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F, the Humming bird

*This spirit is being adopted out by Mod BC, for Max while they are away. These spirits were found by Max and will just be adopted out through BC*

Male Hummingbird
-Nature magic, air magic, luck

F is very large for a humming bird, taking the shape of around 3x the regular size of one. His beak blends in with his feathers, being a bright shade of light green. His stomach is a brilliant red, and purple is scattered across some of his green feathers. Over all, he is in correct proportions to a normal humming bird, just on a larger scale. Sometimes, in spring or summer when he is more active, he wears a flowercrown made of tiny pink and white flowers. F is around 45 in human years.

As for Personality, F is an absolute joy to have around. His positive vibes are sure to perk anyone up that is in a bad mood. He can have a serious presence about him, but not all the time. His energy kindof feels like picking a very bright fruit off of a tree on a nice day, ans enjoying a glass of lemonade afterwards. F also is closely related to air magic and everything else that is related to air. He also enjoys sitting under the shade of a tree, just enjoying the weather and actually observing the wildlife that sits there.

In a companion, F is looking for a beginner that he can help out with air-related magic and discover their path. He would prefer if his future companion can already somewhat sense spirits, but if not he doesn’t really care. However, he would like it if his future companion has at least done as much research as they possibly could on the subject. He would prefer if his companion’s spirit family were to stay small, at around 2-3 total. He would prefer not to have a vessel.

Their future companion will recieve their full name, preferred offerings, and possible manifestations. If you have any questions about this spirit or another spirit, feel free to send in an ask. If you are interested in this spirit, send in a submission! Look at our submission help (or FAQ) first!


Anna’s hummingbird nest and eggs (scale is obviously exaggerated because those nests are untattooably small!)

Super happy with how this one came out. Thank you, Casey!


Enjoy your day weekend month or life. Adopt a pet don’t shop. This is not my video clip.


Finished up this piece on Tara of an American kestrel, English roses and wild roses. Black healed, color in bird healed, color in botanicals fresh. Thanks so much, lady! 

We met at the tattoo convention in Nantes, France but we both live here! How about that for serendipity. So excited to complete this one.

I guess this needs to be said:

If you buy animals from a pet store or breeder you are not vegan. Because you know, vegans are fundamentally against animal exploitation. And profiting off the bodies of animals is pretty much the definition of animal exploitation.

So adopt (from a rescue or rehoming situation!) instead. 👍

                                                                                                      #coffee time