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Zodiac Signs at the Grocery Store

“What did I come here for? Whatever I want.”

“I came here for 3 things… but that wine and chocolate though.”

“Forget the bread I came here to listen to the soccer mom drama and the peach at check out.”

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“No you need this spice to make it just like my grandmother’s recipe.”

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“Store brand? What are we savages?”

“That is NOT on the list! Wait does that say two for one?”

“But it says it’s a new flavor.”

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“I’m only here because I’m hungry… oh and I might have known my ex was going to be here.”

“Who has time to grocery shop?” *orders groceries online or delivery*

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“Did you say free samples?”

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“Befriending the deli guy opens your world to so many possibilities.”

*Overfills the basket, obviously needed a cart* “Crap”

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just found out that corporate (NartanSpash) has started adding online shopping & grocery delivery to some of its stores (probably to try & compete with the likes of weijer and martwal). meanwhile, our store isn't up to fire code, has rags on the floors because of constant leaks, & is considering consolidating our meat & seafood departments to cut hours even further. it's just so frustrating to work for a company that cares so little for its employees & customers yet tries to stay hip and upscale

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Domestic bliss headcanons like their morning routine and who does the most around the house and what they eat for tea and where they do their weekly shop

tash, you know my #brand.

ok so, during the weekdays, robert tends to be up before aaron. he’s a shower in the morning sort of person, so he’ll be up and in the shower before aarons alarm even goes off, getting ready for the day. he’ll always go downstairs and make aaron a cup of tea (and coffee for himself) and tends to wake aaron up by smothering kisses all over his very sleepy husbands face. much better than getting woken up by the alarm, not that aaron would tell him.

weekday mornings when liv is there tend to result in a lot of yelling and shoving liv out the door to the bus stop with a half eaten slice of toast in her hand, liv having zero interest in getting up for school. they always treasure those few minutes they get in the kitchen before liv is awake though, the two of them sitting close together and eating their breakfast in a comfortable silence. well, aaron eats his breakfast, robert tends to pick at a slice or two of toast (he doesn’t much like breakfast) and catch up on the news and scroll through twitter.

on weekend mornings, it’s another story. they like having the excuse to laze in bed (they’re usually up so early for work) and just sleep, or chat about their plans for the weekend. sometimes they’ll end up watching something on Netflix, curled up under a mound of blankets (because robert is always cold) and working their way through a series.

if robert is tired enough (or hungover enough) he can be convinced to allow breakfast in bed, but usually they’ll head downstairs in their comfy clothes, and robert will do them a fry up. he makes the best bacon butties, much to aarons delight.

robert is generally in charge of tea. aaron does it sometimes but it’s generally pasta bake or chicken goujons (anything he can fuck in the oven from frozen.) robert is a bit more interested in cooking and makes them all sorts for tea, so the house always smells amazing when aaron comes in from work, robert standing at the oven, sleeves rolled up and looking gorgeous as anything.

if he could, aaron would just order in all their grocery shopping online, but robert (weirdly) really likes going to tesco and doing their shop every week. they try avoid doing it on saturdays though, because robert nearly got into a fight with a mother of four over a parking space. robert just enjoys browsing the aisles and picking out new things to eat, so aaron tends to trail after him with the trolley and just let his husband at it. he’s only ever gotten worked up about grocery shopping when robert tried to switch out aarons cereal for the non-chocolately version and he (loudly) threatened to divorce him in the middle of the cereal aisle in hotten tesco.

they share the housework fairly equally, really. robert had always been fairly houseproud, but so is aaron now, because the mill is *theirs* and he wants it to look good. aaron tends to take all the washing up, and the hoovering, mainly because that means robert does the laundry and cleans the bathrooms (neither of which aaron particularly wants to do.) aaron is fairly skilled at convincing robert to do housework by promising him blowjobs, though - and it works because robert is a bloody neat freak. a neat freak who loves a good blowjob from his gorgeous husband.

We just did all of our grocery shopping online with our local chain and it will be delivered to us tomorrow afternoon??? like what a time to be alive I didn’t even have to leave my house 

🌱🌿Herbalism Part 1: Harvesting, Drying And Making Your Own Herbal Cabinet🌱🌿

🌿Harvesting Herbs🌿
There are many ways to harvest herbs. You can go to your local witchy shop, grocery store, order online, planting your own garden and harvest from there, or go out into nature and harvesting that way. I personally like to grow my own or order online from Mountain Rose Herbs I feel you get great amounts for the price you pay. When harvesting, you will want to before the sun gets to hot and not not harvest when it is wet.

🌿Drying Herbs🌿
The ideal place to dry herbs is in a dark, very dry and well ventilated room. It could take several days or weeks for the herbs to dry. If you think your herbs are dry take a small piece and crush between your fingers, you will easily be able to tell if the herb is dry or not. Thinker parts will take a lot longer. Heavier roots could take a year or more to dry. The max temp for drying should be 93°F. Any temp higher will cause a breakdown of the herbs and their components. Do not dry in the sun as this is hazardous to the herbs and their components. Do not dry your herbs in the attic as it gets far too hot.

