shop september

Does anyone else ever get an intense craving to go autumn shopping? Like when you go to the shopping centre and there are dark colours and knitwear in all the shops instead of florals and pastels, there are Christmas lights and cinnamon scented candles, Hallowe'en decorations everywhere and giant bags of sweets for trick or treaters me.
I want it now.

A list of things (and reasons) to do before your classes begin.

1. Information

Gather all the information you need. Where, what and when? This refers to your classes mostly. Also, you should know where all the important places are: library, place where you can print files, stores with cheap stuff, caffes etc. This applies to everyone, not just students who are living in a new city. 

2. Shopping

I recommend you make a shopping list before you actually do the shopping. I made a mistake last year where I wanted to be spontaneous and just buy whatever I feel like I need. NO, just no. You’ll end up spending more money, time and you probably won’t get everything you need.

Shooping lists are a must. Here’s what I think should be on everyone’s list:

-obv stationery- pens, notebooks, flashcards, stickynotes

Always check if you’ve got some of these left from the last school year, so you don’t buy more than you need.

-clothes- warm, comfortable clothes you can wear in multiple occasions (jeans for school, but also for going out, see what I mean?) And also laundry and socks, because you always need them. Pjs, robes etc. - for the lazy study sessions.

-decorations for your room- don’t overdo on this one, just one or two things to kinda “cheer up” your study place (plants, candles, cute mugs)

-bed sheets- I often study in my bed, so this is a must for me + bed sheets are so underrated

I like to stock up on things such as shampoo, beauty products, pads, snack bars, coffee etc. When I get busy with classes I have 0 amount of time to go around town shopping for these and I always need them.

3. Research.

I “accidentally” found the names of the lectures planned for september and already started reading them. I’m a freak, but you don’t have to be one. It’s still a good thing to do research on topics you know you’ll have to study in the future.

4. Clean up your room.

I spent two days, getting rid of trash, organising old notes I need and don’t need, making space for new supplies etc. This way when my textbooks arrive I’ll already have a spot for them, and I’ll avoid the mess.

5. Have “the talk” with someone.

I’m not talking about the sex talk, lol. I’m talking about setting goals for the new semester and talking with someone about them. Your mum, dad, friend, dog, someone on studyblr. I don’t know why, but it feels good to have someone listen to you when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about.

6. Make a playlist.

Life-saver advice. Make different playlist e.g. “Workout”, “Morning study”, “Break time”, “All-nighter” etc. Eventually you’ll add more songs, but it’s easier to have something to start with.

7. Plan, plan, plan

I’m not yet familiar with my schedule, but I’m slowly brainstorming how my week-days are going to look like.

I know I’m like obsessed with planing and studying, but the only reason I’m doing this is to avoid the mess ‘caused by the new begining. 

One more thing: please start studying asap. Don’t procrasinate and go behind schedule. 

The fact that you even have a studyblr blog is enough to prove that you’re smart and awesome and that you’re giving your best!!! :)

I hope you all kick 2016/2017s butt! :)

Former repairman Ron Chambliss remembers George Harrison coming in [to McCabe’s Guitar Shop, Santa Monica] not long before his death. (‘A lot of stars come in. We have a hands-off policy.’) Harrison chatted Chambliss up, shared his deep passion for songwriter Hoagy Carmichael, hipped Ron to a reissue of Carmichael’s recordings and then left. (For Beatles completists: He also bought a metal-body National ukulele with a brown wrinkle finish.) A little stunned, Chambliss went back to work. A half-hour passed and someone told him he had a phone call. He picked up the phone: 'Hello Ron, this is George, I was in there a little while ago.’ Chambliss affirmed that he remembered who he was. Harrison had simply called to give Chambliss the catalog number of the Carmichael CD so he could order it. 'He took the time to call me back. It gave me a boost in humanity.’
—  LA Weekly, 24 September 2008

An Asgardian titan. A Wakandan warrior bred to be a king. The very first Sorcerer Supreme.

Since its inception, Marvel has been delivering groundbreaking heroes and explosive stories. Now, prepare to return to the dawn of time, as Marvel introduces you to the first Avengers from 1,000,000 BC – when iconic torch-bearers such as Odin, Iron Fist, Star Brand, Ghost Rider, Phoenix, Agamotto, and Black Panther come together for the startling origin of the Marvel Universe, in MARVEL LEGACY #1!

