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Simple Spell Jar for Good Sleep - For Sale Here


  • Mint - Mint in the jar cleanses the mind, leading to happiness and good dreams. Associated with sleep and rest.
  • Rosemary - Rosemary, when placed beneath a pillow ensures good sleep and drives away nightmares.
  • Sage - Sage is used to is used to cleanse the area of unwanted energies, it will stop negative energy from seeping into your dreams.
  • Salt - Salt purifies and heals the mind, added to the jar it extends the effectiveness of the spell and ensures good dreams.

Seal with white wax and charge the jar in whatever way you please to ensure its power. Sleep with the jar under your pillow or besides your head to ensure a restful sleep and good dreams!

Happy Friday, folks! :D

Now that all props are ready for my next shop update I thought I’d share a sneak peak of January 9th’s release: “Sir Chocolat Chaud the 7th”!

Sir Chocolat Chaud the 7th comes from a long line of chocoholics and can’t live without his morning cup of cocoa. This pegasus has “chocolate shaving” wings, a marshmallow necklace, and is covered in chocolate drizzle.

His listing also will include:
–mug of hot cocoa prop
–can of “Filly Wip” prop (which he uses as hairspray, shhhh…)
–”Puff Papa” marshmallow squishy

Sir Chocolat Chaud uses Puff Papa as a body pillow, but you can squeeze him when you’re stressed or in need of a smile!

For more details and pictures, please check my blog and etsy shop Tuesday!




Just beyond Earth’s atmosphere there’s a nursery only a select few can visit, where baby stars twinkle and learn how to grant their very first wishes. These nine younglings are called “Cosmic Cuties” and make the perfect buddy for you, your doll—even your mintycorns!

Won’t you be the first in your galaxy to adopt a baby star? They’re eager to help all your dreams come true!

Listing includes:
— one (1) tiny baby star plushie of your choice
— numbered adoption card

These stars are handmade with lots of minty love and stand at approximately 1.75″ (4cm) tall.  Materials used include soft roving wool in a variety of colors, glue, and pastels. All Cosmic Cuties come with a numbered adoption card! Adopters also have the option of having their stars strung with clear nylon cord so they can “fly” in the sky!

PRICE: $5 + shipping from the USA!

For more photos and details, please visit my etsy shop:

Please help me find these cuties loving homes!
All signal boosts would be appreciated!


PS: Ziggy (20cm Villitunes Mizuki) offered to snuggle with a bunch of Cosmic Cuties to help show their scale!

I don’t know about you, but I am never one to turn down ice cream. Even in the middle of midwest winter. 

Ice Cream bby Bear Cones are here.

Instagram: @marchoftheblacksheep :)

It’s time for a sneak peek of my first release for 2018: “Happy New Yearling!”, a young unicorn who loves confetti, streamers, noise makers, and cake!

Happy New Yearling! will be galloping into my etsy shop January 1st (Monday)!

Listing includes:
— funfetti-inspired needle-felt unicorn
— removeable 2018 glasses
— “Kake Desu Neigh” cake buddy (thanks for the name, @funnylori 💚)
— adoption certificate & more!

Will share more details and photos soon!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year’s Eve! 🎉

Photo Print: Minty Pine 🌲