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Need New Blogs

I went on an unfollowing spree and I need new content that isn’t homestuck.

Please reblog or like if you post the following (Gunna be a big list):

> Heathers
> The Book Of Mormon
> Hamilton
> Little Shop Of Horrors
> La La Land
> Grease
> Bugsy Malone
> Rocky Horror Picture Show

> Orange Is The New Black
> 13 Reasons Why
> American Horror Story
> South Park
> Stranger Things
> Shadow Hunters

> Horror
> Overwatch
> Aesthetics (Any)
> Music

Musical Asks!
  • Hamilton: What 3 historical figures would you want to have dinner with?
  • Heathers: What crowd did you hang out with in high school?
  • Guys and Dolls: Have you ever badly lost a bet or gamble?
  • In the Heights: What would you do with 96,000?
  • Little Shop of Horrors: Favorite flower/plant?
  • The Man of La Mancha: What's your impossible dream?
  • The Wizard of Oz: What would you ask for from Oz The Great and Powerful?
  • RENT: What's a required quality in a best friend?
  • Something Rotten!: Who's your favorite Shakespearian character and why?
  • Sweeney Todd: Favorite kind of pie?
  • Les Mis: What's your favorite kind of bread?
Boost your Spanish with more complex synonyms for words you already know

Here you have some words/expressions (in bold) that you can use to show off while speaking Spanish. A native will know them, but if you use these you will impress them. Also, in your writings these words will look quite good.
NOTE: Some of them are quite formal and not used in conversations.

  • similar - semejante, afín, cercano, aproximado, símil, parecido (adj.) (similar)
  • parecerse - asemejarse, semejar, darse un aire, recordar a (to resemble)
  • divertido - ameno, entretenido (adj.) (fun)
  • difícil - peliagudo, arduo, espinoso (adj.) (difficult)
  • fácil - sencillo, factible (adj.) (easy)
  • empezar - emprender (to begin)
  • terminar - concluir, ultimar, finiquitar (to finish)
  • la misión -  la empresa, el cometido, la tarea, la labor, el quehacer  (mission, duty)
  • caro - costoso, prohibitivo (adj.) (expensive)
  • barato - asequible, económico (adj.) (cheap)
  • distraer, desentender, simular - hacerse el sueco (expression, lit.
  • to do the Swedish. To avoid doing something that you must do)
  • enfermo - aquejado, indispuesto, alicaído (adj.) (sick, ill)
  • la historia - el cuento, la leyenda, la fábula (story, tale)
  • el cotilleo - chisme, chismorreo, enredo (gossip)
  • aprender - cultivarse, formarse, educarse, empollar (to learn)
  • gustar - cautivar, embelesar (to like)
  • saber - estar al corriente, estar al tanto (to know about something)
  • siempre - perpetuamente, constantemente, continuamente (always)
  • malo - diabólico, maléfico, maldito, ruin, infame, sinvergüenza, insolente, maligno, malicioso, depravado, inmoral, pérfido (adj.) (bad, as in “a bad person”)
  • malo - nocivo, dañino, perjudicial, nefasto (adj.) (bad)
  • comprar - adquirir, obtener (to buy)
  • la tienda -el comercio, el establecimiento, el negocio, la botica (shop)
  • continuar -prorrogar, prolongar, preservar, aguantar, proseguir (to continue)
  • buscar - indagar, rebuscar, escudriñar, revolver (to search)
  • contestar - objetar, contradecir, rebatir, refutar, rechazar, disputar, discutir, argüir (to reply, as in refute)
  • abandonar - marcharse, desaparecer, largarse, ausentarse (to abandon, as in “to leave a place”)
  • feliz - radiante, contento, risueño, campante (adj.) (happy)
  • triste - afligido, apenado, desconsolado, abatido, entristecido, apesumbrado, desolado, deshecho, desamparado, mustio, taciturno, tristón (adj.) - sad
  • antipático - desagradable, enojoso, aguafiestas, pesado (adj.) (obnoxious)
  • la ciudad - la urbe, la localidad, el municipio, la población
  •  (city)
  • el país - la nación, la patria, el pueblo, el estado (country)
  • la familia - la estirpe, el linaje (family)
  • los padres - los progenitores, los ascendientes, los antecesores (parents)
  • la casa - el domicilio, la vivienda, la residencia, la morada, el inmueble, la edificación (house)

YOI x Only Shop ICE Contestant Passes/Bromides

Original Release Date:
February 2017

Featured Characters (14 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Emil, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Michele, Minami, Phichit, Seung Gil

Where you can get the birthdates, ages, and heights of everyone altogether! Interestingly enough, these don’t list some characters’ blood types, but the overall distribution is:

?: Viktor, Otabek, Christophe, Georgi
A: Yuuri, Emil, Michele
B: Yuri, JJ, Phichit
O: Guang Hong, Leo, Minami
AB: Seung Gil

The Yuuri badge was sold separately as it came with the official lanyard as well.

P.S. These are great references for cosplay!

Other items in the Only Shop series!