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I can totally see that Sannin comic, only it's taking place when they're tiny genin (when did they become genin/chuunin/jounin anyway?) and not quite able to dispose of the bodies on their own, so they wonder into a random civilian village/shop/enemy village and talk loudly about disposing bodies. Sarutobi's facepalming somewhere in the background/when he finds out what they did. Team 7 is always cursed with the most interesting/terrifying genin etc./genin etc. antics. (1/2)

So I like to imagine that whenever Sarutobi (Team 7 jounin sensei) enters a bar with with other jounin/Kages that he automatically wins the Crazy Shit My Team’s Done competition (either when it was Team Tobirama OR Team Hiruzen); the others just can’t compete. I wonder which iteration of Team 7 would be the worst and why. I just want an anthology of genin/chuunin!Sannin fic because it would be adorable/terrifying wouldn’t it? Not actually demanding it, but imagining it is fun, no?

It is fun! The whole idea is hilarious and fantastic and totally believable. xD

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Your flowerboy Keith AU gives me life please tell me more

i dont have that many atm …. but… 

- lance is probably a college student who works part-time in a coffee shop located across keith’s flower shop 
- shiro probably talks about his feelings for keith to lance and lance gives out painful tips to him
- pidge and hunk are lance’s bros who drop by lance’s workplace everyday
- allura is the secretary in shiro’s office
- lance is probably together with hunk
- keith runs the flowershop during the evenings
- when his shift ends he would have to go back home to his college dorm
- keith with vespa hell yes
- sometimes shiro would wait for him to finish his shift and accompany keith going back to his dorm (((since its like pretty late so concerned bf is concerned)))

Lance/Hunk/Keith: 20
Pidge: 18
Shiro: 25
Allura: 26

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Could you maybe do Caddy/Anny coffee shop au ?

Sure thing, pal!

- Caddy works in a coffee shop that Anny likes to go to often, whether she actually buys something or goes there to work on a project or spend time sitting alone. Anny often goes at the same times of day, so half the time she’s there Caddy is also working.

- Being the friendly guy he is, Caddy strikes up a conversation with her on one of the slow days he’s working, and Anny turns out to be more talkative than he initially bargained for but he likes it.

- Anny finds him cute and funny in his enthusiasm, so one day she asks him when he’s off his shift, and after that she lingers in the shop longer than usual to wait to talk to him. They end up sitting in a corner of the shop and talking for hours most of the time.

- One day, while they’re talking after his shift, Anny tells Caddy that’s she going to head off to take photos at a nearby duck pond for a university project (or maybe a magazine she works for IDK), and Caddy asks if he can go with her. Naturally Anny agrees, and among her project photos she has a few silly pictures of Caddy posing. I also imagine this happening in the fall with lots of red and orange leaves about for wonderful photos.

- After that impromptu outing together, Caddy asks Anny on a more formal date, and they end up going to an art museum and then out to dinner. After said date, Caddy plucks up the courage to kiss her on the cheek, telling her that he finds her quite a beautiful person. Flustered, Anny also tells him that she likes him, and sometime after that they’d start dating.


ALRIGHT!! We’re gonna give this t-shirt thing a shot! I’ve put two campaigns up on Teespring, one for an OK shirt, and one for an OK, KIDS shirt! The OK shirt only comes in white, but the OK, KIDS shirt comes in white, grey, blue, and yellow. Both styles will have a logo for the webcomic on the back:

They’re $20 USD a pop, and the campaign runs for two weeks. Check em out!

  • +。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+ .゚ OK!!  .゚ +。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚
shop inu inu: a cringe-worthy tale that includes immature kids running a large business, artistic dishonesty, more ripping off manufacturers, overpriced asian wholesale resellers, and hype marketing.

again, we’ll have the bulleted version and then the long discussion with proof below the cut. 

  • inu inu has ripped off one of their manufacturers, ordering but refusing to pay for  4500 products
  • the store dog dog (name jokingly reflecting inu inu’s name) opened a store to sell this stock, used prices much more close to the manufacturing price in order to make their $$$, which pissed inu inu off A LOT
  •  instead of responding to this maturely they block anyone who asks about it
  • and are supposedly pending litigation on their manufacturer on grounds of “art theft”
  • laughable, since they have received complaints themselves of art theft that they’ve changed entire products to address
  • some of the items that they’ve claimed as their own, such as their graphic tees, are just designs made ages ago that have been in the asian wholesale market for probably over a year
  • care more about public image and marketing than honesty and customer service
  • appeal to tumblr in their marketing by using racial and gender diversity but then don’t spend much time blocking the transphobic pieces of shit who buy from them and are horrible in the comments of their instagram, while blocking people who have customer service complaints

also if images aren’t working for you, i apologize, it’s something my theme is doing. you can view an alternate version of the post here, on my blog.

alright, let’s get into the meat of all this.

