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Hello everybody !

It’s been a long time since I have not published any sketchbook pages. To begin, here are some drawings did last winter. It was a period during which I didn’t make a lot a sketches, but the current season makes me want to change that !

As summer resolution, I would like to write a bit in japanese as well. I’m not sure to have many japanese followers but I would like to try it in order to practice. Please, forgive me in advance for my beginner skill and don’t hesitate to correct me !



Musical Asks!
  • Hamilton: What 3 historical figures would you want to have dinner with?
  • Heathers: What crowd did you hang out with in high school?
  • Guys and Dolls: Have you ever badly lost a bet or gamble?
  • In the Heights: What would you do with 96,000?
  • Little Shop of Horrors: Favorite flower/plant?
  • The Man of La Mancha: What's your impossible dream?
  • The Wizard of Oz: What would you ask for from Oz The Great and Powerful?
  • RENT: What's a required quality in a best friend?
  • Something Rotten!: Who's your favorite Shakespearian character and why?
  • Sweeney Todd: Favorite kind of pie?
  • Les Mis: What's your favorite kind of bread?
Boost your Spanish with more complex synonyms for words you already know

Here you have some words/expressions (in bold) that you can use to show off while speaking Spanish. A native will know them, but if you use these you will impress them. Also, in your writings these words will look quite good.
NOTE: Some of them are quite formal and not used in conversations.

  • similar - semejante, afín, cercano, aproximado, símil, parecido (adj.) (similar)
  • parecerse - asemejarse, semejar, darse un aire, recordar a (to resemble)
  • divertido - ameno, entretenido (adj.) (fun)
  • difícil - peliagudo, arduo, espinoso (adj.) (difficult)
  • fácil - sencillo, factible (adj.) (easy)
  • empezar - emprender (to begin)
  • terminar - concluir, ultimar, finiquitar (to finish)
  • la misión -  la empresa, el cometido, la tarea, la labor, el quehacer  (mission, duty)
  • caro - costoso, prohibitivo (adj.) (expensive)
  • barato - asequible, económico (adj.) (cheap)
  • distraer, desentender, simular - hacerse el sueco (expression, lit.
  • to do the Swedish. To avoid doing something that you must do)
  • enfermo - aquejado, indispuesto, alicaído (adj.) (sick, ill)
  • la historia - el cuento, la leyenda, la fábula (story, tale)
  • el cotilleo - chisme, chismorreo, enredo (gossip)
  • aprender - cultivarse, formarse, educarse, empollar (to learn)
  • gustar - cautivar, embelesar (to like)
  • saber - estar al corriente, estar al tanto (to know about something)
  • siempre - perpetuamente, constantemente, continuamente (always)
  • malo - diabólico, maléfico, maldito, ruin, infame, sinvergüenza, insolente, maligno, malicioso, depravado, inmoral, pérfido (adj.) (bad, as in “a bad person”)
  • malo - nocivo, dañino, perjudicial, nefasto (adj.) (bad)
  • comprar - adquirir, obtener (to buy)
  • la tienda -el comercio, el establecimiento, el negocio, la botica (shop)
  • continuar -prorrogar, prolongar, preservar, aguantar, proseguir (to continue)
  • buscar - indagar, rebuscar, escudriñar, revolver (to search)
  • contestar - objetar, contradecir, rebatir, refutar, rechazar, disputar, discutir, argüir (to reply, as in refute)
  • abandonar - marcharse, desaparecer, largarse, ausentarse (to abandon, as in “to leave a place”)
  • feliz - radiante, contento, risueño, campante (adj.) (happy)
  • triste - afligido, apenado, desconsolado, abatido, entristecido, apesumbrado, desolado, deshecho, desamparado, mustio, taciturno, tristón (adj.) - sad
  • antipático - desagradable, enojoso, aguafiestas, pesado (adj.) (obnoxious)
  • la ciudad - la urbe, la localidad, el municipio, la población
  •  (city)
  • el país - la nación, la patria, el pueblo, el estado (country)
  • la familia - la estirpe, el linaje (family)
  • los padres - los progenitores, los ascendientes, los antecesores (parents)
  • la casa - el domicilio, la vivienda, la residencia, la morada, el inmueble, la edificación (house)
Need New Blogs

I went on an unfollowing spree and I need new content that isn’t homestuck.

Please reblog or like if you post the following (Gunna be a big list):

> Heathers
> The Book Of Mormon
> Hamilton
> Little Shop Of Horrors
> La La Land
> Grease
> Bugsy Malone
> Rocky Horror Picture Show

> Orange Is The New Black
> 13 Reasons Why
> American Horror Story
> South Park
> Stranger Things
> Shadow Hunters

> Horror
> Overwatch
> Aesthetics (Any)
> Music