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Rebelcaptain // You’ve Got Mail AU

Jyn Erso runs Partisan Books, an independent communist bookstore in New York’s Lower East Side, a shop that her mother Lyra ran before her. At night, Jyn’s guilty pleasure is chatting online. Over the past few months, under the handle “Stardust,” she’s started chatting and exclusively emailing “a friend” who she’s met online who calls himself “Fulcrum.” There’s a hitch, though. There are boundaries to their online relationship: no specifics, including no names, careers, class information, or family details.

It turns out that “Fulcrum” is Cassian Andor, a VP at Rebellion Books, an online book sales juggernaut that specializes in leftist literature, and whose parent company, Alliance LLC, wants to buy out small bookshops like Jyn’s in order to bring together like-minded booksellers under one umbrella in order to fight the creep of fascism.

At a reading by the up-and-coming nonfiction memoirist, Bodhi Rook, Jyn and Cassian finally meet in person. They take an immediate liking to one another, until Jyn finds out who Cassian works for and what they are trying to do to her bookstore. Then it’s nothing but hate.

They continue to email each other anonymously, falling in love slowly, and not knowing the other’s identity until one day Jyn decides that “Stardust” and “Fulcrum” should finally meet. On a rainy evening, they are supposed to finally meet at Kyber Coffee in Soho. While they wait to meet each other, they clash, and Cassian slowly realizes that Jyn and Stardust are one in the same.

How will they overcome their conflicts? Can they be friends or more than friends if Jyn finds out the truth?

A lot of fics and prompts and ideas and what have you have Draco and Harry hyphenate their last name when they’re married. For example: Malfoy-Potter.

Well. Imagine they were avidly against double-barrelled surnames (because they couldn’t agree whose should come first), but they also couldn’t really settle on just one surname, so they each go by their own–Draco uses “Malfoy”, Harry uses “Potter”, and it’s fine. Most of the time, that is.

It’s fine until one of them pisses the other off, and then a quick way to make them even more pissed is to switch the surnames–especially in public.

Consider: Harry cuts into Draco’s primping time before a ministry function, and Draco is prickly the whole night because he has a ritual, okay, it takes time to look as good as he does, Harry. So. Draco’s peeved, and they get to the ministry thing.

Harry has the odious pleasure of various meet-and-greets with the attendees.

“Harry P–” he starts to say, but Draco jumps in smoothly.

“Malfoy. We’re married now, dear, remember?”

Harry glares at him, but can’t say anything right there in the middle of the auditorium, and the couple Harry’s been introducing himself to titter into their hands and exchange meaningful looks that make both Harry and Draco want to gag.

“Harry Malfoy,” the man greets him, and for the rest of the night, that’s all anyone will call him because it’s spread, or Draco has ensured every time he opens his mouth to introduce himself, he gets there first.

In retaliation, Harry signs Draco up for as many ridiculous mail-order shopping subscriptions he can get his hands on, because that’ll surely drive Draco mad.

The poor shop attendants who are in charge of these things scratch their heads confusedly at the order, but no, when they check, the slip is very firm on what it wants. They shrug but send the subscription out anyway.

For the next two weeks, an alarming number of owls arrive with booklets and pamphlets and magazines and instructional leaflets addressed to Mr. Draco Potter on all manner of topics from the latest maternity fashion to hair loss products and treatments.

Draco, of course, works himself up into a progressively bigger and nastier snit with each one that arrives while Harry sits back and watches, amused.

(Of course, until Draco comes after him, and they do say hell hath no fury like a  woman scorned. Whatever–it’s close enough.)


Solid Bronze Scale Mail Armor Cuff/Bracelet 

More than just a simple jewelry piece, this is armor inspired from the Bronze Age. 

Bronze had been a very rare naturally occurring metal before this time, however Alchemists discovered the transmutation process of combining copper with tin alloy to form bronze. Much stronger and easier to work with than other metals, It quickly became widespread through high amounts of metal working and trading. Bronze led to numerous advances in armory, weaponry, artistry, technology and much more.

This scale armor is woven with European 4in1 chain mail, a sturdy long lasting weave that was the standard among chain mail armor. Scale mail was popular among the Romans and usually reserved for higher ranking officers of the Roman army. Many other scale armors used a leather backing due to the time and skill required to weave the metal scales into chainmail. 

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ID #66940

Name: Lizzy
Age: 21
Country: California- U.S.A.

Hello! My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz or Lizzy :) A bit about me: I love adventures and travelling, crafting, going to coffee shops, going to the beach, binge watching movies and TV shows, music, photography, baking, reading, and all things nature. I know English, Spanish, and currently learning German :) I’m looking for long term penpals who are interested in snail mailing as I think it’s so much fun and really special to send and receive hand written letters! If I sparked your interest, don’t be shy and send me an email, I’d love to hear from you! I’d prefer penpals from the UK, Europe, Australia, and anywhere within the US, but I am open to anyone from any part of the world :)

Preferences: Male or Female ages 18-30 are welcome :)

For about the hundredth time: people who work in retail deserve MEDALS


the winner’s trilogy + coffee shop | you’ve got mail au

valoria coffee - the biggest coffee chain sweeping the country - has arrived in herran, two blocks over from arin’s local coffee shop. it isn’t long until arin and his best mate, roshar, stake out the new place, scowling and catching a glimpse of its employees. kestrel, the daughter of vice president trajan of valoria coffee, is working as a barista at the establishment until she figures out what she wants to do with her life. or better yet, something her father will approve of. soon the two face off against each other, while unknowingly befriending each other anonymously on a social media app. it isn’t long before the pair are unwittingly texting one another, roshar’s big cat running amuck, coffee snobbery, and arin finding out that the woman he’s falling in love with is actually his arch enemy. all is fair in love and war, right? 

