blood was practically boiling with some sort of weird anxiety that, no matter how hard he tried, couldn’t find the root of.

He had no real reason to feel so tightly strung, but he knew he would never fall asleep.

He sighed, resigned to his fate of a sleepless night and reached for his phone.

He picked it up and held down the power button for a moment, waiting for the screen to light up.

The moment it did lead to complete chaos.

Suddenly the room was filled with screams and the very is distinct smell of wet blood.

Michael  was lying on Jeremy’s carpet, arms and legs seemingly falling apart into 8-bit pixels, dripping blood now that he was back in the physical world.

Jeremy dropped to his knees next to his injured friend.

“Holy shit! Oh my god! Uh- can you talk? Can you hear me?”

Michael  moaned in pain, tears coming to his eyes.

“O-okay you’re conscious so that’s good. Should I staunch the bleeding? Oh jesus.”

Michael grabbed onto Jeremy pajama shirt and attempted to pull himself to a sitting position, but Jeremy gently pushed him back down.

“No, no, no. Stay down until the pixelating stops. Then I’m calling an ambulance.”

Michael  let out a high pitched  whine and allowed himself to be pressed into the ground again.

Jeremy shoved a throw pillow shaped like a bear under Michael’s head so that he wouldn’t come by any damage to the neck, just in case.

He got out a towel and wrapped it around the places where the blood seemed most thick, but found that there was no wound.

I guess the blood was just from the flesh moving in a way that no human should have to experience.

They sat, Jeremy  clutching Michael’s still bloody and uneven hand until the odd and terrifying dissolving had ended.


The next morning Jeremy was wandering around the hospital, which, while there were no physical wounds, Jeremy still insisted upon, because honestly, if your best friend crashes into your bedroom a bloody mess, you’re going to make them go to a hospital whether they want to or not.

He bought a phone charger in the hospital gift shop.

((hello!! Its me!! sorry if there are any mistakes!! I wrote this while I pretended to study so it was rushed !! love your blog <3))


This is roughly everything I plan on packing/buying for the program! I’m just doing the fall semester so if you’re doing fall advantage or spring/spring advantage, you can change some things and plan accordingly! Again, this is just some of the stuff I plan on bringing/buying (I added some things other people might use) and it might seem like a lot but it’s just stuff I use on a regular basis. It’s also geared more towards girls since I am a girl but guys can use some of this too I guess! I can also make an apartment packing list since the stuff for the apartment listed below is just the stuff I’m bringing and my roommates plan on bringing more!

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I don't know what type of phone you have, but I have an android and it started taking forever to charge, so I just had to get a new battery and that fixed it

I have an iPhone, I’m going to try it with a new charger tomorrow but if that doesn’t work I’ll take it into a shop and see what they say! (I’m hoping it’s the charger as I can spare £10 for one, but not hundreds for a phone!)


Karl had been sitting in the cafe for many hours now and his laptop was starting to flash low battery. He was finally on a roll with his story and he knew by the time he got home, it would be gone. The one fucking day he forgot his charger. Turning to the only other person he had stayed that long in the shop he murmured, “Do you have a charger I can use for a few moments?”


Characters: Reader x Dean

Words: 1462

Summary: Dean takes the reader to a special place for their first date.

Part 19 in New Roommate Series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here,Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, Part 8 here, Part 9 here, Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here, and Part 16 herePart 17 here, and Part 18 here.

Alright, the place featured in this part is just a small part of my life and so much fun. :) I thought it would be a perfect place for their first date. Anyways, enjoy! :)

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Avoiding Part 3

Characters: Reader x Dean

Words: 1187

Summary: Dean arrives to help the reader with her car, and as the night goes on, certain things come to light.

Part 17 in New Roommate Series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here,Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, Part 8 here, Part 9 here, Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 herePart 15 here, and Part 16 here.

I told you, everything would be alright. ;) Enjoy!!

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My (short) Sway recap

So my recap is late, I’ve been pretty busy, and it is also pretty short. I’m going to do it more in a bullet form, since not alot of things happened with me and the dancers personally. But honestly, I loved it! It was by far one of the most amazing experiences in my life to go, and I hope to do it again sometime. :)

-I met fellow blogger blogpeaceandposts at the airport in Chicago Friday and we flew in to La Guardia. Got in later than expected, but we used the night to peruse the area (went to Bryant Park and STK restaraunt, where Val, Rumer, and some of the others had gone a few nights earlier…this girl couldn’t afford the steak but the chicken was amazing! XD)

-Saturday afternoon we met up with tinie13 and her friend at Macy’s and did a bit of shopping. I had a phone charger crisis so that whole experience hunting around for one was awesome..thank God for Radio Shack!

