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Dan had filled up my dash for about two days straight and I’m missing my Philly so here’s some gifs (yes I'be done this twice already, I just really love him okay?)

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Also I know their is less gifs than usual but I’m on my phone not my computer and it makes getting gifs way more annoying sooooooo yeah.

Well I think I have completed my collection of brewing systems, for now at least. Got this Chemex shipped to me from La Colombe and they even supplied me with a free bag of freshly roasted beans and a free box (100 count) of filters.  Great business and they also have amazing shops in Philly as well!  

holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy

but like why is only god holy
allen ginsberg said so many things were holy, like my asshole holy
but like my friends are all so holy
i am holy
people who suffer daily are holy
whether it be from afflictions of the flesh or afflictions of the bigoted other
my mother is holy even though i do not have a patience for her
but like even my father is holy
with his bad temper, an awful temper
a temper which has put me into a submission many times
but like that is holy too right?
like Julien Baker singing about her addiction and her god and her lost love is holy
when i fall in love with strangers i become holy right?
that moment when i realized the on again off again
on again off again emotional abuse I’ve suffered at the hands of “friends”
in a cyclical pattern i can’t help but repeat like
the circle my hand makes when completing an up down of a cold addiction
but like all of this is so holy
and just listen to that word
goddamnit it is so beautiful
the letters h o l and y put together are so holy
and like you know how we reserved the words i love you for those close
and made ourselves afraid to utter that slurry string
except to our one true that we’d meet one day but never right now
we do that to holy and I’m tired of it
holy is holy is holy is holy
and this summer i knew what it was to know love and to know holiness
14 dollar cocktails at 10 in the morning
hands getting dirty with concrete and plaster and friendship
foggy rooftops that lead to me laying at the end of a friends bed asleep from sadness
that moment where i became better than an accidental abuse
beautiful collaborations
and moments of tenderness with friends
reading a book in a small philly coffee shop
staying with a friend and meeting their mom and sister
smoking cigarettes on their balcony knowing people care
falling in love just as quickly as you did 5 months before
knowing it won’t work
but this time making peace with that
its all so fucking holy
and the holiest summer of the 22nd year
causing pain and love and pain and love
but holy pain and holy love
and i just hope this all starts to make sense
but like why is it that only god is holy?