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Leather Jackets - Bucky Barnes AU

Request: “Can you make a Bucky imagine in which he’s like the bad boy who is really cool and falls for y/n and is super sweet around her?” // I did it as a Greaser AU because I was listening to the Grease soundtrack while writing lol

Word Count: 1167 // My requests are still open!!

The Greasers didn’t like to be messed with. If you’re not at their level, you can’t speak to them. You go near them, you’re dead.

Pacing quickly down the sidewalk, you avoided the glare of the boys in the red Chevrolet parked across the street. A message alert on your phone made you stop, pulling your phone out of your pocket.

Steve: Just overheard that the Greasers are gonna be at the coffee shop. Be careful.

Mentally groaning in fear of anyone hearing you, you slipped into the door of the cafe, walking with your head down.

“Hi, uh, Miss? What would you like?” The barista grinned at you, as you looked up from your phone. “Sorry, can I just have a juice please?”

“What’s your name?” She asked, holding your cup in one hand and a sharpie in the other. “Y/N.” You pronounced, smiling back.

Soon enough, your name was called and you took your drink, walking out of the store.

You looked around before pushing the door open, seeing the Chevrolet had moved. Breathing a sigh of relief, you pushed the door open and began your walk home.

Going to grab your phone from your back pocket, you bumped into someone.

Feeling a hand on your back, you looked up, making direct eye contact with one of the leaders of the greaser gang, Bucky Barnes.

“I am so sorry, I really wasn’t concentrating. I should look where I’m going, sorr-” You mumbled, rambling away, “Hey, don’t worry about it. Y/N, is it?” He smiled warmly at you, “Uh, yeah, that’s me.”

“We have English together, right?” He asked, trying to making eye contact as you looked everywhere but his into his eyes.

“That we do,” you laughed nervously, “See you Monday, I guess.”

“See you Monday, Y/N.” He smiled, brushing past you as you walked back home, texting Steve about your ‘incident’.

Soon enough, Monday rolled around.

School always dragged along on a Monday. Whether it be the non existent enthusiasm from the students, or the bore of lessons from teachers paid less than they’re owed.

Grabbing your bag and heading out of the classroom, you avoided the glare of the same boys from the coffee shop stood outside your classroom.

You felt their eyes leave as you trailed outside to try and find your friends, Steve and Peggy.

Walking past the bleachers, you felt all eyes on you as hands gripped your shoulders.

“If it isn’t Little Miss Y/N.” You span around to be met with the eyes of one of Bucky’s gang, another member of the Greasers.

“H-hi?” You questioned, looking away from where he stared deeply at you, backed by two more Greasers; the rest sat on the bleachers.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N. May I ask why this pretty little mouth of yours was talking to Barnes outside the coffee shop last night?” You looked up, horrified that anyone had seen yours and Bucky’s conversation.

“I-I didn’t mean anything by it! I bumped into hi-” He pressed a finger over your lips, his minions trailing behind you, as he whistled for more of them to come over.

You were surrounded. You’d seen this happen before, and you prayed every night that they would never do it to you.

Grabbing your bag roughly off your shoulders, you gasped as they pulled your books out one by one, until they reached your sketchbook.

“Well what do we have here? A sketchbook! Let’s have a looky here shall we?” He smirked, picking up the black book from your feet.

Flipping through your doodles and practices, you prayed they wouldn’t find your illustration of the picture Bucky had posted recently.

But they did. Just your luck.

“And it gets better! How 'bout we show this to Buck when he gets here, hey? Is that what you want, Y/N? Attention? Well, sweetheart, that’s what you’re gonna get.”

Tears began to spill down your cheeks as he cascaded the sketchbook to the ground once again, the pencil drawing looking like a watercolour.

“Now, Y/N. How 'bouts we deal with you.” He spat, getting closer to your face. Grinning, he grabbed your hair and pulled your face up to meet his eyes.

Taking a harsh slap to the face, you looked into his eyes as he laughed, “Fuck. You.” you spat.

“What was that, Y/N? Say that again.” He looked shocked, but hid it. “I said fuck you.” He looked at you again, “You’re gonna regret that Y/N.”

Taking another hit, you saw the blood hit the concrete on the other side of the book.

“Hey!” A loud voice echoed from outside their circle, as the rest of the group scattered, you sank to the floor.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doin’?” Bucky asked the boy stood opposite you, as you let more tears flow. “You know what, I don’t wanna hear it. Back off.”

Bucky kneeled in front of you, smiling softly. “Y/N?”

