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Next page! In which little bunny Lixi decides she likes the human and rawrs at them.

Bonnie finds this too cute to stand. Well, Bon, we’re even.

[Flowey doesn’t like it when you steal his catchphrase!]

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Yup, Flowey doesn’t want his catchphrase to be stolen. That, and that little game those two are playing was getting dumb enough.

But hey! Acting so cute gave Frisk a free treat <3

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Looking for musical theater blogs


-Next to Normal

-The last 5 years

-Spring Awakening 

-Legally Blonde

-Bonnie and Clyde

-Beauty and the Beast

-Little Shop of Horrors

-Hedwig and the Angry Inch



-Mamma Mia

-Rocky horror

-Or any other musical theatre blog in general! 

I will follow back !!!

Please, Tumblr, let this gif work… 

I had to resize the gif because tumblr hates me ;D But here you go!

I’ll count this as a page [?] since it costed me the same amount of time x’D

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More gifs~ Here you have the item list :3 It’s not that different, but there are SOME differences.

The cinnamon bunny turned into a normal cinnamon roll, because who needs cute treats that take time and effort when you can just giv’em a regular sweet?

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