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Hey all! To earn money for top surgery, I’ve started working on some autistic / neurodivergent pride patches. I’ve completed two so far, and because I’m working out how to make them they aren’t quite perfect – but the good news is, that means you can get them for a cheaper price than the perfected patches will be!

So check out these two patches or sit tight for the perfected patches, which should hit the store within a few days. 

We all deserve to stim freely – wear this patch on a jacket, a purse or backpack, or anything else you like to remind yourself (and others) of that.

I’d also love some more ideas for other phrases or designs to include on further autistic pride patches – let me know what you’d like to see on a patch!

Ok, my mum bought these pretty towels for my new bathroom..

..the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them?

Totally this! :)

Got yelled at for transgender bathrooms because you know how customers are

So I work at the store that isn’t Walmart and is red instead of blue, pretty obvious right I’m a cashier so pretty much useless when it comes to the brand of my store and today a man and his wife and kids came thru my line as normal and we’re pretty polite not awful and then as they’re walking away no one was in line behind them so the man goes “so is it true about the bathrooms? What’s going on with the bathrooms?” And I am in work mode at the time and I’m SO confused so I go “nothing’s wrong with our bathrooms in fact I was just in there everything’s fine what’s the problem?” And he goes “no target said they’re gonna have a bathroom for those transgender people” and I go “excuse me?” And he goes “it’s all over the news the bathroom at target for the fucking *******(used the word that rhymes w/ granny’s)” and I go “I’m sorry I don’t keep up with target news I’m just a cashier I don’t make decisions about things like that” and he is yelling st me now going “THATS FUCKING DISGUSTING I WONT COME BACK HERE” and at this point I am PISSSED mostly because I don’t give a fuck where someone wants to pee and I don’t think anyone else should either and the fact this mans yelling at me for it is crazy and I just go in a nice calm tone “I think where people want to use the restroom is their own decision you clearly have a different opinion let’s leave the conversation at that alright, I am a cashier not the owner of the store, telling me this is not helping your opinion in any way, & honestly if you’re that concerned I wouldn’t want you shopping in my store anyways and I’m sure if we are getting bathrooms like you say then the people I work with wouldn’t either” and at that point he looked at me dumbfounded bc he thought screaming at a little girl was ok and that id just hide in my corner and back down and luckily his wife literally PULLED him away at that point going “just stop it just stop you read fake Facebook articles I don’t even think it was real” which was the icing on the cake for me lmao but I never play customer is always right game when it comes to old people spouting their hateful opinions at me fuck that