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I am producing a set of book cover posters in the style of Penguin paperbacks that commemorate classic albums through the ages. These designs are for the Britpop classics Different Class by Pulp, Parklife by Blur and Definitely Maybe by Oasis. You can purchase an individual print or the whole set over on Etsy.

Set of 3 Posters

Blur Poster

Oasis Poster

Pulp Poster

You're My Favorite Kind of Night

**hii beauties. May i request a harry oneshot? x maybe something like you’ve been friends before 1D happened and after a long time of no seeing eachother you meet at a party or something and smut happenes? but then he admitts he doesnt want it to be just one night stand? omg sorry it’s so long, i’m listening to earned it by the weekend and it kinda inspired me. Kisses! Xx

**Earned It by The Weekend 


They all patted him on the back, hugging him upon his entrance. It’d been quite some time since they’d last seen him, and to say the least, they couldn’t have been more excited to have him there, even if it was just for a little while. And Harry could be any happier. This was home. It’d been four years since he’d last attended the little parties they’d throw. Back then they were 16, 17, trying to figure things out and find their place in the world. Now they were 20, 21, adults now, dealing with the world in a completely different way. At the end of the day, these were the people he knew he could rely on, because they were his true friends. They were the ones who’d been there through it all, even before he’d gone onto X Factor and later One Direction. It was a change from the usual, extravagant events he was used to. It was just a house, filled with people he missed and loved. No flashing lights, no red carpets. It was good for a change. But he did notice that one person was notably absent. He caught up with various different people, but it didn’t stop him from glancing around the party, hoping that you had managed to sneak in when he wasn’t paying attention.

“She’s going to freak when she sees you,” Alice whispered, walking past him so he couldn’t have the chance to respond. It didn’t matter anyway. His words, which remained unsaid and lingering on his tongue, turned into a gentle smile as he brought the cup he was holding up to his lips.

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