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I had some leftover Voltron stuff from Otakon! If you’re interested in buying something, or have a question, please email me at, or send me a message. I’ll be accepting payment using Paypal invoices, and shipping will be an extra $2. Unfortunately I can’t take international orders right now.

Here’s my inventory:

“The New Rule” Zine, 4 copies, $5 each
6 pages, 5.5 x 4.25 inches, monochrome inside, unfolds into a full color poster!

Team Voltron Stickers, 4 sheets, $4 each
Paper based stickers, full color, hand cut, sheet is 5.5 x 4.25 inches.

Hunk Stickers, 1 Sheet Left, $4 each
Paper based stickers, full color, hand cut, sheet is 5.5 x 4.25 inches.

Hunk Acrylic Charms, 5 Left, $10 each
2 x 1.5 inches, clear, professionally made.

Hunk 1 Inch Charms, 9 Left, $5 each
Handmade charms, made with Shrinky Dink film. Each charm is about .50 x 1 inch.

Voltron Badges, $7 each, $30 Set
Handmade pins, made with Shrinky Dink film. Each pin is about .75 x 1.5 inches.

Shiro x 6
Keith x 5
Pidge x 6
Lance x 6
Hunk x 6

Thank you!!

Lots of Announcements / Updates

Okay, I meant to make this post yesterday but this is literally the first time I’ve gotten to sit down a computer since the weekend. 

If you currently have an unshipped order with us, please read this. Also please read if you’re interested in what’s happening with the shop this week! 

-Mystery Boxes: 

So, as written in the post announcing the return of mystery boxes, the listings for each mystery box, and in the various posts I’ve made about it since, mystery boxes take two weeks to ship. This is because they are assembled to order AND each component of the box is labeled and very carefully wrapped. This takes quite some time. They were taken down from the shop last Sunday, meaning after this weekend everyone should have their email shipping notifications with their tracking numbers. If we are a day or two late (which we are working night and day to try to make sure we’re not) we deeply apologize, but it is because things are currently super hectic. We are working around the clock to make sure that we get everything done as fast as humanly possible! 

But if do end up being a date or two late with your box, you will get something added to your package to hopefully make up for the inconvenience/wait. :) 

-Other Shop Orders: 

Since we’ve been having all these sales directly on tumblr, there are just a small handful of shop orders that aren’t the older mystery boxes. They will be shipped out tomorrow! 


Since orders are more time sensitive, giveaways tend to get pushed to the side, but I will be shipping all of them out before the weekend! 

-Mineral Lots / Auctions:

All the mineral lots and auctions from this weekend will start getting shipped tomorrow, and we will gradually do them probably until early-mid next week. It’s always our goal to get orders out in less than a week (other than the mystery boxes), however when we do a huge sale like this, it can take a little longer. But of course, we work as fast as we can while still making sure things are accurate and safe when they embark on their journey to your doorstep! 


As the current situation stands, we have about 200 total orders that need to be shipped out. Any patience or understanding that you extend to us at this time is so seriously appreciated- I am not sure I can express it in words! 


Now, some other things. I am currently really behind on messages and, once again, emails. I was at a point where I was catching up daily, but I’ve fallen behind. There is such an accumulation of huge things happening right now that my regular daily routine got thrown out the window. I have to go to two different warehouses tomorrow (one for crystals, one for shipping supplies) which will involve a total of 5 or 6 hours of being in the car, and I will try to use that to catch up on communications! If I take too long to respond to you, please do not be afraid to give me a poke. 

As far as this week’s shop update goes, I have been working super intensely on jewelry! This Friday will be a jewelry shop update. I have dozens on top of dozens of pieces that are going to be listed. I will also be re-listing some of our best selling crystals that are currently sold out in the shop. Just a few, since we are trying to downsize our inventory for a move. 

Okay, if you read this whole long jumbled mess, THANK YOU! Seriously. It’s been kind of a struggle to not have a giant freak out about all the things that I have to catch up on, but I think writing it all out like this helps both me and you guys. So thank you for reading, understanding, and supporting the shop! 

I am also planning another big giveaway to go up soon, to thank you guys for sticking with me. :) (I’m just not sure if I want to start it before or after the move- we will see what works best!) 