“Y-yeah?” You held your nose in fear of it bleeding further.

“I’m so sorry the did that to you, I promise I would never have let them if I would’ve known. Are you alright?”

“Apart from nursing a headache and this nose bleed, I’ll be okay.” You smiled back up at him, his eyes glistening as he looked at you. “Shit, you need to get to the nurse.” He looked around you at the destruction of your bag, trying to pick up your scattered books.

“Did you draw this?” He asked, awe taking over his features. “Um, yes, I did. I’m sorry, it’s lame. I just saw the picture on my feed and I needed prac-”

“Y/N, babe, this is incredible.” He grinned from ear to ear, holding the book so delicately. “T-thank you, Bucky. It means a lot.” He slung your bag over his shoulder, offering you a hand as he led you to the nurses office.

“I’m still so sorry, Y/N. Can I please take you for coffee or something to make up for it?” He asked, brushing your hair behind your ear as you held tissue to your nose.

“I don’t drink coffee, but I’m definitely always down for pizza.” You laughed, Bucky joining you. “Well, pizza it is. Are you free tonight?”

- 6 months later -

Finishing the final sentence of your last-minute homework, you shoved the books into your bag as a knock at the door snapped you out of the world of your science work.

Opening the door with a smile, you saw Bucky, donned in his leather jacket and all black outfit.

“Mornin’ baby.” He smiled, pressing a kiss to your lips as you grinned into it. “Good morning, Bucky.”

“Did you sleep okay?” He asked, interlocking his fingers with yours. “I’d sleep better if my boyfriend wouldn’t keep messaging me every five minutes!”

“Well forgive me for caring about you!” He laughed, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“You know I love you really.” You nudged him slightly as he grinned. “I love you too, doll.”


I’ve been seeing the same POT for a month now. Yesterday was our fourth meet and I was going to mentally declare him an SD from now on. You’d better believe that was C A N C E L L E D.

After spending two hours getting ready, I drove another two hours in the snow in Toronto traffic to meet this man at a restaurant for our date. I got there, grabbed a table and sat down when he texted me saying he fell asleep and to order for him because he would be there soon. This really pissed me off because the last time we met up he was an hour late, and the time before that he was off by 20 minutes. Now, I had already spent money and time driving to the restaurant so my ass was NOT about to turn around and leave. No, I knew he would come, even if it took 2 hours. And it did. Straight up, two hours.

Luckily my boyfriend came and saved the day by covering my tab and letting me use his laptop to charge my phone in the restaurant. He stayed with me until this man arrived.

I walked out to his car, smiling and pretending everything was okay, because my ass already had a plan.

There was no way I’d be fucking and sucking this dude tonight. No way in hell! Had it been a vanilla man I would’ve already blocked his number and forgot his name but I was going to suck this man dry of every hour of my time that he wasted.

I turned to him, smiling and said, “babe, do you want to go to the mall?”

You’d better believe his ass took me to the Eaton Center, scrambling to make up for tonight. I had him withdraw $2,000 cash and buy me $400 worth of Steve Madden and Aritzia gear. Then, before it was time to leave, “I have to go to the bathroom,” I said, “I’ll meet you outside once you grab the car from the parking garage.”

And what the fuck did I do? I grabbed an Uber and hauled my ass back home. If anyone saw a young woman running down the street in Louboutins and an arm full of shopping bags last night, that was me.

After two hours of texting him and pretending I couldn’t find him outside, he got the hint.

Carry On Countdown - Coffee Shop AU

Every Other Weekend pt. 4

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,725

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating

A/N: going to have to close tags for this one. i’m so sorry. but i’m so glad you all enjoy it so much! and i hope you enjoy this part. really happy with it (:

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“Just sign the damn papers!” Bucky raised his voice at you, angrily running a hand through his hair.

“I’ll get to it. I have a lot to do.” You sighed, not facing him.

“That’s the last thing you have to do.” He spoke with a tense jaw.

“I can’t sign them. That means it’s over.”

“It is over.” Bucky’s hand ran over his face. “Just get it done, please. I don’t want to make this more messy than it is already.”  

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The last night of the flower festival is a bitter sweet one. The shops have little left to offer, and everything they have left is marked down in price. The food stands close early, already packing up their equipment to take home. The flower garden is close, a rope warding off people attempting to enter. The pokemon inside are beginning to scatter back to their original homes, but they are forever grateful of the new friends they have made in the garden.