ID #70481

Name: Caitlin
Age: 14
Country: Canada

hello, I’m Caitlin. I’ve always wanted pen pal because it feels so classic and a way to romanticize writing letters again. I love to read, actually right now I’m reading three books. Some of my favourite authors include Allen Ginsberg, Stephen King and countless others. I spend most of my time drawing, painting, discussing social issues or going to the art gallery in my city. I love finding new cafes to go to with my friends, thrifting and writing. Some of my favourite artists are The 1975, Modern Baseball, Rex Orange County and Steve Lacy; I think you could describe my music taste as alternative and R&B. I have a passion for pretentious foreign and indie films but am also into mainstream movies like super hero movies and star wars. I’m very left and passionate about intersectional feminism.

Preferences: I’d love to connect with someone around fourteen to sixteen who shares the same values as me.

Wrong Mail

Gajevy Oneshot
A gift fic for @levymcgarden17

Gajeel stepped through the doorway, looking forward to taking off his workboots after the long day at the shop. He tossed his mail onto the small kitchen table. He’d sort through it in a little bit.

The A/C unit in the window sputtered to life. Then stopped. And turned back on. The maintence guys had told him they’d get to it. Sure. He roughly sat down in the only chair around the table. He had forgotten his lunch again, now remembering where he had left it; the paper sack stared him in the face.

Munching on the sandwich he should have eaten during the day, he saw the stack of mail was thicker than usual. Looking through the clear slots, most were bills of his. But a few were addressed to someone else.

“McGarden? Again?” He squinted. That blue haired girl who lived in the apartment directly below his. How many times did he have to go downstairs to switch out their mail, as she received some of his as well?

Not that he hated it, per sa. He didn’t mind getting to see her, she wasn’t bad to look at at all. Pretty cute for a shorty. But he always felt as though she was waiting on him for something, as much as they saw each other during the week.

Sighing, he put his boots back, palmed the white envelopes, and stalked out into the hallway. When he came up to her door, he knocked and waited. What was she going to be wearing this time? Last time it was workout clothing. The time before that was a dress.

The door opened and Gajeel wasn’t prepared for it. His mouth dropped open when he saw the pink two-piece swimsuit. She held a beach towel and a pair of sunglasses. She grinned while Gajeel gathered himself.

“Yes?” she said calmly.

“Um, Levy, hi,” Gajeel stumbled. He huffed and looked down, remembering the mail. He was angry with himself for looking like a fool, with his reddening face. He couldn’t stop staring at her curves.

“I keep getting your mail. This needs to stop, dammit,” he said with force to cover his weakness. He shoved the mail at her and when she took it, stuffed his hands in his pockets.

She scanned through them. “I’m sorry you end up with my mail. I don’t know how to stop it. I’ve told them my apartment is B2, not C2.”

Gajeel couldn’t hear her for his own thoughts. He looked her up and down. He asked flatly, “Why are you in a swimsuit?”

Levy smiled. “A pool party.”

“This complex doesn’t have a pool.” He looked at her like she was crazy.

She waved a hand. “I know, my friend lives across the road. She’s got a large pool in her backyard. They’re grilling out.”

They stood staring at each other in awkward silence. He took a deep breath. It always felt like this time in their weekly mail-swapping meetings that it got weird. Like she was waiting on something.

“So you got any mail of mine?” he asked slowly.

She shook her head. “Not this time.”

“Well if you do, you don’t have to wait for me to bring you yours.” He slowly turned to leave.

“Ok, I will.” She gave him another smile, a bit her bottom lip. “Do, do you want to come with us? To the pool party?”

He was not expecting an invitation. Nor was he dressed for it. “”It sounds like fun, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.”

She giggled and shifted in place. “You wouldn’t ruin it. Can you swim? You do have swim trunks right?”

He knew he owned one, but a place in his mind wondered where he even kept it. “Uh, yea, I’d have to find it.”

Levy beamed and put the sunglasses on and lifted them up on her head. “Good! We’ll wait for you!”

He stared at her as a smile slowly crept its way in on his face. Good things can come from finding the wrong mail.

There goes July...

I may be scarce for a bit.  I just got an order of 50 plushies due as soon as I can make them.  I was expecting an order from this customer…just not this soon or for this many o_o

I have a few ML posts in my drafts that I’ll be spreading out over the next few weeks until I can complete this order. 

“People shouldn’t be allowed to eat and drink on buses….creepily listening in to people’s conversations, that’s totally fine, but eating? No!