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Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland, 1964


“Asahi, just jump!”
“No buts!” Noya then took his hand and jumped again. Then Asahi gave his own little jump. Then a bigger one. And then he and Noya were laughing and splashing each other with dirty street water, but it was the most fun either of them had in a long time. – Of Piercings and Sweaters

For the incredible kangarooblu and her amazing, AMAZING, Asanoya fic Of Piercings and Sweaters. This was my favorite scene in the story and I really hope I did it justice!!  

yo ok I just had a thought and I hate myself for it already but… the reason why victor buys so much brand clothes and accessories, isn’t it bc he has nothing/no one to spend the money on? we literally don’t know anything about his family, yakov is the only father figure victor mentions, and even around his apartment there are no pictures of his life/family, just some landscapes and stuff that doesn’t even feel personal

so is it actually possible that victor splurges on his shopping just to make himself feel a bit better about being alone bc he has no one to share his earnings with…? 

But photos on the walls of New York shopping malls distract me so I stay inside.