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I  got this lovely phone case and I just think it is adorable. This store has so many cute patterns which made it so hard to chose one- I might have to get another. I am really impressed by the quality of the case. In the past I have ordered a few and they end up breaking or fading. They sell cases for both iphone and galaxy, so if you have either of those phones I suggest checking them out 

Their store

Buy my same case
C. Cassandra | Society6
Shop C. Cassandra's Society6 Shop as one of the thousands of artists creating unique art from around the world. Worldwide shipping available at


Just a quick message to let you know that I opened up a shop! Art prints, custom products: t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and many more can be found there. Take a look!

Also, if there’s a drawing you’d like to have that isn’t available for sale, please let me know and I will add it shortly!

Harry Potter - Drarry AU

Imagine Harry working at a Starbucks cafe. It drives him crazy with all the over dramatic customers and fancy drinks, but he needs the money.

Draco, being the posh git he is, goes there nearly every day. It drives Harry insane. He orders the most complicated and disgusting drinks Harry has ever seen. Every time Harry thinks it can’t get worse, Draco comes up with more outrageous ingredients and combinations. Harry despises it.

But Harry can’t despise Draco. Because Draco’s hair shines in the sunlight and his smooth voice makes Harry swoon. It’s embarrassing.

Harry only sees him for bout five minutes most days. How could he develop a crush from encounters that were so short? Not to mention that Draco was unattainable. He was rich and snobby and Harry… well, he was Harry.

And where Draco’s looks soared, his personality lacked. Well according to coworkers anyways. They always said he was like a middle aged women who had nothing better to do than ruin the life’s of retail workers. But, Harry never had that problem. All Draco ever did was order his drink, scroll this his phone, pick up his drink, and leave. He was exactly friendly, but he wasn’t cruel either. He was…some where in the middle. Harry wasn’t worried about the warnings from his coworkers

However, he still didn’t have the courage to just ask Draco out already. He was like a distant dream to Harry. One he could never actually have.

One day, Harry was making yet another one of Draco’s new drink concoctions when Draco actually spoke.

“My classm - friend, told me that ordering fancy drinks gets the attention of baristas,” he said.

“What?” Harry asked. Draco’s face flushed.

“I asked them for advice. They said that I should order a fancy drink, so I did. But it didn’t work. So, I tried again, and again, and again. It still hasn’t worked and I’ve drank way too many disgusting mixes. They found it amusing,” Draco said.

“I’m sorry. Am I missing something here? Why have you been ordering these drinks?” Harry asked.

“To get your attention,” Draco blurted. His eyebrows immediately shot up and he began spluttering.

“Your friend told you to order fancy drinks?” Harry asked.

“Yeah Charlie. They thought it would help,” Draco said.

“Just a bit of advice: Don’t do that. It makes life bloody difficult for baristas to make these drinks,” Harry said. Draco’s face colored so much it reminded him of his friend’s red hair. He looked at the ground, embarrassment shown clear on his face. Harry finished making his drink and served it to the flustered boy. Draco walked out without making eye contact, about ready to punch Charlie in their face.

But as he was approaching a rubbish bin to throw the horrendous excuse for coffee away, something caught his eye. There, underneath his name in Harry’s untidy scrawl, was a phone number.

It looked like Charlie was going to get a thank you present instead.


New Stuff on my RedBubble! (exclusive stuff too!)

So I updated my Redbubble for you guys! I am still working on a shop of my own but I thought I get stuff out to you guys before hand. (And because of copyright issues I thought I’d do some original stuff for my shop). So enjoy some Smite, DC comics, and original Alice in Wonderland designs! I will keep updating it when I create new stuff. 

Available in: Clothing (Shirts, Hoodie, etc.), Stickers & Greeting Cards, Cases and Skins (Laptop, Phone & iPad) & Prints! 


Recently some people have asked me about buying my stuff online, so I’ve decided to actually open my RedBubble store. So from now on, if you want to get any of the things shown above or maybe something else featuring my art… You can simply go HERE and buy it! I’ll be gratefull for every purchase, no matter whether it’s something expensive or not ^^
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