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Plush Commissions!!

Hey guys! I’m short on cash right now, what with just having moved and life just generally being horrible. So I’m opening up a few slots for Custom Plush Commissions!

These slots will range between $60-$90 (pretty cheap for a custom plush!) and be for a plush which is 6"-10"

Since these will be cheap commissions, I will be taking creative liberty with the designs and I can’t do anything too complicated (like lots of markings or clothing). I will also be taking them at my discresion, so if a character would just be too complex or something for this price range I will let you know!

First up is custom Dragon Hatchlings or Solbeasts:




These guys will be a flat-rate of $60, just send me a message with what creature you would like to commission, and what colors you would like, use the following templates:

Dragon Hatchling - Eye Color: Body Color: Accent color: 

Solbeast - Body Color: Mane & Tail Color: Horn Color: Eye Color:

You can also commisssion a custom plush of an OC or favorite media character, these will range from $70 to $90, depending on the complexity of the design. For these, send me a message with reference images, preferrably with multiple views of the character. Here’s some examples of what these sort of commissions can look like:

(Commission of Margaret the Badger warrior from the upcoming video game Margaret’s Blight)

(My characters Mica the Gargoyle and Kitty & Mouse the Kesterels)

(Finny the Dragon)

You can also check out for more examples and pre-made plush!

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8.15.17 // 11:30am // guide to treating yourself on a student’s budget

requested by @rivkahstudies (thanks rivkah!)

school is hard. it’s kind of a fact. hate to break it to you, but it only gets harder. sure, academics are important, but your mental health is even more so. taking a break and having some fun is crucial to preventing burn out, but sometimes it gets a little harder to do so on a tight budget. hopefully these tips will help you out. xoxo, m

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So I decided I really liked that cute little sketch and wanted to finish it, so here it is :D

Also I decided to open a RedBubble shop, and so this is the first thing available in my shop, so if you want you can go buy it ;)

Hi my name is Richard Papen and my father is called Richard (that’s how I got my name), my hair is brown with dark brown and golden tips that reaches my mid-back and wooden brown eyes like a forest and a lot of people tell me I look like Oscar Wilde (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Henry Winter but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a writer but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a classicist, and I go to a liberal arts school called Hampden in England where I’m in the first year (I’m twenty-two). I’m poor (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly a tweed jacket. I love fancy clothes and I buy all my clothes from that kind of shops. For example today I was wearing my tweed jacket with matching beret and a oxford shoes. I was wearing no makeup, only a white foundation for my skincare. I was walking outside Hampden. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. The greek class of Julian were staring at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I read your analysis of the political situation in Poland and I wanted to ask you: since Poland has lived under communism, could you maybe paint a picture of pros and cons of that for our Bernie-bros "friends"?! Because I don't think they ever read a description of an actual socialist or communist regime (not the manifesto, but an actual historical, real life representation). Thank you so much in advance and please take your time with the answer, doesn't have to be today, no rush

Pros… well they weren’t many, but cons were! this is gonna be a very long post. 


1. Everybody had a job. Everybody. If you were an adult wandering down the streets during the work hours, the police had the right to stop you and ask why you aren’t at work. The fact that there was basically no unemployment, gave people the financial security they needed. The fact that due to the shortage of products people were unable to spend their money in a way they wanted is another story. 

2. Everything was state owned, (that actually also classifies as a con, but I’ll get to that later), so institutions like universities too. That implied that you didn’t have to pay to go to uni and actually that allowed to even out the chances for people from the rural areas to climb the social ladder. The motion that universities should be free of tuition fees prevailed to this day. Some time ago, the government was thinking about introducing tuition fees for the most popular and prestigious faculties, like law or medicine but the idea received so much backslash that the government retracted from introducing them, which is I think fair in a way, since I pay taxes that go to sustain roads and prisons, I don’t mind that some of the amount goes to unis. In fact, I’d pay even more if I knew that more of my tax money were allocated to unis. 

3. Things like universal health care were a given. Everybody had the access to a hospital or a doctor and that notion is very deeply rooted in the society to this day. The outcome is that today in Poland, nobody dies because they can’t afford health care or medicine. Some of the meds are even refunded by the state now. 


1. Everybody had a job. That means, that people were forcefully employed even if their job position was not necessarily lucrative or contributing to the finances of the company. So it resulted in people going to work and doing nothing for 8 hours, standing around the whole day, or drinking on the job. Yes. You didn’t have to have any qualifications to get a job, so when the system changed those unqualified people who were not able to land a job, because suddenly the state owned companies where they worked collapsed and they didn’t even have any real skills needed in a new economic system.