-Saturday night: OK, I was preparing for this but still freaking out when the night came. We ended up walking to the theater which is just a few blocks from where we were staying. Really beautiful theater! Saw Papa C up close in person, and yes the man is gorgeous for an older guy! I don’t recall seeing any other fam members out before the show. We grabbed a drink and found our seats fairly easily, which was like 6 rows from the front (!!!!) Saw hannajoworld and love4liberty, who I hadn’t seen since SWDOI, so it was wonderful to see these ladies again! :) Also briefly met trocoloca :)

-Another interesting point: a couple sat next to us who I swear one of them was the Cantamessa guy. He looked really familiar, and the lady with him was wearing Cantamessa earrings. I have no idea if this was him to this day but it was an interesting thing anyway.

-The show starts: OMG IT IS AWESOME. Meryl was just flawless in her parts, loved that she had an expanded role, even without Maks..this girl can dance! I also loved that Rumer had an expanded role. The whole time Meryl/Henry/Artem/Rumer were sitting at their table in the back, I watched them more than the rest of the show! XD

-Tony and Sharna were perfect, as always. When is Sharna not perfect?

-Maks and Meryl: Ok so I didn’t get to Sway 2.0 (wish I had) so I have nothing to compare their performances to, but dear God….they were meant to dance together. Their rumba stole by breath…the ending especially, where she walks away and his hand peels from her hair…just kill me now…

-Val and Jenna: Who said it was OK for them to dance like that….who?!?! They slayed! 

-MAKS: i still love him. He was in his element and clearly comfortable in his ‘passion’ speech. He passed SO CLOSE to our row, and I was eyeing him down (I wanted him to pick me, dammit!) - didn’t happen, but one day…one day….XD

-Henry in the Concrete Walls piece (and the hip hop with the gold shorts): we need more of him, always….he is a treasure

-Seeing Alex dance was awesome..loved his opening as well!

-Rumer was fab..her singing was on point, and the dance with Val= amazing to see in person!

-OK…so Maks and Peta; They were very good…VERY GOOD. Peta is fabulous. I’m not a great fan of hers, but I need to give credit where it is due, and it is due here. She clearly loves what she does. I don’t see the same level of chemistry with M/P as I do with M/M, but it’s a different partnership, so I won’t compare. They did faster dances though, not the more lyrical ones that M/M did.

-Afterparty was just OK…really we mainly just sat back and watched things happen. Took awhile to find the place. We wandered around times square a bit looking, but managed to find people going the same direction, so followed them (I also met salacaminar briefly but didn’t know it was her until later…sorry hun!) Got a hug from Serge which was great! Saw people come in (Val, Alex, some others…Alex’s girlfriend is very pretty- I’m assuming it was his girlfriend). Alot of the cast didn’t get there until 1:00, and some milled around taking pics with fans…I didn’t do it because it just isn’t my style to go after celebrities.

-Dynamics at the afterparty: Maks and P were pretty much attached at the hip for part of it  (no real PDA that I could see though..I could be wrong). They were up on stage whispering to each other. Val and Rumer were farther down with Serge and some others. Eventually Maks moved over and hung out dancing with his bro. A few of us saw Meryl up above on the balcony looking down on everything. She disappeared after that and ended up on stage dancing very cutely with val and Jenna (there’s been some video floating around of that, totally adorable). She was so sweet with fans, taking pics and talking with them. The same can be said of Emma and Jenna, who I kick myself for not going down and meeting them; they would’ve been a hoot, I’m sure! All in all, it was fun to see people interact in person that I normally don’t get to see except on T.V. :)

So would I do it again? Absolutely! Would I do the after party again? Not was alot of money for not alot of stuff. Anyway, that was my recap..hope you enjoyed!

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24: The one where X finds out [also omg the title from 27 made me kinda cry?]

The One Where Stiles Finds Out


“Is anyone getting Stiles from the airport?”  Derek asks, staring out at the snow falling down.  "He’s landing in a few hours.“

John shakes his head and pats Derek on the shoulder.  ”Called me and said he’d shoot me in the kneecaps if I thought about driving in this weather.”

"How’s he going to get here?” Derek responds, turning around to face John, folding his arms across his chest.  "The Jeep’s in the garage and there aren’t going to be any cabs at the airport.“

"Derek, if you want to pick him up, you can pick him up,” John says, sitting on the couch and picking up his mug of hot cocoa.  "I’m listening to my son and not going out in the snow.  Besides, I know you —" John waves a hand and sighs.  "Whatever it is you two are, I’m not going to stop you from getting my son.“

"We’re not — I mean —”

“Sure, okay.  You should leave now if you want to make it.”

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I’ll be avoiding my house all day today, so I’ve set up shop at Panera. I’ve got my laptop, my charger, and my phone. I don’t know how many more Wild Berry smoothies I can order until I turn into a wild berry and I might need to detour to Dunkin Donuts or something because this bitch at the register keeps giving me the stink eye. I ate like three bread bowls, woman, leave me alone.