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jasmine that yter cat that dnp are friends with was at the same coffee shop as me today with her her friends and i heard some hot youtube gossip do u wanna know it



And i leave you...

With the six posts below this.

I said that once i was done with “Iron Lady” i would take a break. One or two weeks off. ( I will leave gifs queued up on @keanu-c-reeves btw) and well, that’s pretty much it.

To all of those who read “IL” and sent their love and reviews, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Really. I think it’s been the best experience i’ve had on this blog so far. You all made it ten times more exciting. <3 I cannot thank you enough. (The masterpost is below this too).

AND GUESS WHO’S GOING SHOPPING TODAY AND PLANS ON FINALLY BUYING “LOLITA”!?!?  (For those who’ve asked me. Trust me. I will get back to you all when i read it and watch the film)

Adios, my friends. Stay lit.

See you soon. <3



“I didn’t want this fight coming back to you,” Neil said.
“Too late for that now. But whatever,” Allison said. She was going for lofty, but Neil could see the anger in every tense line of her when she surveyed her car again. “They want to break my toy? So what? I’ll buy another one. Maybe I’ll buy two. Fuck them if they think this will hurt me.”

                       ↳ Happy Birthday Kit @metaphoricallytheworst  (4.21)


I was in Animate shop today and as soon as I saw it I knew what I’m buying. My two ships on one clearfile! Too bad I have my scanner back in Poland. I think it came out recently because I had been there like four days ago and the shelf with BNHA had been so small and now it was a lot bigger! Dunno if the arts are already scanned online but last checked they weren’t.

alphonse elric sneezing like a kitten is cute and all but imagine alphonse elric with massive Dad Sneezes™ and sometime after getting his body back it’s all quiet in their hospital room and tHIS SNEEZE JUST EXPLODES OUT OF TINY ALPHONSE and eDWARD SCREAMS aND NEARLY FALLS OUT OF HIS CHAIR