2. Everything was state owned. So, everything was either over-funded and they were wasting money or underfunded and they were not developing the branches that should be developed in order for the country to thrive. This brings us to the third point of the…

3. …centrally planned economy. And that implied a few things: First, the lack of the financial discipline within the companies - that negligence actually left us with huge debts. At some point, to give the economy a kick, we had to borrow money from the Western countries, which we didn’t pay off until 2012 (SIC!). What is more, people running the companies were thinking along the lines of “the state will give me money anyway, so why should I care about optimizing the production to save some, right?”. Then, a centrally planned economy makes the economic system not flexible and adaptable to the changing factors, but still we mostly exported to USSR, which was also a centrally planned economy back then, so those guys could work things out between themselves if the production levels needed to be adjusted. Another effect of this, was the fading away of entrepreneurship as people were actually unable to set up their own companies with their own capital, that’s why when we transitioned in 1989, some “businessmen” even when they set up their own companies, actually did a very poor job of managing their companies, because they were not used to functioning in an open market economy with the state that actually requires you to pay taxes. 

4. The lack of a sense of responsibility for a country as a shared good or value in its own right. It was always someone else’s responsibility, so I could vandalize the bus stop, because it didn’t belong to me. It was state owned. I didn’t  have to care about not throwing litter to the ground because why should I care about a space that I share with other citizens? For example, facilities like sewage plant didn’t even existed, the whole country was just dumping their waste into the rivers, because who would think about the environment??  This country was not ours anyway, so… That approach actually transposed to this day, and while there are more and more people who feel that shared responsibility, and we definitely have more sewage plants now, there are still many ,many people who think that they don’t have to care, because for many many years it was like that, and that left them with the sense of powerlessness that does not necessarily motivate them to do something for the community they live in and change their lives for the better. or idk, manifest their need for change by going to the polls for example? 

5. When we were under the communist rule, we were under the wings of USSR and while we did not succumb fully to them, still their presence in Poland was palpable. For example, most of the produced goods were exported to Russia so at some point the shops looked like that: 

and people were living off the food stamps, like these: 

These are the food stamps for meat. In the middle, you have the space to fill in your name and address, but that didn’t really mean that you’d get the meat if you went to the shop. Because it simply wasn’t delivered to the shop or if it was you had to queue for long hours with no guarantee that  they had enough and when you finally make it to the counter, you’d get your portion: 

This is actually a pic of a queue to the shop with alcoholic beverages, but it’s just to get you an idea of how long the queues were. Fun fact: people queued for days, for example my mum was taking shifts with her mum and her sister while my grandpa was at work. Sometimes people queued because the rumor had it that they would deliver “something” to the shop. Oftentimes, people didn’t know what that “something” was, but there was such a huge shortage of goods that they queued anyway because they could later sell it or exchange it for something else. 

Another mechanism of the same vain functioned:

Now, people working in the companies that were producing goods at some point started to create the second “black market” meaning that they would “bring” some of the goods produced in their companies home, to either exchange it for something else or sell it on the black market. A lot of luxury goods like meat for example or a tv set, were sold under the counter illegally. If you had an aunt who had her own farm in the countryside, you were able to make a lot of money on selling meat and eggs alone, as such basic products were on shortage. Same when you owned a shop. For example if you owned a shop, and let’s say 4 tv sets were delivered from the production line, you put 2 on the counter and 2 under the counter to sell it on the black market, for example to your aunt or a friend of a friend who “ordered” it from you.  These were very strange times, there was apparently a huge shortage of all the goods, and yet people had all the stuff they needed at home. Pretty neat, yeah? Well, apart from the toilet paper, but that was sometimes just not being produced. AT ALL. 

Everybody was doing it and everybody knew that everyone else were doing it. Tell me, how a system that allows stealing the state owned goods is good for a society as a whole and useful in building the sense of respect towards the state institutions? People back then were thinking “well, the government is screwing us over, so why should we feel bad about us screwing the government over, too?”. It is visible to this day, when you still hear people of the oldest generation whining about paying taxes and generally contributing to the society as a whole. They think that the government is crap, and nothing’s gonna change anyway, so why should they care, why should they go vote… They still have their heads in the 80ties. 

