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After SHINee’s performance in FNS Kayousai (12/14) lots of people got interested in SHINee, and many of them asked about ‘the guy in the middle’ referring to Taemin. Days after their stages in the festival, Tower Records physical shops (for example, from Shibuya and Kameari) are using ‘the guy in the middle’ thing to promote both SHINee and Taemin! (sources: TOWER_Shibuya, TOWER_Kameari)

4 terrible things that can happen if you join a bad public Wi-Fi network

Open Wi-Fi is generally unencrypted.

The biggest problem with public Wi-Fi networks is that they are not encrypted. This means the information you transmit (passwords, for example) while connected to an open Wi-Fi network can be seen by anyone who is looking to snoop around.

Malware is a risk.

An infected device connected to the same network can contaminate your device as well. Malware poses a threat, as it can provide a hacker with access to all the information on a device, according to Digital Trends.

You could be using a honeypot network.

Creating a fake Wi-Fi network is simple and hard to detect. Fox News reports that a hacker just needs to put up a router and give it a relevant name — using the name of a hotel or coffee shop within proximity, for example. Once a user connects to such a network, called a honeypot network, the hacker can pass on viruses or lead users to malicious websites.

Online banking on an open network can compromise finances.

An online poll of 1,025 adults by cybersecurity company Symantec found that 22% of those surveyed accessed banking and financial information using a public Wi-Fi network, CNBC reported. Managing finances online over an unsecured network is especially dangerous since sensitive information can be leaked and accounts can be compromised.

Here’s how to protect yourself:

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid joining open or public Wi-Fi networks. Should someone need to connect to an unsecured network, they should abstain from using sites that require them to transmit personal information, such as online banking and social media accounts. Read more

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Hi my name is Richard Papen and my father is called Richard (that’s how I got my name), my hair is brown with dark brown and golden tips that reaches my mid-back and wooden brown eyes like a forest and a lot of people tell me I look like Oscar Wilde (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Henry Winter but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a writer but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a classicist, and I go to a liberal arts school called Hampden in England where I’m in the first year (I’m twenty-two). I’m poor (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly a tweed jacket. I love fancy clothes and I buy all my clothes from that kind of shops. For example today I was wearing my tweed jacket with matching beret and a oxford shoes. I was wearing no makeup, only a white foundation for my skincare. I was walking outside Hampden. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. The greek class of Julian were staring at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Halloween gift time!

You guys are used to crappy previews by now, right? So this release was supposed to be part of a bigger set with moar chalk recolours, including those on an horizontal mesh (plus the already uploaded Sala recipe paintings). However, since there is no rule saying I cannot make a part 2, here are some chalk recolours of Maxis' Stick 'em Up bulletin board.

I like to think that a kitchen is the heart of the house - it's often the place where the family truly gathers and I'm one those people who love to find photographs and notes for dentist appointments on fridges. These recolours start with two basic "models": blackboard and cork, followed by a series of chalk art pieces on the blackboard texture. The idea here is that you change the recolour as much as you want and make-believe your simmies wiped the board clean and drew something else on it. Also good for coffee shops.

All chalk art examples are by the lovely lilyandval. No copyright infringement intended.


There's a total of 15 recolours - 2 are clean blackboard and cork, 13 are chalk art drawings. The .zip also includes a swatch - you can easily compare it with names of the files so you can delete the ones you don't want to keep - and a bonus.


Included is a .psd with the images of the base blackboard and cork, in case you wish to add your own designs. Keep in mind that, unless you mirror your designs, they will appear backwards in-game. With that in mind, you can mirror your designs before adding them to the base texture or mirror the whole deal when it's finished. Do what's best with your working method.

Straight Jokes

fantasysrealist is my bff and we have every class together and both of us are queer and I make so many straight jokes I think she’s starting to hate me
For example today:

Shop teacher: “Ok everyone head into that closet there.”
Me, a queer not out to my family: “But I’m already in there.”

And in the lunch line:
Dia: “…for three years straight-”
Me: “Dia we’re both zero years straight.”
People in lunch line: *Confused stares*

She yells at me a lot


Feb.12:Hello! I’m Risa.Today, we went to downtown! Fortunately, Taka-san came to Victoria. I was glad to see him. He took to various shops in downtown. For example, clothes, shoes, and sundries. We had lunch and went shopping there. It was a very fulfilling day so I was really happy.


Since the turn of the 19th century, African American beauty salons and barber shops have served as special place the black community. They have been places not only to get hair care services, but locations where black people could be vulnerable and talk about issues of importance in the community. In the barber shop one could historically find a couple of men playing games such as chess, cards, or dominoes — while talking about what is going on in the black community. In beauty salons one could hear conversations about the town gossip, politics and local community affairs.

Over the years, beauty salons and barber shops have come to provide a unique social function. Scholars often cite these sites as “sanctuaries” for black people. Many film adaptations of African American themes use these businesses to show black culture in the United States. Coming to America, 1988, Malcolm X, 1992, and Barber Shop, 2002 are examples of films used to showcase African Americans’ unique relationship with barber and beauty shops.