As the day comes to a close, the night begins. A large patio, one almost the span of the festival appears. At the edges of the patio are large oak that cover the entire rim. It is as though they have been grown in a only a few short hours. Their branches are covered in hundreds of thousands of lights. Fairy lights that sway in the breeze, lanterns ranging from wine bottles to paper lights hanging from it’s branches. The far corners of the dance old small, round tables with large floral center pieces inviting guests to take a moment to rest.

Music can be heard from outside the fairy ring, soft yet undeniable. Along with it is laughter, and the twinkling of lights that offer refuge for one more last night of fun.

        Welcome to the Flower Festival’s Spring Dance.

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TalesFromRetail: Normal Hours

My first time posting so bear with me.

I work a pharmacy/one stop shop store and last night around a quarter after nine, I had this customer come up to my register and ask if she could get her prescription.

I told her we couldn’t because pharmacy closed at 8 and the pharmacist had left for the day.

She then asked why the pharmacy was closed today.

I said it wasn’t, they were open their normal hours, 8 to 8. She was definitely confused at this point and said, “Well it’s 8:30 in the morning so they should be open”

“Ma’m, its a quarter after 9 at night”

“Oh” she got this very startled look on her face and made her way out of the store.

I was in shock to say the least. I just hope she made it home okay, definitely seemed to be in her right mind apart from being 13 hours off time wise.

By: DrZurn

Presenting: Scorpius…the rapper. (I’m so sorry - I don’t know what any of this is.)

Doodle inspired in part by the incredible works of @platinasi. 😄Wishing you luck on the upcoming national nursing license exams!! ✨

-Yes, that’s supposed to be the Time-Turner on his chain. Gleams like gold, just the way the Malfoys like it. True, only the adults use this one in Cursed Child, but let’s just ignore that, okay?

-So I like to think Scorpius’s propensity for singing + killer pun game + tendency toward wordiness in general = rapper potential.


-But you can’t deny that the boy who gave us “engorgimpressed” and “it’s time that time-turning became a thing of the past” wouldn’t be able to spit some clever rhymes. Plus he genuinely sings nearly every other line in the play so he’s clearly musically inclined.

-The biggest challenge he faces is choosing a rapper name to use during the one (1) week (albeit the longest week of poor Albus’s life) that he spends fixating on this potential career path. There are simply too many to choose from. I mean…

(Btw, Albus is normal, Scorpius is italics.)

-“Scorpius the Dreadless”

-“Malfoy the Unanxious”

-“Scorpion King”

-“Son of the Dark Lord” “Do you really want more people to call you that?” “I thought maybe I should just embrace it…”

-“Pepper Imp” “Scorpius, no, you can’t call yourself that.” “But there’s a Muggle rapper named after a Muggle candy! Have you ever tried Muggle candy? It’s fan-taaastic!”

-“$corpiu$” “We’re supposed to be English, remember?” “Oh, right…”

-“MC Awkward” (I shit you not, I took a rapper name quiz as Scorpius and this is what it came up with for him.)

-“Floorpius. It’ll make more sense when I’m famous for my breakdancing. I’m playing the long game, Albus.” “Please…no more-pius.” (Credit to @ohscorbus for coining “Floorpius.” Bless you for this gem.✨)

-“” “But you’ve changed it.” “So?” “So it’s technically not your middle name anymore.” “It’s close.” “It won’t make sense now, Scorpius.” “But I’m…so hyper…”

-“Master Malfoy…It’s what our House-elf calls me…”

-“Hyper Ion” “That’s not even clever.”

-“Lil Scorpy” “OKAY, ALBUS! THANK YOU FOR THE SUGGESTION.” “No, no, Scorpius, I was kidding - it was a joke!” “NOPE. I LIKE IT. CALL ME THAT.” “S-scorpius…p-please…I’m begging you…no.”

*12 hours later*

-“Scorpioncé” “Go to sleep, Scorpius.”

-He’s also definitely tried to commit the Twelve Uses of Dragon’s Blood to memory via rap. 

-And on one hand, I think Scorpius probably listens to songs and is entirely oblivious to any and all innuendo present, but on the other hand…engorgimpressed.