6. Lack of personal freedom, freedom of speech and well, being basically fed with propaganda from all places. We had Russian spies of KGB working in Poland, some people, in exchange of some goods or connections, colluded with the communist government and were spying on their neighbors and ratting on them to the government, if they thought that there was a chance that somebody could be a oppositionist.  That really helps to build social trusts, doesn’t it? You could be thrown in jail and beaten to death for thinking differently. Well, Orwell really did a great job at explaining the communist mechanisms in his book ‘1984′. Sure, he paints an exaggerated picture, but the whole notion of The Party being always right and being very vehement about people who dared to say no, while oppressing people in the name of a mission to fulfill, which was constantly fulled by propaganda, and painting the reality in bright colors though the reality was so much different, is right on point. To this day, people are really distrusting towards each other, especially people who grew up in the communist times. Sayings like “You can count? Count on yourself” are still prevalent in the public discourse. What is more, you could not leave a country without the government knowing about it. Your passport was closed in a drawer in the governmental office, so if you wanted to go abroad you’d have to ask to have it, and still you could only travel within the borders of the Eastern Block.Things like vacations in Paris? It was very hard to get a permission to leave just like that, so many people just stayed in their own country - that created the xenophobia - in order to discourage people from fleeing or going away (because they didn’t really want to see people realize how screwed they are), they fed people with propaganda saying that the other countries are bad and that communism is superior, but people knew how bad they have it and that everywhere else, especially in the western countries, people’s lives are better, so the government, in order to retain people  did everything possible to make people stay, ergo they made it extra hard for people to move around. At some point, they allowed people to go to Bulgaria on vacations and this was for many, the only chance to go abroad. (Bulgaria was a communist country, too back then). 

7. They were elections held, but the candidates were elected by the Party so, it didn’t matter on who you voted, things would not change anyway. Some people think it’s the same under democracy, so that’s why the turnout for the elections in Poland is so low. 

Pretty crazy, isn’t it? And it is just my common knowledge I acquired by talking to my parents and grandparents, and I’m pretty sure, it’s actually the tip of an iceberg and, have I investigated the matter further, I’d be able to give you even more crazy, inconceivable now for a citizen of a democratic country, details. Actually, I’ve recently bought a book entitled “Women, Communism and Industrialization in the post-war Poland” and once I’ve read it, I’ll probably add more to this post. 

anon asked: hi! how would BTS hint that they like you?? thank you 👏🏻👏🏻

yippee ki yay here we go


If Namjoon likes you, he’d probably try to find things that both of you enjoy. For example, music! Namjoon strikes me as the type to make spotify playlists of songs he thinks you’d like and share them with you. I think he’d also try and let you see what sort of music he was working on and ask for your honest opinion, which he’d really value. I think he’d be the type to text you just to ask about your day. 


Seokjin thinks he’s slick so he brushes his hand up against yours and then acts like it was an accident. He’s totally the type to try and touch you all the time in some way. I think he’d also share his food with you (of course) and ask you to accompany him on simple, basic, excursions- grocery shopping, for example. 


Hoseok would do anything to make you laugh. Anything. He thinks your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world besides yoongi and he tells you this all the time. Actually, get ready to be showered in oddly specific compliments. One day he might tell you your nails looked really nice, the next he might compliment your shoelaces. 


Yoongi thinks he’s not being obvious, but he is. He’d try to bring up crushes in conversation and ask if you had one, because ?? that’s totally just casual conversation don’t overthink it. I think he would be a bit like Namjoon, too, in that he’d want to share music with you. Yoongi would love it if you both listened to a group so he could talk to you about what their songs meant to both of you. 


Jimin, like Jin, would always want to go places with you. He’d text and ask if you wanted to go get ice cream or something, but would get really shy as soon as he saw you. He’d also try and touch you a lot, but wouldn’t be able to play it off because he’d start smiling and get very, very flustered. 


I honestly think he’d be the least shy around you. Instead of trying to brush his hand against yours or something, Tae would just go for it and hug you. He’d always ask you random questions about things he knows you like just to hear you talk to him. Taehyung would always try to make you smile in some way and honestly it’d be very cute oh my god can I can a Taehyung


shy. little. nerd. Jungkook wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye for a while, instead sneaking glances whenever he could. Eventually, he’d work up the nerve to talk to you and would be awkward for a bit, but that would soon dissolve into teasing. If he texts you, he’d probably send you memes and playfully make fun of you. All in good humor, of course, he’d never take it too far. 


I know I draw a lot of Rinoa and Squall fanart, or of other ‘normal’ pairings like Selphie and Irvine. I only do that becuase it seems to be what the fandom likes. None of them are really my OTP or what I even think the game is about. So I thought today would be a good day to tell you all about the pairing and the love story that I think makes the game so beautiful!