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One of Harajuku’s Most Famous Shop Girls To Graduate

Yuka from 6%DOKIDOKI, one of Harajuku’s most famous shop girls, announced that April 22, 2017 will be her final day of work. Yuka is leaving to pursue her dreams of performing on stage and beyond. She will continue performing at the Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku even after leaving 6%DOKIDOKI. Fans are encouraged to stop by the 6%DOKIDOKI shop from noon-5pm on Saturday to say goodbye to this Harajuku kawaii icon. Source: 6%DOKIDOKI

some object heads i doodled in class earlier today

Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 15: O - Oops

The bell over the coffee shop door announced Derek’s arrival with a merry jingle a little after 11 in the evening. Derek shuffled the strap of his messenger bag higher on his shoulder and shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his leather jacket.

The shop was almost empty at that hour. Only a few students writing their first papers of the new term and a couple of regular night owls were scattered through the shop. His usual seat in the far corner, where he could sit with his back against the wall and keep watch, was open.

Derek dropped his bag on the small table and shrugged his jacket off to drape over the back of his claimed seat. The young woman at the register was new, which could be potentially problematic. Derek didn’t recognize her, but she smiled cheerfully when he approached.

“What can I get you?” she chirped. Her heartbeat fluttered nervously as her scent sweetened with clear want. Definitely problematic.

Derek paused a moment. “I don’t know,” he answered honestly. He wasn’t sure his drink had a name.

“Oh, well, we have different speciality coffees and teas,” the barista said and gestured to the menu board behind her. “If you want something-”

“I got this!” Stiles slid out of the back room, arms flailing to keep his balance. “Yo,” he said, greeting Derek with a lazy salute, and Derek snorted. His roommate was ridiculous. “Super awesome Stilinski special as dark as your soul, coming right up.”

“Right,” Derek said, gravitating down the bar towards Stiles. “No cinnamon this time.”

“Sure thing.” Stiles flipped a large paper cup into the air and fumbled to catch it, which made Derek chuckle.

When Stiles called him earlier that year, it had been a bit of a shock. Derek had been living in a cabin upstate that he and Laura had bought years ago. He had finally achieved vengeance for his family when he ripped out Kate’s throat and burned her body deep in the woods, but Beacon Hills wasn’t home anymore, so he hadn’t gone back. Now he wished he had.

At first, Derek hadn’t been sure the small voice on the other end of the phone had actually been Stiles, and not something trying to lure him back to Beacon Hills because the Stiles on the other end of the line had been quiet, almost hesitant, and unsure. As if Stiles hadn’t believed he deserved Derek’s help. Definitely not at all the hyperactive, chatterbox he had left behind. They both carried heavy scars, but that was fine.

Before Derek knew it, he had a new roommate and was driving across the country to pick Stiles up the day he got his diploma. Stiles hadn’t been home since, and the Sheriff was worried.

The barista asked Derek what the drink was so she could ring it up as Stiles ducked out of sight to retrieve milk out of the fridge below the counter.

“I don’t know,” Derek said again. “Something chocolate?”

Derek always had the same drink whenever he came in, but he didn’t know what it was because Stiles had never told him. It probably didn’t have a name. The first time he picked Stiles up, Stiles had whipped something up and shoved it into his hands.

Stiles’ head popped back up over the espresso bar. The steamer hissed to life, and Stiles laughed. “Don’t worry about it, Sam. It’s on me,” he said and winked at Derek.

Derek hadn’t paid for a drink yet.

The drink Stiles handed off to Derek smelled overly sweet and chocolatey, and was piled so high with whipped cream drizzled with chocolate and caramel that the topping threatened to spill over. He wasn’t sure how Stiles knew about his sweet tooth, but he shouldn’t have been surprised.

“Here ya go, big guy,” Stiles said and grinned. “Extra sweet and fluffy. Just like you.”

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btslatebloomer  asked:

Will we get more of the highlight reels with Love Myself????

This ask is about this post HERE & HERE

Well, it was said that the LOVE YOURSELF series will continue on into 2018. The Highlight Reels were put on standby because of the comeback. Even Testesso, ‘Flower Smeraldo’ shop has announced a temporary shutdown just before the comeback. But it’s not sure if ’Love Myself’ and the highlight reels are related. 

Or what if the whole point of the ‘Love yourself’ Highlight Reels was the girls asking BTS to love themselves and there will be 'Love Myself’ where the boys will accept themselves? OMG! It didn’t start yet and I already have all those theories. 