Me Brandon and kalisse went to two thrift shops last night and we got some really good stuff, BUT the best thing I got is this really weird looking horse, thing, that I have no idea what it’s purpose is BUT recently took down the big money store poster that was right by the front door and replaced it with this really tiny picture of me as a baby(which fucking makes me laugh every time I see it) and I really want to hang up this horse thing right under neath the picture of me and use it as a coat hanger and MAKE it the last thing everyone sees as they leave my house

AS IT TURNS OUT none of us knew about this concert because my brother is scatterbrained and texted Mom about it this afternoon, so we’re all frustrated ;;;
also the NFL draft starts tonight…in Philly…so there might be crazy bad traffic? Crossing fingers that there won’t be.
But the concert starts at 8 so yeah, definitely won’t get home until midnight at the *earliest*.
Send me strength ;;;

guys guys guys

I was out shopping last night and when I was driving down a spooky back road

an owl pulled up beside me and flew next to my car for a few seconds

it was SUPER cool

I wonder if he was using my car to spook prey and capitalize?

I hope you live a life of success awesome owl

Ticking Time Bomb Ch.3

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Smut

** Russian Terms
Malyutka (Little One)
Moya lyubov’ (My Love)


Steve and Reader aren’t close to being the same, she’s a ticking time bomb with an attitude to match her wild hair. A spy and a history with Nat, she isn’t open to many if anyone.  But going under cover with Mr. America could change everything for her, who knows what lies under all that anger, hostility, cold attitude and brightly colored hair.

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As Steve jumps up you slide your hand under the couch and pull the small hand pistol stashed there. Falling behind Steve as you both make your way slowly towards the bedroom, you flip the safety and cock it ready for whatever comes next. Steve pushes the door open, his one arm slightly out towards you, you know he’s ready to pull you out of the way if something comes towards you. 

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Overreact (M.E)

|based on the prompt: Hey could you do a Matt imagine were you make a vine together And it goes viral and you can think of the rest. Thanks😊

|•1.6k words - I couldn’t think of a vine so I kinda changed it so sorry if it’s bad lol. PLEASE REQUEST!•My masterlist can be found in my description•|

“Friendship goals,” Matt grins at his camera before pointing it down to face the plate of miscellaneous I had made him. “When you get to your best friends house and you find a plate of food waiting for you, that’s when you know that you have the bestest best friend ever.”

“That didn’t make any sense?” I laugh. Matt looks over at me and smiles, rolling his wrist so I was in the shot.

“My best friend is better than yours! I LOVE YOU, Y/N!”

Yes, Matthew Espinosa is my best friend. We’re not the cheesy best friends who have known each other since birth and live next door to each other and our parents end up arranging our marriage when we’re just 16. Nope, I met Matt when I was 12 on MySpace - yeah, fucking retro MySpace - and we had an argument over which breed of dog is cuter.

It’s safe to say that I won the argument by threatening the young lad with my dog, a large German Shepard.

Matt and I live about an hour away from each other but he often makes the trip out here to see me. I once road tripped down to where Matt lives with my friends and we met up with him and some of his friends. It was a dramatic trip.

I don’t like to talk about it.

“Thanks, Matty boy.” I smile and lean up against the kitchen counter and I watch him post the vine onto his account with a bright smile on his face. “That’s the first time I’ve ever been in one of your Vines,”

“And it’s going to go viral,” Matt smugs, locking his phone and setting it on the table. “But that was obvious.”

“Don’t shove your fame in my face, Matthew Lee, you know I don’t care for that.”

“No, I was going to say because you’re so beautiful but clearly you don’t care about that.” He rolls his eyes back jokingly. I raise my eyebrow at him.

“I’m trying to decipher if that’s a compliment or not.”

“Neither can I.” He winks, picking up the fork and digging in to the eggy bread and toasted tomatoes - something I made that Matt seemed to take an incredible liking to. “Why’d you make me food, anyway?”

“We went grocery shopping last night and I know what you’re like when you come over, so instead of you snacking and eating everything I decided to make you a proper, hearty meal.”

“I swear to God, I will wife you up just for this food every day.” That is the most Matthew thing I have ever heard. You can just tell he’s a food pig, can’t you?

“It’s just bread dipped in egg and fried?”

“You make it taste better.”

“How the hell do I do that?” All I did was crack an egg in a frying pan and drop a slice of bread in there. Do I have magic hands or something?

“Because it was made with love and consideration.” Matthew cheeses. He smiles that big ol’ grin at me and shovels another forkful of bread into his mouth.

I can’t help but smile at his appreciation. If I did this for anyone else, I’d get an eye roll and a “what the hell do you want now” speech. Everything is different with Matt. My whole life turned upside down when we became friends. I suddenly started feeing appreciated, loved and wanted. Matt is always so thankful for anything I do for him, unlike any of my other friends, he always makes sure to thank me.

“I’d never do this for any of my other friends so you better consider yourself bloody lucky.”

His eyebrows raise and a cocky smile appears. “I called it.”