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I’ve just added my TCAF debuts to my shop! I’ve got a bunch of the Waterlily enamel pins and a few leftover copies of Explorers 1.5

Thanks to everyone who has been purchasing these things - it’s a real treat to see people get excited about the things that I’m excited to make! I hope to do at least 6 more pins to finish out a full gym trainer badge set, and will be collecting my two previous Explorers zines into a larger book too!


OK UM mini-update variety: info

i graduated from school like two weeks ago and have been sleeping and playing stardew valley basically nonstop since then so don’t worry i’m not dead i’ve been uhhhhh…. taking a much-needed brain vacation umm i haven’t even really talked to my friends in the last few weeks if that gives you any indication of just how slug-tier lazy i’ve been

BUT ANYHOW i think comic updates are coming soon because its been a minute and also i had some Good Plot Ideas yesterday 

so yeah im not dead! business should resume……. fairly shortly…..

Between CAB and Expozine, I’ve occasionally had to draw my Dailies in public over the past two weeks. I’d much rather do this in private but, like public urination, sometimes you don’t get a choice.

I thought I’d take this chance to answer some of the questions that come up when people see me drawing these things. I hope this is helpful, or at least mildly distracting to someone: 

Those are small. Why are they so small? 
The Dailies are currently drawn at approximately 11.7cm x 4.6cm. When I still used Moleskine notebooks, the comics were slightly smaller. I went with a small size partially because I figured if I was going to carry a sketchbook everywhere for the rest of my life, I wanted it to be a convenient size. Also, the thought of drawing a small daily comic with little room for extraneous details seemed much less intimidating. 

The nice side benefit of this is that it forced me to learn how to draw clearer comics. With such limited space, only the important details will fit in the panel, usually. 

Why don’t you post new comics as soon as you finish them instead of uploading them to your site once a week?
I find it easier to scan and colour a week’s worth of comics at once. This project started as an exercise to force myself to draw comics every day, and I’ve tried to maintain that mentality even though the readership has grown to be more than just me and my wife. If I’ve at least pushed ink around in four little boxes, I’m happy. 

Of course, with tumblr, I post a strip from the previous week every day, so I guess that’s a good compromise.

Have you thought about releasing The Dailies in book form?
Yes, though the economics are a little overwhelming. If there’s a publisher out there who would be willing to spend the money to print a 470 page full-colour book of content that can be found online for free, I’m game. That said, shopping this around isn’t a priority for me right now. Maybe there will be some kind of special edition when I’m ninety years old and homeless. 

I don’t get some of these?
Not all of them have something to get. Don’t worry. You’ll be okay. 

If there’s anything you’ve been wondering about that I didn’t cover here, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Pet Shop || Closed Thread w/ ackerisms

Job after Job that Eren had applied for and worked at, it never lasted, it was difficult for the brunet to interact with people, along with doing paperwork. Gross. When he had applied to the pet center, the largest in the city, he would have expected to have been put on a waiting list since, well who doesn’t like animals? 

Surprisingly that even though, he had been called and was told that he got a place in doing some cage cleaning in both the dog and cat sections. Hamsters, and birds would come later since they were a bit more tricky. 

After months of working at the pet center, Eren had grown comfortable with the animals, and they took on a liking to Eren. His time for cleaning all the cages in the shelter was just under an hour and a half, and since his shift was three hours, he had time to kill and managed to spend time with each of the pets.

Once Eren put his cleaning supplies away for the day after he had finished cleaning, the brunet was one of the cat cages, a mother, with a litter of six kittens. Brushing back some of the mother’s fur, and gently scratching behind her ears, he couldn’t help but laugh as some of the kittens tried to climb onto his lap. Redirecting the baby towards the mother cat, he made sure that it latched onto one of her nipples to get milk.

“Good lil baby,” he whispered quietly, using the tip of his index finger to gently rub at the top of the cat’s head. Meeting the cat mother’s eyes, he shrugged silently towards her, smiling, “Maybe someone will take you and your babies out from this place. I’m sure you would love to see them in the grass playing, hm?”


✨✨✨tah dahhhh✨✨✨

I was playing arund with Patreon and friend saw me and was like ‘you should do an A+K patreon’ and i was all like ‘dude youre right’


As of right now, I have the anthology to offer, as well as plans Q+A, art requests, sketchbook access, and some other stuff in the real near future. I’m new to this but it should be great!!

Go check it out, give it a once-over, consider it, all that jazz!

We’ll see how this goes!!


I’d be super interested in doing an OK, KIDS shirt. based on replies and my thought that OK, KIDS is far more identifiable than just OK, it would probably be the full band name. I wanna look into printing options but this might turn into a mini-kickstarter unless there’s a better way than kickstarter to make this happen ahah