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I finally updated my Redbubble shop! Lots of old art is gone, but LOADS of new, better art is available to purchase as prints, posters, stickers, cards, notebooks, phone cases, mugs, tote bags, pencil cases, and so much more!

There are Solitaire, Radio Silence, and @heartstoppercomic artworks available, including Halloween and Christmas things!

Thanks so much everyone!

20 Pet Peeves of Cashiers

1. When a customer jokes they “just made” a $50/$100 bill

2. “Wasn’t that item on sale?”

3. Baskets left on or around the register

4. Expert hand maneuvers to avoid being handed a receipt

5. Receipts left on or around the register

6. Groceries left behind

7. Customer tells you the item price when all you want is the UPC

8. Fifty phone calls a day asking what time you close

9. A customer coming in with a WIC check a minute til you close

10. No response when you ask someone if they found everything okay or to have a nice day

11. Register drawer being just a penny off balance

12. Shoplifters

13. Customers dumping items in random places when they decide they don’t want it anymore

14. Customer saying they don’t need a bag AFTER you already bagged their item

15. Not being able to do clean up because every time you walk away from the register someone else walks up

16. Customer spends ten minutes trying to pick out candy while a line builds up

17. Random rushes when everyone in the store decides to check out at once

18. Running out of change in the middle of a rush

19. Customer paying in change

20. “Oh I forgot to grab something, I’ll be right back.”

Reblog if you are/know a cashier who can relate to one or more of these things.
It’s all part of the job, so if you’re a customer, give a friendly smile the next time you see a cashier so they know that the pains they go through to help people like you and me out is appreciated. xxxx

Tom Holland - Surprise Part Two

okay so i put this off for so long and now i finally have pert two finished. there will be two more parts to this series. next will hopefully be part two to four simple steps or part four to your friendly neighborhood spiderman. 

part 1

also a huge thank you goes out to @nycspidey for editing my work and putting up with me ily emily!!

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i sat in my room, hugging my legs close to my chest. though i wore a big, fluffy sweater and a pair of comfy shorts i felt anxious, scared.

i could hear harrison and tom in the other room. no one thought about interrupting, i could hear harrison pacing from a mile away and tom trying to reason with him.

i thought back to the events that took place earlier this evening. tom was flirting with me all night, according to zendaya and laura. harrison had to have seen it coming, i should have seen it coming. when we were alone in the pool together, i didn’t feel uncomfortable. i felt safe, like i belonged in toms arms.

“tom you don’t get it!” i could hear harrison shouting in the other room. since harrison was angrier, i could hear his voice more clearly than i could hear toms.

“haz, please. stop yelling and just explain what i don’t get” toms voice was muffled as he tried to act calm and collected.

i could picture harrison perfectly: pacing back and forth across the hardwood floor, his hair mussed from running his hands through it.

“tom that’s my little sister. i just want the best for her” harrison sounded defeated. my heart ached hearing him like that, when he was so vulnerable. i knew he didn’t like the idea of his little sister and his best friend having feelings for eachother, i would hate it too. but it’s what i wanted, and it’s something he would just have to get used to.

i made a slightly reckless decision to try and get closer. i practically tiptoed out of the room as haz’s voice quieted to a more civil tone.

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✦Happy #WitchWednesday!✦
Preorders for my first enamel pin, Memento Mori, are up in my Etsy!
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I’m super excited! That aside: I have read all your wonderful messages in my inbox and I will start to reply soon I swear. I am just going to take a small hiatus at the moment. I owe three gorgeous angels their witchsona commission and need to get them finished ASAP! Thank you for understanding.
xoxo Jiji

Engagement gift

This is for my tumblr fiancé @princess-ikol (hence the name, there is no engagement gift in this fic, pls don’t hate me) (there is a foot massage tho)

Harry lay on his back, vigorously pulling on his boots that just wouldn’t come the fuck off his feet. He groaned frustratedly as he gave them another tug, a tug that made him yelp in pain. Judging by the feeling in his foot he’d just sprained his ankle with the force of his pull.

“Harry?” There was a tentative knock on the door. “Can I safely enter the bedroom or are you indecent?”

“It’s fine.” Harry sighed, as he gave up tugging on his boots and collapsed on the bed. His only-recently-moved-in boyfriend entered the room, and Harry sat up a bit to get a better look at him. “How would walking in on me ‘being indecent’ be in anyway dangerous to you by the way?”