“Called what?” I ask, confused.

“You have a crush on me.”

If I was eating or drinking, I would have choked to death by now.

“Where did you get this information from, Matthew?” I splutter and cover my neck with my hand, acting as if it were a shield from showing any signs of weakness.

“I can see it in your eyes, Y/N. You fancy the pants off of me.” Matt smirks with a mouthful of food - attractive.

I pour myself a drink of apple juice from the fridge and take a sip of it. “Well, someone’s ego definitely grew on tour.”

“Don’t try to deny it, doll.” He made sure to chew and swallow his food before he spoke next. “You’ve always had a crush on me but you never wanted to tell me about it because you were scared that it would ruin our friendship.”

He seems so sure of this little accusation, but I really don’t know why. Like, where the hell did he think up this? I can’t even imagine what’s going on through his head right now.

“Did my food make you delusional or…”

“Y/N, don’t change the subject.” He says sharply and drops his fork onto the China plate in a strop. “Just admit it, you do have a crush on me!”

I roll my eyes and take a step over to the dinner table. “Matthew, I do not have a crush on you.”

“Yes you do.”

“I really don’t.”

“So,” He drags. I take a real, long look at his face. His cheeks were beginning to burn red. Wait… Does Matt have a crush on me? “If I asked you out on a date, you would say yes?”

That’s my question answered.

With a long sigh, I stare up at the ceiling and shake my head. “I would say no, because I have a boyfriend.”

Matthew stares at me in shock. His mouth opens to say something but nothing comes out. I raise my eyebrows at him and just watch him until he actually manages to speak to me without panicking and going silent. “Wait, w…what?”

“You didn’t know?” Matt shakes his head. “I’ve been with Adam for 6 months now, Matt.”

“Why the fuck wouldn’t you tell me that, Y/N? I’m your best friend and you didn’t tell me? What the fuck is that about?!” He shouts at me and stands up from his chair. He practically slams his hands down onto the wood table and glares at me.

And I can’t help but shout and glare back. “Of course I told you!”

“When the fuck did you tell me then, Y/N!” His entire face goes red, and this time, it’s not because he’s nervous. “Because I remember you telling me shit all about this ‘Adam’ guy!”

“We were on the phone whilst you were on tour and you were in your hotel room. I told you about a date I went on - coincidentally with Adam - and you just cut me off and started talking about some hot girl you saw at dinner!” I wave my arm around in an expression of my annoyance, but it doesn’t really do much justice to the tone of my voice. “Of course, it’s typical Matthew to cut off whatever I say, isn’t it?”

“Hey, don’t pin this on me, this is your fault.”

I can feel myself growing angrier and angrier by the second. He’s such an ignorant asshole who only cares about himself half of the time.

“Oh fucking wow. Now this, this is typical Matt.”

“Why are you being such a bitch?Seriously what is your problem today?” He half laughs, half sighs. “Are you on your period or did you have a petty argument with your fucking boyfriend?”

I’ve had enough. I love Matthew to death, of course I do, he is my best friend, but recently, he’s turned into an asshole who has no respect. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if it was the 'surprise’ of me having a boyfriend or if was being away on tour for so long of if it’s the people he’s hanging out with now. All I know is that he’s not the same Matt he was last week.

“Leave, Matt.”

“Excuse me?” Within seconds, his red face whitens and pales to the point where he looks sick.

I walk away from the kitchen table and back to the counter, leaning against it so I wasn’t facing him. “Get out of my house, I don’t want you here.”

“You can’t just make me leave, Y/N.”

“You’re in my fucking house, I’ll have you know, and I will call the fucking cops if you don’t leave.”

“Are you being serious right now?” I nod. I refuse to speak to him after the way I was treated. “I don’t know what happened in the past few weeks that made you resent me so much, but whatever I did, I’m really sorry, Y/N. I respect you and your choices, no matter how I react.” He picks up his phone and walks towards the kitchen door. “I do love you because you’re my best friend. If you don’t want to be associated with me anymore, that’s fine, it’s completely your decision and I will respect that. I just… I want you to know that lately, I’ve been having these thoughts about you, and me, being together and I just wanted to see how you felt about it.” Matthew bites his lip and looks down at the floor.

All I do is stay silent.

“Well, I guess that you’re not going to talk to me anymore but just know that I’ll always be here for you. Also know that I have a huge fucking crush on you and I’m really happy for you and Adam - he’s a damn lucky man.”

And with that, he walks out without a second look. Leaving me to feel like absolute shit.