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25.02.17 getting some reading in in this café before I dye my hair ready for a massive club night tonight! Sometimes I feel like I’m not a great studyblr role model because I fully intend to do some not so respectable studyblr ish things tonight. It’s dark and rainy so we’re thinking of heading home soon. Xxx emily

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some #looks from this season, y'all 🔮

99% of Credit Card Transactions

Customer: (hands me their credit card)

Me: (pointing to pin pad) oh I’m going to have you slide that right there

Customer: (slowly moves towards pin pad with confusion, tries to insert their card into the chip reader)

Me: it’s going to be slide (gestures to the side)

Customer: (starts to pull out the gift card saying “Slide” from the chip reader)

Me: we don’t take chip. you’re going to slide it right here on the side

Customer: (pulls card out of chip reader, inserting theirs) This was in there, i think someone forgot their card

Me: that’s just in there to let you know to slide your card

Customer: oh it’s slide?

Me: Yeah we don’t have the ability to accept the chip

Customer: but my card has a chip

Me: I know, we still can’t take it.

Customer: But-

Me: You’re. Going. To. Slide. Your. Card.