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Look at these beauties! My mom went to Perth recently to celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday (I couldn’t go because it’s the middle of the school term, sadly). She came back last Saturday and surprised me with a haul of cuttings and little succulents! The colours are simply marvellous! Thank you so much, mom!

P.S. A small garden snail hitched a plane ride all the way from Australia to Singapore on one of the Aeoniums (in the hand-carry bag)! I’m giving the little fella a home in a little snail-habitat fashioned from an old but unused fish tank. Hope he likes it!

Hi everyone!

I started making candles a year or so ago mainly as a hobby, but also as something to keep me occupied while I recovered from a relapse with severe anxiety and panic attacks that forced me to quit my job. Since then I’ve gotten the courage to start selling my products to try and start gaining some kind of income as well as getting used to speaking to customers again. I’ve set up an etsy store and am currently offering shipping Australia wide for a great flat price and would love for you guys to check out my store!! 

All my candles are 100% soy wax, and I also recycle containers and tins whenever I can which I offer for a discounted price. I will be shipping with the only carbon-neutral shipping company as well. 

I’m even offering a range of book-themed candles!

If you want to check out my shop please go here, I’d love any sort of feedback and hope to list more scents over the next couple of days.

ID #34006

Name: Mads
Age: 21
Country: Australia

Hey hey!! My name is Mads and I’m mostly looking for anyone who’s up for a bit of a chat about anything under the sun. I’m really interested in hearing from people who lead wildly different lives than I do. I’m into light-hearted conversations, I spend my life cracking jokes and having a laugh. I’m really intending to find a penpal who wants to talk about mundane things like grocery shopping or what dogs they saw during the week or what their favourite foods are (I LOVE food)

I’m studying Law at Uni, and loving it, but I’m really sick of having the same conversations with my classmates day in and day out. Hit me up if you’ve got something more to offer to me outside the constant chatter about cases and legislation and politics and all that boring stuff.

Music is a pretty big part of my life. I play piano and guitar vaguely well, and I love to sing but I’m not fooling myself into thinking i’m any good at it. I like to think I have a fairly broad taste in music, and I’d be really happy to speak with someone who is happy to both give and receive music recommendations. I like Harry Potter like pretty much every one of my age group, and I like to watch a bunch of movies. My personality is largely shaped by all the weird things I watched as a kid – mostly The Simpsons and whatever strange movies my brother was obsessed with at the time.

So to make a long story short – hit me up if you wanna joke about stuff and share music with someone. I’m ya gal.

Preferences: I’d feel more comfortable with 18+, and would prefer someone from a different country to me. Also i’m more looking for e-mail correspondence for convenience sake (and cost efficiency!) But i’m not opposed to eventually moving into sending letters!

Right donut is the “Special” which was a chocolate coated donut with secret custard inside, and the left donut is brown sugar and almond glazed. 🍩🎉

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