Draco’s head snapped up, and a dark blush spread over his face. “I don’t want to interfere with your business in the privacy of your own residence. Or outside your own residence for that matter, though I wouldn’t know why you’d do such a thing in a less than private setting.”

Harry chuckled lightly at the prudish babbling of the blond. Though Draco looked like sex on legs, his pureblood upbringing had left him extremely wary of any intimate contact, and the internalized homophobia didn’t exactly help either.

“You do realise we live together now? So tossing off would now happen in the privacy of our residence.”

Draco turned even further crimson now, and Harry suspected he’d stepped out of line a bit, though he’d learned Draco would never say such a thing. After making the mistake of laughing at the man when he first confessed to Harry he’d never kissed, Draco now omitted to mention his sexual inexperience, afraid to look foolish if he did.

“May I ask what you were you doing that was causing you to verbalize such sounds as I just heard through the door?” Harry snorted, Draco always started talking in a very posh fashion while he was nervous. He quit, however, when he saw Draco’s reaction to that, which was leaving.

“Sorry Draco, I won’t laugh- Ouch!” In his hurry to get to his feet he’d put pressure on his now confirmed sprained ankle, and with very little grace he fell back onto the bed, after which the force of his fall caused him to tumble onto the floor as well.

“Are you hurt? Did something happen at work?” Within a blink of an eye Draco’s embarrassed flush was replaced with a look of concern as he kneeled down next to Harry, who was now coughing a little since the fall had knocked some of the air out of his lungs. Draco’s strong arms pulled him into a sitting position and let him lean against the bed before he had the time to answer.

Harry captured one of his arms and used it to pull the other man close before planting a kiss on his lips. Internally he praised the blond when Draco barely blushed at that gesture, and even spontaneously sat down next to him and leaned into his bony frame.

“No love, I think I sprained my ankle while trying to get out of my boots.” Harry looked slightly nostalgic at the brown set of boots he was wearing. They were completely worn out, and he spent five minutes each morning just to patch up old holes that had sprang open again during the night. They were his though, the first thing he’d bought from money he’d made for himself, and he didn’t want to get rid of them.

“Which foot is it?” Draco asked while moving to study the boots.

“The left one, though I’m sure the right one won’t come off either. They’re a bit on the small side.” Draco carefully lifted Harry’s left foot into his lap. “You can try to get them of if you’d like. Don’t fancy sleeping with them very much.”

Draco made use of his permission and got out his wand, muttering a couple of engorgio charms as he went. His perfectly trimmed eyebrows shot up when nothing happened, and he aimed a questioning glance at Harry.

“Did you charms these?”

“Not recently.” Harry furrowed his brow as he tried to think of the last time he’d sized them up a bit when his toes started hurting. “Last time I charmed them to a bigger size was two years back or so. Why?”

Draco carefully lowered his face until his nose was nearly touching the leather. It made Harry a bit uncomfortable, after a day long walking around Fred and George’s joke shop his feet were warm and sweaty, not really something you’d want your lover to press his nose into.

“They’re stretched to the full and beyond.” He concluded after his examination. “And now the fabric is snapping back, shrinking. I’ll have to cut them open before the bloodflow to your toes gets cut off. How long ago did you buy these?”

“Just after fourth year, but Draco, can you repair them again once they’re cut? I’m quite attached to them.” Draco’s eyebrows shot up so high after that statement they nearly disappeared, and he let his eyes dart a couple times between the boots and Harry’s face.

“Since fourth year? No wonder the fabric is trying to strangle your feet, normal extension charms only last a couple months max, and it weakens the shoes.” Draco looked up to Harry again, this time with eyes filled with a strange mixture of pity and rage.

“You didn’t buy new ones because you’re not used to shopping, am I right?”

Harry looked down at his hands, guessing it was only fair to be embarrassed since he’d flustered Draco so badly before. “My aunt and uncle never took me, there was no need since I always wore hand-me-downs from Dudley. I bought these of a yard sale after I’d earned some money from Mrs Figgs for weeding her garden.”

