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“Of Florists And Tennis Shoes” is to date one of my favorite Klance fics.  It’s on AO3 and the artist, @venpast, does a phenomenal job with descriptions and interactions, and the nuances throughout the fic make it deeper than the vast majority I’ve read.  It’s really, really good, and I highly recommend it.

(Halfway through I realized that, in this scene, Keith’s sweater is sleeveless, but I was too lazy to fix it so I just left it. :’) I LOVE THE LITTLE SUCCULENT.  I always love sticking little challenges into my sketches, and this one was perfect for that.  There are so many art-worthy scenes in this fic.)


Kick-Ass Chicks: Babes of BAN.DO 

No two days are the same when you’re working in a massively creative atmosphere such as Whether it’s conceptualizing a new campaign or animating dancing cats (What?! Jealous.), you can guarantee Danielle’s day-to-day as Lead Digital Designer is anything but ordinary. We sat down with this creative wizard to learn what makes her tick, and what her favorite Jen Gotch quote is.

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