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Sean Gayle Appreciation Week 2017

BIG EDIT: I messed up and didn’t put the Daily events on properly, my bad, I’m so sorry. My ADHD is fucking with me bad today, y’all. Please reblog THIS version, it’s the correct one! Thank you @evapaw-of-thunderclan for saying something, lol!

Fuck it, let’s do this thing! Ok, so from Monday, July 10th to Friday, July 14th, I will be hosting a Sean Gayle Appreciation Week 2017 for the Choices fandom!

The Daily Events are as Follows:

  • Day 1: Favorite Screencap
  • Day 2: Favorite Line
    • Said to MC or otherwise!
  • Day 3: Favorite Pairing
    • In-game or out of the game, canon compliant or not, go wild!
  • Day 4: Favorite AU
    • For example: Coffe Shop AU, Sean Gayle as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones/Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones with MC as Khaleesi or fellow Khal, or Sean Gayle is Captain America of the Avengers Initiative featuring the rest of the Endless Summer Squad, etc! Be creative, go hog wild y’all!
  • Day 5: Favorite Fanwork
    • Let’s show some support for the wonderful writers and artists who bring us more Sean-centric content and shower them with praise! Find a Sean-centric work you love and reblog it and tag it with Sean Gayle Appreciation Week 2017 or you can even post a new work under this tag if you want!


  • To tag something for SGAW2017, it must be Sean-centric and Sean positive, please! (This doesn’t mean if you tag something for Day 5 Sean has to be the only character in the work, it just has to be Sean-centric and Sean positive.)
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  • Tag each post for each day with ‘ Sean Gayle Appreciation Week 2017 ‘ and the Day of the week, like this: ‘ SGAW2017 Day 1 ‘ ok? (Minus the air quotes on either side of those tags)

Have fun guys! I’m gonna tag a few people to get the word out there, and I can’t wait! @zaddysloan @hollyashton @blazerina @stormholt @hartfeld @ anyone who wants to participate!

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Learning happens inside our brain when new information connects with existing memory. When we are excited or enthusiastic our brain happens to do that much better.

In a famous experiment American psychologist Hans Breiter put cocaine addicts into an MRI. The effect of the drug excited the addicts and the researcher saw a lot of activity in what’s called the Nucleus Accumbent. German scientists did the same experiment with young men and pictures of Porsche cars, which caused the same area to light up. When they did it with pictures of a Daihatsu.. it didn’t. What’s going on here?

As soon as we expect something nice to happen, the brain releases it’s happiness chemicals dopamine and endorphin as well as other neurotransmitters. While dopamine and endorphin delight us, the other neurotransmitters send information from A to B. This connects new information from outside the brain with stored memories inside… and that’s learning.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that everything “fun” helps us learn. Shopping for example makes us happy, but as German Neuroscientists Manfred Spitzer measured, it only lasts 12 seconds. Then the dopamine level drops and we have to shop more to bring it back up.

This happens because the brain releases neurotransmitters in anticipation of something nice. But once we get it, the dopamine rush ends and the information exchange slows. Accumulating new things therefore doesn’t make us happy, nor does it help us to learn. Being excited about something for a longer time or being surprised does.

For example: When we are excited to plan a trip with our friends or when we have an unexpected and inspiring conversation with a stranger, our brain releases neurotransmitters in abundance and we start recording with all our senses in high definition. The synapses add existing footage from the long-term memory to make it a creative and memorable experience. It’s like we turn on a learn turbo.

Neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Hüther even argues that young children can learn multiple languages and so many other things, mainly because of their ability to be excited. And most are excited about everything until they get held back to follow their interest by the expectations of their parents or schools.

When learning a new language in a boring class at age 35 however, we have little left to be excited about and hence we learn next to nothing. Prof. Hüther believes any 75-year old Chinese man, who falls in love with a young 65-year old British lady, will speak English very fast.

If you are able to constantly learn new things in an exciting way, the chemicals released in your brain are likely to outlive the pleasures of drugs or shopping. It seems as if happiness and learning not only come from the same region in our brain, but they also promote one another.

What is your experience? Is learning a side product of enthusiasm? Or can we learn without passion or interest? Share your thoughts in the comment below!

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♡tip for age regressors♡

do you love how onesies look? are you too shy to get one from the popular companies? or are they too expensive for you?

i found something that can be similar!

since bodysuits are back in fashion, popular brands are starting to sell them. they are versatile for wear in everyday life, and look like onesies! (i know they may seem too adult, but in comparison, bodysuits can be cute and cheap)

these are feminine models, but i’m sure anyone can find smth that fits!

tl;dr consider shopping for a bodysuit !