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I just recently got these new t-shirts listed in my Etsy shop. My new styles include: my Nirvana print on a grey running jersey, Dr. Know t-shirts and the cat from Andrew Jackson Jihad’s “Only God Can Judge Me” album cover. These are my last runs with both the yellow and gun metal metallic inks and I’m very pleased with how these prints came out.

Little WestAllen Moments that Should be Talked About More (Season Three)

1. The fact that Barry had his little speech prepared for Iris when he met her at Jitters that he was so proud of and didn’t think was at all peculiar. Iris: Wait, I’ve seen you before, haven’t I? Barry: *has been waiting for this moment for months* *tries to act nonchalant but cannot contain the smirk on his face* W E L L  now that you mention it, we actually went to elementary school together.” *looks pleased with himself* *as if it is normal and smooth to approach random people in a coffee shop and announce that you went to grade school with them* *he didn’t even pretend to remember???* *at least take a moment to try to be convincing and not weird* When his super slick plan to sustain a longer conversation failed, he got all desperate and just spit it out. “WANNA GET A COFFEE WITH ME I MEAN LATER I MEAN NOT COFFEE I MEAN ANY DRINK BUT NOT GET YOU DRUNK DO YOU LIKE ICED TEA WITH ME???!” and finally dissolved into the blabbering dork that he is because his plan backfired, but I guess it worked in the end because Iris thought Barry was “very cute.” Be yourself folks!

2. Barry taking Iris to meet Nora before he went back ❤️❤️❤️

3. Barry kissing Iris with chewed food in her mouth, and not just any food, but  Big Belly Burger. Nothing will stop him, not even greasy lips or ketchup breath. I feel like ketchup is their *thing* ever since Iris wiped it off his lips at that bowling date they went on with Eddie and Linda back in Season One.

4. In the middle of a huge superhero team-up and intense mission to take down aliens, Barry brings Iris lunch because he loves her and is always thinking of her (this one is hard to spot, but it happens sometime in the crossover. If you play I Spy, you can find Barry with a paper bag and later on see Iris walking giddily from said paper bag with a foil-wrapped sandwich/burger/Chipotle-looking burrito in her hand). Aren’t they just the cutest? Fuck a Dominator! The Flash has to make sure his lady eats.

5. The sexy coat drop that implied further sexy timez as well as the canon confirmed fact that they unpacked a makeshift bed before anything else in their new apartment and we know it’s not just because they needed something to sleep on.

6. Barry getting pissed off at villains for interrupting his alone time with Iris.

7. Iris being so cute and nervous about what Barry thinks of her big article. Barry teasing her about not rushing through it and then revealing he already read it repeatedly. Barry telling her she should be proud and Iris’s little, “Really?” AND SOMETHING I NEVER NOTICED: Barry telling her that “time will tell” when she expresses her dreams about winning a Pulitzer and then seeing her face drop because she was thinking about Savitar’s prophecy and how she might not have time to realize all her dreams. And Barry realizes immediately what she’s thinking and he apologizes and tries to comfort her with Savitar’s words about how he beat him and promising that he’s gonna save her 😭😭😭 That scene just got so much better.

8. Barry’s rage that Wally and Cisco didn’t call him when Iris was in danger. This was pretty much the first “emergency” they’ve had as a couple, and Barry was livid they didn’t let him know what was going on first. I think he was feeling the sting of Joe reprimanding him earlier for not telling him about Savitar’s vision because Joe told him, “They don’t know what my baby girl means to me, but you do.” because only Barry understands, and he feels the pain of Iris getting hurt differently than the others because they simply haven’t known her as long as he has. He was offended and betrayed that they didn’t think to call him, “Why didn’t you call me?” because Iris is his partner and his priority now. And then he made sure they never forgot it again: “You call ME.” Barry doesn’t get mad at his friends very often unless it’s serious, and I think they realized just how protective Barry is of Iris, like he probably would have never forgiven them if Iris had died that day. Joe remembered that Iris was in good hands in that moment: “I’m glad she comes first in your life now. If you’re going to date my daughter, that’s the way it should be.”

9. Kara having to warn Barry that Millie isn’t Iris even if she looks like her because she’s aware of Barry’s propensity to fuck everything up when it comes to encountering Iris in some shape or form 😂😂😂

10. Barry literally ready to kill himself when he found out Savitar was a version of him because he thought it would save Iris, didn’t even hesitate, just straight up was ready to plunge his hand in his chest without thinking about because it would keep Iris alive.