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1st July, 2015 - New York City Center Encores! Off Center

Ellen Greene as Audrey - Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour - Taran Killam as Orin

Tracy Nicole Chapman, Marva Hicks, and Ramona Keller as the Urchins

Eddie Cooper as Audrey II

Joe Grifasi as Mushnik

fold - a henny/julian fic

[tosses another angst log onto the fire] ah. the sound of my own tears at seven in the morning. how lovely

spoilers for the update

Julian’s face falters as his gaze meets hers, his eye widening in shock. His hands are still on her arms, from where he’d grabbed her to move her out of the way of the cart, but his grip is looser now, threatening to drop at any moment.

“H-Henny?” he asks, face flushing brilliant red. She forces a smile, twisting at the strap of her satchel. 

“Julian,” she greets, stiffly, watching as his shock morphs into something more pained, his hands falling back to his sides. Her heart pangs at the sight, and she finds herself softening a little, without really deciding to. “Thought we agreed to stop meeting like this." 

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Suddenly, Seymour
Jake Gyllenhaal and Ellen Greene
Suddenly, Seymour

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ellen Greene performing “Suddenly, Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors on July 2nd 2015 in NYC.
     (I’m so sorry I missed the first two and a half lines of the song, I don’t know what happened. I was probably too busy being in a trance because of Jake tbh) 

Little Shop of Horrors

People have been asking me on what I mean by “punch” and “aggression” with my post on Little Shop of Horrors from Encores a few days ago. It’s too hard to explain but easier to hear I think. While I absolutely LOVE Ellen Greene from what I heard I wasn’t impressed with the Urchins or much of the energy. Here’s what I mean when I say “punch”. ALSO this counts as a belt appreciation post. Probably some of the best belting (well HEAVY mixing) I’ve heard live hands down. 


Little Shop of Horrors is my favorite show. Like, I-have-three-copies-of-it-on-DVD, wrote-my-senior-thesis-in-high-school-on-it favorite. My wonderful best friend and I were lucky enough to get amazing seats in row O for the July 1st Encores Off-Center performance starring the absolutely incomparable Ellen Greene, who is a favorite of mine (one of her Pushing Daisies quotes is my “About me”). And I’m not kidding when I say that it would be a dream come true to go to this performance. 

HOWEVER, my little brother begins at the Naval Academy on July 1st, and I need to say goodbye to my brother before he goes away for five months and becomes a military man. There’s no possible way for me to make from Maryland to New York that night in time for curtain, but I can’t not see my brother off into the military. This is where I need some help. 

I’m hoping to find TWO TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR TRADE FOR THE JULY 2ND PERFORMANCE OF LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. I do not want at this time to sell my tickets, unless for a better seat than what I’m trading. If you or someone you know is willing to trade, please message me ASAP. This show is completely sold out, so this may be my only chance to see a show that has actually changed my life. 

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