Originally an all-girl school, the Salem Witches’ Institute opened its doors to wizards at the turn of the 20th century. Contrary to popular belief, there are no lingering ghosts from the Salem witch trials on campus or in the city because none of the convicted were actual magic folks; despite this, the magical community remains wary of muggle attention. Classes at the institute are therefore located all over the city in different buildings which are only accessible at certain times of the day, and can only be entered through magical means. The same door that leads to a coffee shop, for example, would also serve as the entrance to the school library for the students who know the correct password and hopes to access the building during its operational hours. For this reason, the institute refrains from implementing strict uniform policies, which stands in stark contrast to the very formal dressing practices of the Preparatory Academy of Magic in Louisiana. Every year during Hallowe’en, students like to crash house parties and perform simple spells to get a kick out of the bewilderment of muggles.

Imaginerding, Zootopia.

Zootopia is a smash hit at this point. It’s breaking records left and right and clearly there is a demand for it from audiences! So what better way than to capitalize on that than giving Zootopia it’s own land! As for why Zootopia over other properties I would say it comes down to 1. Need 2. Theme 3. Location as it fits all these three criteria perfectly. It’s no secret that Animal Kingdom is in the middle of a transformation from a half day park to a full one. And with the promise of Avatar Land on the horizon in 2017 it seems there is a lot to look forward too. But even with the new land I still feel Animal Kingdom is still missing out on things to do, especially for the little tykes! And if you look at Animal Kingdom’s attraction lineup there isn’t a traditional dark ride that would seem excitable for the all ages crowd! 

Zootopia fits the need for attractions especially aimed at youngins, it’s theme fits perfectly in Animal Kingdom’s mission statement and would go hand in hand with the rest of the park, and there is PRIME location for this land to be made right by Rafiki’s planet watch.

The land you see above is hidden from guest view on the train and is one of the large expansion pads over at Animal Kingdom. Realistically you could fit three lands in here but for now let’s just focus on one. 

Using the red as the outline here you could have a WONDERFUL little zootopia land e ticket family dark ride and all! As for what the land would look like I don’t think that’s a difficult thing given how the movie gave such detail 

Have giant skyscrapers looming over the land and other various buildings all forming the metropolis that is Zootopia. Now given that the film make it clear that entering is done through monorail I think it wouldn’t be all that hard to retheme the current train that leads to Rafiki’s planet to match the one from Zootopia. Doing so would give the land a real kinetic energy and authenticity making the only way in and out through monorail! The land could consist of one E ticket family dark ride, and perhaps 2 b/c ticket rides sprinkled throughout the land. But I think a major part of what would make this land work would be the kinetic energy of the city itself. Fill it with unique retail and dining options all teeming in the metro area! From the Elephant Ice cream shop which could feature JUMBO sized ice cream goods to other fun animal themed shops and eateries! For example even making a walk through area of little rodentia could even work as one of the extra b/c tickets of the land!

Idea’s like this are just the surface of what could be done with this area! As for the E ticket Attraction I think the family dark ride should be a cop search and rescue for a missing animal through Zootopia! However before we start on our journey the ride should have it’s queue/line somewhere that is fast, dangerous, exciting teeming with energy to get you ready for the attraction! 

The Zootopia DMV. Seriously we should be waiting in line in front of these guys and they should be the ones to call us into the actual vehicle loading area. And as one of the Directors of the film so beautifully put it instead of a cast member pressing a button to start the ride I would hope it would be none other than

Flash Flash 100 yard dash. I think seeing him slowly hover over that green button as everyone in the ride vehicle is just itching for the ride to start would not only be hilarious but true to the film. As for the ride vehicle itself I think it’s pretty safe to say it would be Judy’s police car.

The ride could take us through all the various areas of Zootopia each with unique temperatures and animals all the while visiting some of the friends from the film, Mr Big, Nick and Judy, Mayor Lion Heart, Mrs Otterton, etc.

All culminating into a nice high speed chase finale which would bring us out into the ZPD upon solving the case. Where upon exiting everyone could be given honorary ZPD badges and while passing by Chief Bongo’s office where we could see his silhouette and hear him recite a few lines here and there. And before exiting the building we would be bid farewell by this lovable cheetah  

As for entertainment options night there could be street dance parties hosted by Zootopia starling Gazelle and her dancers

Though the tigers may need to be put in area where nasty folks can’t reach em lol But the idea would be like the incredibles Dance Party only here it would make sense given she’s actually a performer. All in all I think there is a LOT to work with here when it comes to Zootopia and I think to not take advantage of that would be a real shame! If you liked this post please be sure to like and reblog and as always I’ll see you guys next time! Until then!