🌿Making Your Own Witchy Herb Cabinet🌿
Putting together your own witchy herbal cabinet is so easy. All you need is jars or some type of of container to out your herbs in. Don’t forget to label each herb with the expiration date. Then you just need a safe, dry place out of the sun to keep them. This can be a cabinet, a chest, on shelves in a closet. I like to put my herbs in self sealing mason jars I get at Target and I keep them on a book shelf in the closet. I do have pics of my witchy room if you wanted to look back at them.

🌱Note: Herbs expire after 4 years.

If your unable to get herbs or it is difficult to, you can easily find herbs at your grocery store. Also if getting herbs is difficult rosemary can substitute for any herb.

🔮🐱All the info is from my own research and my own experiences🐱🔮

🌱Make sure you do your research. Make sure you know what is not edible and what is edible/can be ingested and what part.

🌱Make sure you know where your herbs are coming from.

🌱I am not a license doctor. I have studied herbalism and make my own remedies based on my studies. Statements contained on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease nor take the place of professional medical advice. If you are struggling with a serious health concern and are interested in utilizing a holistic method of healing that is your decision, but you can contact a qualified health professional in holistic medicine, please do not hesitate to do so if you feel you need to. You are encouraged to confirm any information obtained from or through this web site with other sources, and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician.



Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon week 13: Sleepless

Words: 3261

Tags: Heavy angst, PTSD, Nightmares, Hurt/Comfort 

Week 13 submission for the OHFAT hosted by @thebookjumper!

Notes: I wasn’t sure whether or not to write this because I knew the process would be upsetting and triggering, just like the first thing I ever posed in this collection of fics. But I’ve been going through some stuff and as you know, writing is like therapy for me. So I wrote this anyway. 

You’ll probably want to read this first but I guess this could work as a stand alone fic too.

Much like the first chapter, it’s not an uplifting read but it does have somewhat of a happy ending. So I hope you enjoy this anyway! Please let me know what you think once you’re done :)

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Life continued on as normal. Or at least, it tried to.

Felicity went to work, went to meetings, went grocery shopping (mostly online but it was still shopping), went down to the bunker and worked with the team, went to a yoga class, called her mom, paid her bills and scheduled an appointment with her dentist that she’d been putting off for weeks.

During the day, she was mostly okay. There had been a couple of moments where she wasn’t, but they were just moments. Momentary lapses in time where her reality shifted and she couldn’t remember how to breathe properly.

Like the time Oliver, John, Dinah and Rene had been out on a mission and she’d been assisting them from her computer just like she did every night. They were almost out of the clear and ready to head home when there’d been an explosion that none of them had been expecting and Felicity hadn’t been able to pick up on any of her programmes and all of a sudden her vision had gone black and her ears had started ringing and she’d known she should do something, help the others get out of there by directing them to the nearest safe exit or activate the building’s sprinkler systems in case anything caught fire from the blast. But she hadn’t been able to. She’d just frozen, unable to hear anything but the ringing in her ears, unable to see anything but thick, black smoke that wasn’t even there, her shaking hands hovering over her keyboard, completely useless. It had taken a good 40-50 seconds before she could bring herself to focus on what was real, on breathing, on getting her friends out of danger. She’d known her friends had been calling her name, asking her where to go, asking her to get them out of there, and when she hadn’t been able to respond, when she’d given them nothing but silence for half a minute, they’d started to worry that something had happened to her. She knew they were calling her name, she knew they were asking her if she was okay, but she still hadn’t been able to answer because if she opened her mouth, she knew it would fill with smoke and she wouldn’t be able to breathe. She vaguely remembered Oliver yelling some brief instructions to them and then their lines went dead, only his left on. He’d said her name then, so softly.

“Felicity. Felicity, listen to me. We’re okay. You’re okay.”

He’d just known. He’d known why she wasn’t responding, why she couldn’t, why the unexpected explosion had affected her this way.

“No one is hurt, okay? But we could really use your help getting out of here just in case there’s anything else we can’t see. Can you do that?”

Slowly, his voice had brought her back to reality. Slowly, she’d squeezed her eyes shut and counted to ten, bringing herself out of the smoke and the screams and back into her chair at her desk where the only sounds were the whirring of her computers and the hissing of the air vents and she knew she was safe. Slowly, she’d opened her eyes and focused on the screen in front of her, scanning over the entire building, finding a secure route for them to take and checking it four times until she was absolutely sure it was safe before she told them which way to go.

She’d left and gone home before they returned, not wanting any of them to see the mess she was in, not wanting any of them to ask questions. She wasn’t sure whether or not Oliver had told them what had happened to her or if they still believed she’d left before the bomb had gone off. She didn’t care. As long as they didn’t ask, she didn’t care whether they knew or didn’t know. As long as they thought she was fine, she didn’t care.

Because she was fine. She was.

During the day. Mostly.

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fun fact: I do my grocery shopping online and I bought a bag of carrots, BUT I didn't really pay attention to how many carrots were in that bag. Turns out it was an entire kg of carrots, so now I have way too many //carrots// and skam is full of carrots and consequently my life is too. I'm overwhelmed by carrots.

dskfjlksdjfkl carrots are good tho,,,