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I’m not generally someone who expects excessive politeness from employees, but why are locally owned gaming/comics/collectables shops in particular so fucking atrocious at acknowledging you? I see you looking at me out of the corner of your eye to make sure I’m paying attention to the fact that you’re ignoring me, dude. I get it. You’re so fuckin’ horny for Watchmen that you didn’t even see me walk in. Cool. Do you have dice? No? You’re going to act like I’m stupid for expecting a gaming and comics shop to sell tabletop stuff even though 90% of gaming and comics shops sell tabletop stuff? Tight. Love it, love it. I like your, uhh… Moldy Alf puppet. That’s, uhm, it’s nice. How much for this naked Spock doll that’s been scribbled on with Sharpie? Forty dollars? Huh. Well, maybe some other time. I’ll leave you and cardboard Sheldon to it, then. Sorry to have interrupted.


Over the last seven years, the It Gets Better Project has successfully leveraged the influential power of media to uplift and empower LGBTQ youth around the world. From an unprecedented social media campaign to a best-selling book to award-winning television programming, we are always seeking new ways to get our message of hope into the hearts and minds of those who need it most.

We have witnessed tremendous progress on a global scale toward greater acceptance for LGBTQ people. Yet, today, our youth are bombarded with threats to their civil liberties and, in some cases, their lives, because the communities they call home refuse to accept them. Our partnership with American Eagle Outfitters for the #WeAllCan campaign is the perfect collaboration to ensure that LGBTQ youth know they have the potential to achieve great things and to make a tangible and positive difference in the world. And, it provides an opportunity for those who love the American Eagle Outfitters brand to wear their support of a more inclusive world!

The social narrative is always changing. We know how to change that narrative, and the support of forward-thinking organizations, like American Eagle Outfitters, makes that change possible. Together, we will amplify our message of hope until every single person on this planet understands the intrinsic value we all possess as human beings. We owe it to our youth, we owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to the future of our society. Life can and will get better for LGBTQ youth — and for everyone else — when we start celebrating our differences and adopt a #WeAllCan attitude.

AEO is donating 100% of sales from our 2017 Pride Collection to It Gets Better. Because together, #WeAllCan make the world a brighter, better, more inclusive place for everyone!

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We want to know what Pride means to YOU. Share your story with #WeAllCan and you could be featured on our Pride Parade Float or Times Square billboard!


Got this today! Sailor Moon x Samantha Vega Luna & Artemis Purse. Very excited because I really needed a new purse!! Wasn’t expecting it to be so pretty 😍
This is a fake. The real one is about $300. If I did get the real version I would be too scared to use it because I wouldn’t want to get it even the tiniest bit dirty 😜


This is some serious amethyst. Color is caused by radiation attacking quartz over millions of years.

A close-up detail of Keith Haring’s Untitled (1983–84), which the artist made on synthetic leather. The work is installed atop a 1986 pattern adapted from Haring’s wall mural at the Pop Shop. Fast Forward marks the first time Untitled has ever been shown at the Whitney. See it in Fast Forward, closing tomorrow.

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