The acclaimed team of writer Jason Aaron (Mighty Thor) and artist Esad Ribic (Secret Wars) reunite for an all-new 50-page blockbuster one-shot that will take you through time to the current Marvel Universe, showing you how it’s truly “all connected.” A true homage to Marvel’s groundbreaking stories, MARVEL LEGACY brings your favorite characters together for exciting and epic new stories that will culminate in returning to original series numbering for long-running titles.

“MARVEL LEGACY #1 isn’t simply a history lesson,” says SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “Rather, it’s the starting gun to a bevy of mysteries and secrets and revelations that will reverberate across the Marvel Universe in the weeks and months to come! No character, no franchise will be untouched by the game-changing events that play out across its pages. Jason and Esad pulled out all the stops to fat-pack this colossal issue with as much intrigue, action, surprise, mystery, shock and adventure as possible!”

“MARVEL LEGACY #1 will present all fans – new readers and current readers – the very best jumping on point in the history of comics,” says Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso. “What Jason and Esad have crafted is more grand and more gargantuan than anything we have ever seen before and introduces concepts and characters the Marvel Universe has never encountered. Fans are going to witness an all-new look at the Marvel Universe starting at one of the earliest moments in time carried all the way into present day. Not only will this be the catalyst for Marvel evolving and moving forward, but expect it to be the spark that will ignite the industry as a whole.”

This September, prepare to MAKE MINE MARVEL with the most surprising, suspenseful, mysterious, astonishing tale ever told, featuring appearances from almost every beloved Marvel hero! It all leads to the return of a major Marvel icon in a shocking reveal that will leave fans speechless!

True believers: this book has it all! Dive into all the excitement when MARVEL LEGACY #1 comes to comic shops everywhere this September!

I’m skeptical.


Anna Karina with a dilemma of choosing a pair of shoes in a boutique in Soho in London, she is about to turn in the film ‘The Stranger’.. Photos by Philippe Le Tellier in September 1967
The Morgan Affair

Since all Masons place their hands on a Bible and promise not to reveal the passwords and grips of the degrees, several members of the Batavia lodge published an advertisement denouncing Morgan for breaking his word by authoring the book. An attempt also was allegedly made to set fire to Miller’s newspaper office and print shop.[26] On September 11, 1826, Morgan was arrested for the alleged nonpayment of a loan and for stealing a shirt and a tie;[27]according to the laws of the time he could be held in debtors’ prison until the amount was paid, which would have made it more difficult to publish his book.[28] Morgan was jailed in Canandaigua, and when Miller learned of this, he went to the jail to pay the debt and secure Morgan’s release. Miller and Morgan then walked to a waiting carriage, which arrived the next day at Fort Niagara.[16]

There are conflicting accounts of what happened next. The generally accepted version of events is that Morgan was taken in a boat to the middle of the Niagara River and thrown overboard, where he presumably drowned, since he was never seen again in the community.[29] Another version has Morgan being paid a large sum of money to simply “disappear” and give up his plans to publish the degree work. In 1848 Henry L. Valance allegedly confessed on his deathbed to taking part in Morgan’s “murder”, a tale recounted in chapter two of Reverend C. G. Finney’s anti-Masonic book, The Character, Claims, and Practical Workings of Freemasonry (1869).[30]

In October 1827, a badly decomposed body washed up on the shores of Lake Ontario. Many presumed it to be Morgan, and the body was buried as his. However, the wife of a missing Canadian named Timothy Monroe (or Munro) positively identified the clothing on the body as that which had been worn by her husband.[31][32] One group of Freemasons denied that Morgan was killed, saying they had paid him $500 to leave the country.[33] Morgan was reportedly seen later, including in other countries, but none of the reports were confirmed.[34] Eventually, Eli Bruce, the sheriff of Niagara County and a Mason, was removed from office and tried for his involvement in Morgan’s disappearance; he served 28 months in prison after being convicted of conspiracy for his role in kidnapping Morgan and holding him against his will before his disappearance.[35] Three other Masons, Loton Lawon, Nicholas Chesebro and Edward Sawyer, were convicted of taking part in the kidnapping, and served sentences.[36] Other Batavia Masons were tried and acquitted.[37] Author Jasper Ridley suggests that Morgan was probably killed by local Masons, as all other scenarios are highly improbable.[36] Historian H. Paul Jeffers also considers this the more credible explanation.[38] C.T. Congdon, in Reminiscences of a Journalist, cites a third-hand account “that Morgan was murdered by certain very zealous Freemasons,” and notes that the resultant anti-Mason sentiment caused many elections to go to non-Masons for a number of years afterwards.[39]