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bluebell’s icecream shop… 

The best ice cream in Sunlit Tides can be found by the lagoon, at Bluebell’s Icecream Shop! This vintage caravan has been delightfully renovated to serve yummy handmade gelato, in a waffle cone or sundae glass, with iced coffee as well! A favourite with local and tourists alike, food-loving visitors Pia, Katy and Beau decided to drop in ❤ 

Katy (@pottery-sims) is honeymooning at Sunlit Tides so her awesome buddies Beau (@something-wicked-sims) and Pia joined her, because best friends don’t let you go on your honeymoon without them :D Anyways, I redecorated @rubyred-sims adorable Caravan Love into an icecream shop for this special collab! I think it turned out cute despite my game deciding this was the perfect time to start crashing on me again >.> 

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Romanced Companions + Maxson reacting to someone else flirting with Sole without knowing they're involved in a relationship

Thank you so much for the ask Anon!! Mod had fun writing Maxson for the first time!!

Oh man Mod thought doing this one would be short because the one where the companions got hit on was fairly short. MOD WAS WRONG. Every time Mod writes they just keep getting longer. The other two Mod’s working on are just as long if not longer. Mod hopes those get done sooner than later too. Anyway! Mod hopes you enjoy!! Sorry for the wait! Also sorry if some are better than others, Mod is V tired rn.

EDIT; Added Deacon and Nick

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